Monday, December 12, 2011

last month' 2011

I am here again to flood my blog post since long time didn't come and write something already.

say till flood, please rain god, I beg you, don't ever rain again in my hometown, this will cause my house getting flooded again. I am very scare with this, you never know my feeling everytime whole family members trapped on the water. It was helpless, dangerous, sad, nervous, scare, many many more feeling. My parent already don't have more energy to always move everything up and down just because scare of the flood. They can't have big moving already, I very worried someday if continuous this situation, moving till half have any incident happen but water is coming up, been flooded, then how? I worried so much about this, plus there were so less people in house to help them. I not at home to help them nowadays, I worried them so much. I miss them and love them so much.

left almost 3 weeks times to reach 2012, anything I will regret if I didn't do in 2011?
no!! I never will do or let me have something to regret. all I did and decided was according to my heart. no regret in it or for any choice that I made before. everything that happen on me, I will received it with graceful heart, this is the road that I need to walk through. nobody knows what will going on next. do decision twice to make sure everything is right for me.

last 3 weeks in this year, I would like to say, I miss everyone in my families. I heart them so much. can't wait to meet them during CNY. of course, I love my boy so much too, he is the one make my days. he treated me like the only one in the world. he is so great to me and I glad to have him in this year. everything goes smoother with his appearance. how lucky am I. ^^

p/s: faster graduate from here and I can meet you all anytime, anywhere. =)















p/s: 我真的有那么让你们这么不想跟我一起出去吗?

Sunday, December 11, 2011







p/s: 生活在新加坡真的是整个水准都会提高!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


the days come by,
all I need is just someone is there for me
listen to what I said.

thanks God for giving me such a great life.

it no need to be perfect
but somehow it pampered me
with gifting me a great guy
to accompany me
when I'm lost, I'm sad, I'm lonely.

I am lucky enough to meet a someone
at the correct timing,
the God treat me so well
in all time being,
at least I can feel it.

human being are not perfect,
when we are not losing anything
means we are having everything.

not to blame anyone and start complain,
but receive everything
feel enough on what we had.

if feel sad or imbalance,
start to think will it make sense years after?

if not,
then it is not a problem now.

think everything softly and logically,
tell ourselves this is not the end of the world,
nothing deserve us to be like that.

be strong,
be tough,
be happy.

make in mind that,
we are always a
lucky person.

p/s: cheers :)

Friday, November 4, 2011


babe keep on counting down for me that left how many hours to meet me !!
he misses me that much huh...

yeah ~
from the timing now,
it's just left 33 hours only!

good ~
can't wait to meet my family members and my boy.

p/s: miss them so much o :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011


a tiring day !!

e-community today (make me miss my friend's birthday early celebration!) ><'

accounts's mid term tomorrow morning and continue by e-community until noon time ! (the reason why coursemate asking for dinner together and I cant give them a sure answer and I miss it too) ><''

computer graphic's mid term at Monday's night. (ohmygard!)

data structure's mid term at Tuesday's morning. (ohohmygard!!)

computer graphic's work in pair assignment due date on Wednesday. (ohohohmygard!!!)

after that should be having mood to back home and most of the classes cancelled!

but ~~~

data structure's individual assignment is waiting to due date!!

SAAD's first assessment is going to present after the mid sem break !!!

FYP phase 3 is going up 1 week after that !!!

p/s: OH MY Amitabhat !!! OH MY Amen !!! OH MY Allah !!! ><''''''''''''

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

tiring weeks

tiring weeks ~
tired ~ tired ~ tired !!

exhausted !!!
exhausted !!!

fast fast fast finish all the works !!!

p/s: T.T

Friday, October 21, 2011

exciting :D

I'm now suddenly very excited to countdown the days to back home.
found out a chinese calender and I 'm very curious when is my chinese birthday.
hahaha...I just can say that my 1 week holiday is full with events.
happy !!!

5/11/2011 - reach KL
6/11/2011 - back home.
7/11/2011 - public holiday, can spent more days with parent and siblings, my boy as well.
8/11/2011 - my chinese birthday ~~ woohoo !!!
9/11/2011 - our's 7 months anniversary :)
10/11/2011 - my birthday ~ my birthday !!
11/11/2011 - a very beautiful number appear on this day, should get a good memory on this day
12/11/2011 - weekend, enjoy to the max before back to Labuan. ^^
13/11/2011 - back to Labuan. +.+

p/s: so excited. can't wait to back. it's just a clip eye then my birthday is coming, never expect it reach this fast, starting from now just less than 3 weeks time. hmm ~ something for me?? hehe... for this, I would like to say thank you that I really have a very blast birthday last year, hope it will be continue this year. *I'm not that greedy thou :P* good night, sweet dream :D

Thursday, October 20, 2011


hmm ~
about this,
actually I've been interview for a couple times,
but the weird is,
I never wrote any or prepared anything on this.

due to the workshop and mock interview soon,
is required to get an outstanding resume to impress the interviewer,
I got a sample,
and been corrected,
I just need to be more to the job offered to direct to the point on it.

before I stepped in Form 6,
my mom wants me to be a nurse actually,
there were 2 reasons,
first is for sure my SPM result wasn't a good sign to let me study in Form 6,
and second reason is nurse definitely will get a job right after the studied,
these were what my mom brain wash previously.

that time,
read advertisement in paper showed that Assunta Hospital and Pantai Hospital having new intake on new batch nurses and ask for walk in interview,
I didn't prepare anything and just bring what they stated in the paper,
and that time,
resume stated at there,
I got no idea what is that!!
I ask my dad on it,
he just said I was a fresh grad from SPM,
resume is the ''leaving school cert'',
this was what I thought last time.

too bad,
when I entered in the interview room for both,
they were asking where was my resume,
I said the ''school leaving cert'' !! damn shame of me when thinking on it now. >.<'''

but I still get a called from them to ask me want or not to be their nurse,
definitely I rejected them (if not, where will see me study in UMSKAL nowadays),
the reason was very easy,
that time while waiting and I already became a Form 6 student,
and I didn't think twice or what when giving answer,
I just said: " I think I don't want already, I already start my Form 6 class!"

hahahahaha ~ this sentence make my brother and mom speechless till the max !!!

they said nurse is a guarantee of life,
no need worried about life, future.
but these are the thing I told them I dislike!
I don't like everything been set,
too bored, too dull!!
ewwwwwww ~~~~~~~~

even when I working in Singapore,
they also just look on my cert and didn't ask for my resume,
I pass my interview and work over there for half year,
not bad thou (Orchard Road eh!) ^^v

until the last job of mine until now,
I also never hand in any resume,
I really need get something on it,
impress huh !!

p/s: I think I should think some dialogue before I get into the mock interview ~ LOL. :)

Monday, October 10, 2011


yeah ~
today is the 20th flight I ever have in my life.
suddenly get a mind that seem like I really sit a plenty of times since I studied here.

glad that every time sitting on it is always safe and smooth
pray hard the future flight that will be taken will also be safe flight

p/s: thanks baby to let me fly high !! :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011


my hostel's room:

1) lappie - checked (without this will live like a vampire I guess)

2) speaker - checked (boom boom shake shake babeh!)

3) broadband - checked (but need wifi badly)

4) lovely bear to hug - checked (bring back a huge get a small here :] )

5) water dispenser - cheked (useful thou, saving time)

6) fridge - checked (it's ease me much)

7) face caring stuffs - checked (take it important nowadays to maintain my outlook ~ hehe)

8) printer - checked (ease me as I'm a third year student now)

9) multi cooker/rice cooker - checked (cook whatever I prefer~even PORK!)

10) purse/hand set - checked ( nonsense but nobody can live without this lovely stuff, secrets inside ~ hmmm..... :P)
p/s: can't take picture yet to show here until it is get tidy up one day although I know I won't !! hahaha...but I confirm all these make my day comfortable as in my home :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

sept' 2011

the last day of September 2011'

do nothing besides than watching drama.

I thought stay at room will not that warm compared to outside,
but this is not so true,
it is just the same warm inside the room.

whole day no class is that free
no need bother any other first
wait till the very alert minded suddenly pop up just tend to be hardworking then.
hehe :D

today is the only day in our entire life
the day past silently without any sign
people won't feel any special on the day
but no one know what will happen in our future
appreciate what we have and try hard to get what we want
don't wait till too late

at here I also want to wish course mate of mine--yin lian
happy birthday
have a blast and enjoy the big day
happy and healthy always :)

p/s: So Am I !!

boring night

the final timetable of my third year first semester,
which it is just on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
of course it is very pack in a day,
but have a deep thinking what should I do during the 4 days ''holiday''.

to be correct,
I should work hard on how to make my FYP to be better in quality and not last minutes work,
but obviously,
I don't have much mood on it.

nowadays I realize that the moment I log in this blog is because I am very boring.

I don't have any reason to make me go to bed earlier since no class on Friday.

I don't have mood to continue my drama and just want to listen some musics to let me feel free.

I don't have the motive on my any works,
I seem like sick on the society's stuffs,
can be said as I don't have a big push to be so active in it,
but of course I can't,
I need to settle things inside and tried to let everything move faster and I can retired earlier.

in this campus,
they are so many newbies that will let people to feel interest to have a look on them,
I will agree on this if I am still in first or second year,
but now I am in third year and don't have the energy and less interest in meeting new friends,
I will be glad if I am always in good relation with my course mates and some campus mates.

I don't mind if I am always alone in room or walking alone to attend lectures,
this is the inner me that don't like people disturb me,
I very OK with this because I really enjoy the moment,
there were people always ask me why walking alone to attend lectures or anywhere else,
not I don't have friends to walk together,
just I don't like to let people wait for me or vise versa,
an adult what for need to wait or to be waited and walk together to attend lectures,
I really don't understand,
maybe some of them need partners all along or some are so need to talk with friends no matter anytime, anywhere,
but definitely not me.

my this so-called-unfriendly attitude will just appeared in my personal life,
will not happened in class or in any public places,
I will talk whatever in class with no boundaries but not too over.

I miss my boy badly although I am just at here for not a month time,
but every time when I am so mean to express my anger or my unwilling feeling,
I will always think of someone who forced to separate with each other because of education,
I am just that few months but they are waiting for years,
so I will control myself and not to be greedy,
everything will be fine after all.

everyone miss someone,
so do the person also that missing each other no matter families or partner,
so have to try not to make the self feeling and complained it in one shot,
in the end,
not just you getting down,
the person who heard it also will got hurt,
how sad is it.

I apologize here to my boy on what I had did,
my temper keep changing make you so hard to stable me back,
just the words of mine heard so wrong but you also know I never mean it,
I always say sorry not because I really did something wrong,
is I scared I accidentally make or said wrong suddenly,
I am so care of you every time,
just my the way express might be weird or different only.

p/s: thanks and I love you. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

help !!!!

this is the reason I don't claim to have a roommate
sometimes, I think that someone can be there to always remind me to always study
but sometimes, I really need a self space by not to disturb

I don't like roommate bring someone in and talk so loud inside
even I lye down and covered myself to let them know I want to nap awhile, they also don't have any action to make their voice lower but laugh all along
I not mean can't bring back anyone back to room chit chat
but need to consider other who also in the same room

just 2 weeks only ~ how ??

p/s: lower the voice please, if not, the earphone that I wearing on will going to boom my ear already :(

Sunday, September 18, 2011

18/9/2011 ❤

is there any so called second-falling-in-love?
yea ~ I think this is definitely describe what am I now

we are in the different land and can't meet in some period
but, I can feel that there is an weird atmosphere that telling me that I'm more in love with my boy
he is that cute to let me fall in love with him again

all the web-cam session seem dull but yet funny in some times
we have to glad for the person that creating such intelligent IT in this creature world
we are now so close through the internet connection

for sure something can't be perfect with just this
but there is nothing more to compare with this than everyday having deep miss with this boy

thanks again when I was having problem with the lectures and the stuffs you gave me
my life will not be complete without you

p/s: miss you so much my boy. countdown daysssss to meet you again. I lurp phew

Sunday, September 11, 2011


是人看到我都说我在假期时, 吃得好,住得好!!


p/s: 怨不得人,我自我反省意识太差!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is time to back to real life AGAIN!!!!!

This friday is coming that soon!!
The four months holiday are going to end like it's just past four seconds
I just felt everything that happened in this considered long vacation for us gonna end that soon
Many things need to do in my last year life as an university student, its a damn hard time to pass
But I also hope that the time will also pass like this four months, then all the stresses and misses will end

Everyone will like to say that student is the best worker in the world, no need to bother about the life and can have holidays always
For sure I also will think like this, but now, the burden of FYP mKe me don't have happy mood on this feeling
If can, I would like to run away from it, everyone knows, it is impossible.
I still can't make myself balance with my new position soon in Labuan.
So difficult!!
I am that lazy and playful in this long vacation but now need to arrange all the feelings and back to study
Surrounded by friends but not families nor my love
I will always miss them so much especially middle of night, covered self with blanket and start to miss everyone that live so far away from the isolated island.
I just can't used to all these feeling every time I'm living at there
Sometimes, I just simply need a strong support from them to make me more confident and feel alive
Don't like to be a air been dumb by others and just me to live alone over there

Third year uni life will be very tough for me
I get a mate that I think can't cooperation well with me but anywhere anyhow I think it maybe can give another type of strength to make me work hard and stay strong
Need to be tough all the times if not I think I will be easily hurt by some words only
I don't want to get argued since it is already the last and the most important in my uni life I dont want it to get destroyed
Happy go lucky, hope this quote get use

Prepare stuffs that need to bring back, but my feeling not yet prepared well to leave
From now on I already that miss my boy, I miss every moment that happen everyday between us
Recently we had argues quite lots, and I know this hurt each other for sure
I don't mean to be like that for you, for sure I also know u won't too
But all those already past, we need to be stay believe in each other to make our bond stronger
Anything can get anything, I didn't force you to get something that u really unfortable or unwilling
I just will receive things that you give me when you re ready not when I request
Many times I did all these to you, and I am so wrong didn't think on your side
But all I want is just to miss you all the time with a symbolic thing beside me
Okay, I also know all theses non-alive things can't replace you or cannot be assign balance with you
I just simply need to miss you when I see it
Sorry for any hurt words that make you sad before, I didnt mean it
We both got different thinking for sure, but in the future there must be a way to make us trough a way

I am that missing you so much babe, I am that want to bring you back with me and accompany me everyday like now and previous
But just fact it won't happen in real, I am so unwilling to separate again with you, after so long of stickiness, you are very mean to me, I am so in love with you no matter in any good or bad things.

P/s: no bye and where come hi. Bye home, bye penisular and at last bye my baby, see you so soon in coming November, I will always miss you over there and love you.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


the last few days in office sounds so god for me
I no need to see all those staffs' faces anymore in my future
and got 1 chinese jie jie that always so nice to me in office she seems like didn't treat me eat anything, thus, this whole week lunch time always with her bring me and dad go somewhere else places that we won't go before.
is not an expensive places, not a well condition area but the foods really delicious.
whole area full with chinese since it is a Kampung Baru.

besides, I also every evening go out with my boy
I already in the ''don't-care-mind'' and go out with him
I already don't have much chances to meet with him already
for sure need to see him more often since I am still in KL
go places that we want that we still not yet go and tried all the foods that we think off before
want to fulfill all the willing things that thought before
use all the vouchers that bought
eat things that very nice to pass the time
watch movies to make the time being together longer
finding excuses to have time to meet together

now really have less and less time to meet together already
besides on want to have more time meet with my boy
I also want to stay at home longer to meet with my mother and little brother
this holiday I have less time to stay longer at home
even my mom also complain me when back home during weekend still want to go Melacca
this time although I can work till end of the month and take the full salary but seem I really lake of time to be with them, so I decided back when my contract end
back home for almost 3 weeks then back to Labuan

p/s: last time when I need to separate with my boy also sad jor few weeks, now almost is the time for my turn to back study, means we need to separate again, although very fast will meet again after 2 months but still unwilling to leave my boy, the hard feeling come up again. the boy I heart, IMY although we are still at the same places. :')

Monday, August 15, 2011


long time didn't been here already.
almost is the time say ''goodbye'' to this happening West Malaysia.

the day with juong become lesser and lesser
the sad feeling come up again
I can't control all these strong feeling coming up
4 weeks left to stay here
just that few days to meet with juong

how sad, need to separate again
don't have much time to meet
don't have more chances to be together

this time, I am more reluctant juong more than my family
I had been many times having those hard feeling when leaving my family
now different, I got a lovely partner who always care me so much
is already have so less time to meet each other in a week then now I have to back to study after
back to the life as my friends that also have their partner waiting them in hometown
everyday missing them and waiting the day back home to meet each other
I am including in this category already
someone waiting for me to back

I just like the way you are
no matter what you are
no matter how people comment neither about you nor me, we still will be with each other
I know you care me very much is more than enough already
nobody know how much you gave me and nobody can judge on it
I just feel so full with it
thanks baby~
4 weeks left, I want to fully utilize the moment together with you at here

this is the last week I working here
no more weekday meet with juong in KL area
no more weekend be with each other
very very soon, we can't meet with each other already

the most thing that make me down is the pack timetable
it's squeeze my daily life in Labuan
never expect my third year still will be like this tired
very tiring to have this timetable and having the FYP at the same time

p/s: amitabhat/allah/amen, please bless me until I finish my 3 years Uni study life. thankyou first :)

Friday, July 22, 2011


my holiday will gonna end so soon, although it's still 1 month plus to go, but the feeling was so strong to tell me that ''Labuan is waving hand to me'' since I got to buy flight ticket back to Labuan.

still got 1 year to go to finish my study, long holiday make me so no mood to back to study.

think deeply, last 2 years we already start schooling at this timing, no more relaxing and enjoying the aroma in Penisular. nowadays already well known with the area around office and home, used to drive in highway and go gai gai during weekend.

already used to go out coupling with ah juong whenever got free time, and now he got car already at here, more ease to go anywhere we want, no need think too much or bother too much. thanks to his papa, ease him too of course can go work at anytime as he want and back home after finish work.

the journey on taking this car is so complicated and make us so confusing. we totally have no idea what we gonna do and what we have to do. called the person in charge but he said don't know anything, we totally blur. the moment i thought is there any possible the car been rob since the person in charge keep on said don't know don't know !!! sweat die till so far away to MAS kargo but then actually the car was sent to Subang airport, which near to my office area there only. OMG !!! go here go there, round here round there for about 2 hours plus just successfully get the car. after that straight 1 person per car back to my office first and return the key to my dad and then have the first ride on the ''xiao na'' !!

go back Puchong fetch Remy and Alvin go Sunway watch new movie ''WU XIA''. this movie is so damn ''geli'', it is not because bad to watch but half of it is so damn real and bloody. it's make remy and juong looks so funny when it reached the scenes, their acts really laugh die, funny till alvin beh tahan with remy !!! LOL ~~~ i still remembered what alvin react back on what remy reaction on watching the bloody scenes... hahahahaha

p/s: TGI's Friday again, I gonna enjoy the weekend wisely with my love. I past my holiday with full of laughter ~ gonna miss it so much when I back to Labuan on September. holiday pass too fast man !!!! =]

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

last weekend

谢谢 auntie Remy !!!!


thanks remy for lending his car for us to drive
we went to many places in Selangor
enjoy and have fun
but of course we spent a lot in 2 days time

p/s: another new memories of him in KL town created. =)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


talk a little bit about my result here
hmm ~~~
maybe working now, don't have much time to struggling on waiting the result
straight open portal and click it straight away without long thinking like previous sem

LOL ~ maybe I don't think got any big deal with my result last sem
"don't know where come such confidence!!"
after check, understand lar what is my condition every sem on all the ''hard work'' I gave on studied !! hahaha ....

but still,
it's prove that,
how much you had studied,
then it will returns in what is your result after
at least it's fully shown mine in this way !!!

p/s: I told my dad when he was in my department straight after I checked, he just laugh at me and said ''OK already lar, I didn't expect much on you also. this is your result all the way since last time !!'' --- although what he said make sense, but still SPEECHLESS me. =]

Monday, June 20, 2011


holiday until now already week no.6
time flies like nobody business, without any notification that told us we already having holiday for 1 month plus
from the day I back to penisular, there are many places I went to with my beloved one
Sibu - Segamat - Melacca - Johor Bharu - - - - - - - -
many places to go soon
every weekend is full with activities and happiness
I enjoy the time spent together with him
all his act, movement, talking, pattern, make me laugh non stop
he is that ''clown'' to be so funny
although there are times to be upset, but everything can be covered by all these happiness
I just simply like the moment with him
without any stress, without any feel of being shame like facing others

now I know why u so like to find me have a talk with you
you can keep on telling what you face and what you have did everyday
you want me to know what was happening on you on the certain day
you want to share everything that you have past trough all the day
you want me to become the way you shout out everything
I'm the one you want me to be with you all the time here since your family is so far away from here, you miss them, you want me to be the one that make you get some family love
just sometimes I feel sleepy at night and can't continue the conversation and make you feel down
you feel so unhappy when I didn't spent much time on you a day
although I feel sorry but the sleepiness can't fight for it
hahahahaha ~~ paiseh !!

is so glad that you are really different than previous I have
just don't know why there are so much different between each other
same are guys, but attitude different from sky to land !!
just can say ''mature'' make sense on it
mature on handle things and mature on own attitude
although nobody know about the future, but until now I know I had do the right choice

p/s: I still have many many places that want to go travel with you, I want to be the one who bring you step on every single step in different state in West Malaysia here. =)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ewww !!!

Really very sien....can't understand why she will think like I am so wrong with it. 
I just didn't go to her company movie preview, she seem like mad. 
I very confirm that I never wrong in this situation, I just don't know why she will get in so much mood in what I had did when she saw me not in the cinema and need to wait me after they get out from it since she is followed my dad car back together. Why?? 
She just simply words like that, even my dad also say the same things as her, I thought my dad will sat words for me, but seem like I am so wrong in this.
I already told him I won't go to watch cinema since I will go meet my bf, but now he stand a side with her sister and attacked me back!! 
Walaoeh.....I could not say anything since they are oldies sum more ini public, I just loo at another and wait them to say back!! 
What for lar .. Say paktoh can't as like water to drink, still need to eat bread to make ourselves full. 
OK!!! I agree with this, that's why I'm there in the office every weekdays. I never said "oh, my bf want to meet me now but is office hour, buoy I don't care, I still want to meet him!! " 
no way, I know this is wrong. 
And I never sAid that paktoh can be like this, I just meet him twice a week or even once, anything wrong here??? 
Is it too often for a couple.. dont tell me u all just meet once a month or even more longer....
sorry, it will happen on in future since I still will back to school, but now I got chance to meet him why not meet more often, it didnt seem wrong ok! 
We not go and do anything that wrong in the side of law, i just didnt go support the movie, but I already known what the story talking about, not say I'm that over that don't know anything about it synopsis or what. 
Speechless me after a very happy time with my baby for just 3 hours, but end up like this ridiculous mood!!! 
He so ngam got car can come out meet with me, of course I will spent time with him, if not just meet for 1 hour then say bye bye to him and I rush in cinema just for your lovely movie. 
Sorry, I can't! I bet that if your daughter was in the same situation as mine, will u scold her?? 
Or u just say hi and where were u all been just now?? Think in others people situation will make u better every time. 
I understand that the movie is important, but mine also important, logically to let me choose, is very obvious to choose which should I get!! 
If I miss something from you, u still my family, but if I lose him, he never be with me, that is the big different between each choice. 
Even this case is not that serious to become like that but what if it happen continuously? Sorry to tell u that, he is the important people for me now, he first!

P/s: maybe others stuffs will always say good words and describe everything like just sky will appear these thing, land won't! We are just the same, don't always think you are the main point or focus of everybody, think that everyone also the same focus and main point for anyone!! We are just human being that got each right to say what is right and what is wrong, but of course not until against the law. Thank you to let me work in here, but now I know why there are so many people thinking to leave. Peace...cheers!

Monday, June 13, 2011

working life

today is the 4th week of working in this company
want say this company big, not that big also, want say small, quite big also @@
just I can say the ratio among the races in this IMBALANCE to the max
that's why ''NO COMMENT'' on them !!!

although I work as ''graphic designer''
but my work is not so pro as known
sometimes, it's is really that free for the whole day
but sometimes also can busy for the whole day
overall still can handle work that given and hand in in time
at the same time can learn back all the software that been forgotten

other than that, maybe I can know the situation about movie production
details about it and how 1 movie been product!!!
it's a complicated process thou but maybe they had lot of experiences plus actors/actresses's professional, all these make a drama or a movie can finished in 3 weeks +- !!
this really never across my mind before
and I forgive me that I don't even know who is the star of the drama/movie before they change on the proper attire or until they are in the middle of the camera
they are too normal that can be easily be found, and they are now so famous, means that they still got some popularity and give something out that audiences like
so, when they are in the high peak of the popularity, the boss is very smart enough to control their contract and request them to shoot more movies since they are the stars nowadays to benefit both side, company earn, actors/actresses also can earn from it !!
but even a popular star or just a new beginner also need to respect the rules here, if found out got rumors, then ''BYE BYE'' !!
no more chance for you ... if got, also very very cruel ..............

but luckily, I'm not nobody here, people will respect me and smile to me, if not, finish me.
not just races issues problem, and maybe they will give you works and works since they don't know how to solve it and they are very slow in doing works !!!
when you ''beh tahan'', you will teach them or help them, really very speechless on it
what they have now is just experience of working longer in this company
but now, they always busy in design posters and all those buntings
I think they know I'm not major in this post, thus, they give me works related but different from them.
if not, I don't think I will that free to use working time to write this blog ... hahaha

p/s: I not yet think anything about the storyline about my FYP. I forget about this. ouch !!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ah gong's birthday party + him

Last Saturday is my grandpa's birthday, every of my relatives been invited to the party included him. He fetch me early in the morning although he just slept few hours before that only. when I wake up he already almost reach my house area. wow. I in a very fast speed brush teeth and all that and ask my dad fetch me to guard house. But, the same thing happened, he was not there right after we reach there, we called and called to get the correct position, actually he was not far away from the guard house. After that, I show him the correct position of the guard house and he save the position in his GPS. Later on, continued by bringing him to my working company, at there, he also save correct position in GPS also then just depart to his house in Puchong.

The house area really very far away from the town area, I never know he used to live in flat rather than terrace. This is because I heard you all said before is in single floor terrace. At there really so ''malay'' ... his house ok lar, at least is with all the people he know so long time ago. Not bad life at there too. Stay at his house until noon time and eat lunch at Serdang. After that sit komuter to Mid Valley. This is the first time I sit in it, never know it will be so many people to ''sardin'' in it. All the smell in it really very geli, make me feel want to vomit. Already less oxygen in it, after that add on with those ''eww'' smell. That 4 stations really seem like very long journey!!! When out from it, really sweat a lot, hot die !!!

Stay in Mid-Valley for almost one and a half hour, walk here walk there to see anything special over there since so many people inside the mall. But, nothing special. chehhh. At first, went to some shops that sell health products, went to two shops and finally get a cheapest hamper that contained suitable products then just straight purchased it. Put at there and tried to find the way to ''The Garden'', but failed !!! Don't know where is the correct direction already...sigh. End up spending time in Sushi King and sit my bro's car to my aunt house.

Having great time in my aunt house for 2 days and never expect he will stay at here. Since my mom ask my brother to stay here since so many relatives back to here, so stay at here to have more time with each other. Thus, he needs to stay here since no transport to fetch him back home. There is the most longest time we spent together after we came to Penisular. These 2 days eat a lot and play Apple's products a lot. wow. Every moment also is a greatful time, appreciate the moment with him. Started to miss him although he still by my side, but when the moment told me he will be back to home and can't meet for few days again make me miss him so much.

Happy 77th birthday ah gong.

act cute wahhhh... lolx

p/s: Thank you my dear and I Love You. =)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the man

which man ?
the man lor ~~
man who always miss me so much everyday
until one day he drive all along from his house to my office area here
wow ~~ his first time to drive in KL area, even I also didn't drive like this before
damn geng
but he still can't reach my place here due to his gps can't show him the correct way and honestly my company here really hard to find ~ paiseh lorrr
tried for almost 2 hours drive here, drive there still can't reach my place
pity him when I talked phone to him and ask where was him
*of course he don't know*
and then we don't know how to show him the correct direction also because we are not local here
failed to help him, after that I become more and more worried this man
some more my dad said so late already, we not living in our own house that can back as late as possible, this make me more feel pity on this man cause drive all along to here and end up can't meet me and waiting the answer from me in Sunway there
nobody can help and just wait for my dad and uncle to finish the conversation
it's become more and more late until I want to ask the man to back home also cannot, want ask the 2 oldies stopped the conversation also cannot, so helpless
after all, the time already showed 10pm and we just start to find him cause my dad said so long time already and he still waiting for me, so got heart, let we both met awhile lar
when I reach there, I so want to hug this man, but due to my dad also with me and there was full of people ~ ewwww
when eating the dinner, we also hard to hold hand together cause of my dad at there too
everything is just normal only, cant even more
when want to leave also can't hug properly or get a goodbye kiss ~ many people eh ....

my man:
you are really so good to me until I really scare to hurt you much although I won't. since you will live in here for some times, at first for sure I will worried you very much, after maybe won't this much but still will worried about you. I'm so mean to you and for sure, you too. I will always miss you like how you miss me, thanks for giving me so much of love. I'm glad to have a man like you to care me so much, love me so much, and of course love me so much.

p/s: the life now really very relax, although working but still just helping my dad, and sometimes even my dad fetching me go pak toh. can earning money and paktoh all the time, where to find this kind of life, although less meet with the man lar.... but still not bad thou. wish to meet more often with the man. Love ya =)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore 28/05/2011

I already planned to go here when they announced it is finally finish built
but, it is just for the casino, not for the theme park
so, everything keep on delay and delay
until my semester break I just decided to go there with my sister
but the more I ask, become whole family trip to there

is been many years we didn't go for a family trip
and now some more is to another country
at first I didn't feel any difficulty until the day before depart
everything become so complicated cause of all the questions
I not used to all the questions been ask in the same time since I already prepared well for the trip

it's so tiring to bring whole family to another country
although I very familiar with the place, but others don't !
thus, I need to be very patient for all those extra stuffs will happened suddenly
but so sorry to say that, I'm not at all
I am that impatient all the time and talk hardly to my mum
I also not willing to be like this, but stubborn her make me felt like this
every time tried to calm down myself to not be that impatient to her but still can't control
what my parent did always so cannot control until I was so tired to handle it
but everything came to an end until we back to my aunt's house

Universal Studio is that nice on all the facilities in the theme park
everything prepared well for everyone
once you get in, everything also can get in and not like others theme park that need to pay extra money to play one of the game
in the theme park there is mainly on roller coaster, there are more than 3 over there
I sit 3 of it already make me very headache and dizzy after that ~~ @.@''
sometimes also make me until got the feel to vomit ~~ ewww
but overall it is so nice with the fireworks ending

we thought the grand opening is 28th May, then we arrived on this particular date
who knows there have their grand opening at the midnight of 27th May, that is 12am of 28th May
swt die us !!
when we reach there just saw all the colored papers stripes all the ways in the theme park
all the stars been invited to join the grand opening
is really that grand with all the international stars but too bad I missed it
but this grand opening really attract many visitors from all over the world to come over Singapore to have a trip in it and of course USS earn a lot of money through this
the performance in it is just almost same as the show in USJapan or US origin
is very interesting thou
luckily we went on Saturday, because it operation hour is until 9pm
it is enough to give us time to play everything in it since we went in late
and heard that every time play a game in it need to queue up for quite some times, but we just for awhile only, lucky us again didn't waste much time on queue-ing up

p/s: really long long time didn't have the full family trip already and some more this is out of Malaysia. syiok =)

we just met once after we back to KL
I know you miss me that much all the time
so do I =)
but there will be much more meeting after that
just tried our best to have more meet together after this
I waiting for many memories of us in Penisular here
I expecting for more at here
miss you my dear

p/s: I very got heart de ok ~ I promise jor want buy souvenirs for you sure will buy de. but it is not a nice thing but at least it was bought in Universal Studio Singapore. hehe =)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sibu, Sarawak

i'm back to West Malaysia again after 4 days in East Malaysia
the actual location Sibu, Sarawak
it was a nice place with all the foods there
very local foods and some uncommon foods for me
but everything is delicious after all
all the time, the very honor dish that for sure will put on the table is ''FISH''
almost every meal I will saw a fish there with different flavor ~ WOW !!!

all and all ~ I met with his family members who treat me nice all the time
the oldies, young groups and of course the kids.
a big big families there
their conversation make me bling my eyes all the times with a big question mark appeared on it
I DON"T UNDERSTAND the dialect ehhhhhh
but after some times, I tries to listen carefully on it
somehow, I also can understand half of the conversation


my boy:
will gonna separate again for some days again now
but this time no more sad feeling
cause can meet again soon just not that fast lar
and I think already used to it when you are not around me
but also wish to see you often if can
miss you ^^

p/s: a nice and super duper crazy eating trip to Sibu !!!! =]

Saturday, May 14, 2011

bye my lovely second year uni life

that's all for my second year university life
and here start the 4 months semester break
it's welcoming me with a cold weather that we desperate for a long time
am going back Penisular this evening flight
and I am kinda excited and can't have a sleep back
(woke up about 630am ~ woah)

have my holiday back to hometown
can't wait to see my house new renovation view
it's finished since 3 months ago but I've no chance to get a look
and get some stuffs ready for my new life in KL soon

oh ya ~ I already get a job in KL =[
but since it was requested by me, so I can't blame anything
and can't blame so much cause they are pretty much of my uni-mates busy finding vacancy out there ~ glad me!
I just left 1 week free holiday for myself
another week come and I will start my office work >.<
hope this job can at least help me up in ''something'' for my FYP

the other reason to work in KL is because I want to meet my boy more often
although once a week or once in 2 weeks time ?? can't comfirm with this
(sorry boy - I will always miss you)

it is all decide by my dad, if he says CANNOT, I also have to obey with him
but as I know my dad won't be like this lar since we are not going out everyday, is just during weekend ( just the old people- my father, my mother, my aunt, my grandpa, will mumbling there say ''a girl always go out with a boy huh, just know pak-toh only, forget family liao lor !'' )
a but also ~ my parent and of course my grandpa can't wait I get a partner to take care of me, always accompany me and the most important thing, I ALREADY NO MORE 18-, they won't be so strict on me anymore, their new target will be my sister (19 years old sudah) !!
hahahahaha *evil me*

start counting down the days to go to Sibu, Sarawak
don't counted on excited feeling, I am more to nervous after all (don't know on what, but I pretty sure is on something - finger cross)
excited to step on another state in Malaysia soon ( after that just left 3 states-Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis only not yet been stepped on by me ~~ woohoo )
and of course can't wait to meet my boy after 1 week plus been separated. IMY boy =*)

p/s: happy holiday people, will I miss this isolated forest island?? - no idea man. but I'm sure after 4 months holidays, the first feeling of me to here again will be "duh, Labuan again!" this feeling will be easily been guested out what feeling is this. HAHAHAHA ~ take care my friends when having vacation =)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

the cute seniors

All the feeling coming up when 1 by1 leaving this island. I just can't control well all the feeling by just concentrating on my studied, and is really impossible to let me concentrate. Suddenly feel came up and then heart pain, all these really can't control. All the songs make us remind back all the moments that happened between each other for the past 2 years. All the scenery and words make us can't stop to think back everyone of you in our uni life that entertain us so much.

without ah quan in this campus, of course I will be very lonely for sure. No more people touching my hair and tell me '' 很好玩耶,很像玩具酱玩耶". No more people touching my face and use a very lovely eyes looking at me. No more people cook soup for me as I required. No more people so let me be as I really give a lot of troubles. The Kancil that fulfill all the moments about we both, the laughters, the tears, the small arguments, ... , all the moments that happened in it now all returned to the owner, just left memories for us. I MISS IT SO MUCH ! ='(

people, teach me how can I stopped from all the tears dropping. not just because of quan, and of course for others seniors too. as yingying said: we sad not because of can't meet you all up in future, is because we can't meet each other in this UMSKAL anymore. We miss all the scold from you all, next time no more seniors scold over us already. While shooting also become very less people in a table, no more full table, no more big gang, no more people having high expectation on shooting just a simple photo with all the shouting and full expression on it.


p/s: can anyone teach me how can I just not so 依赖 him so much ??!! I can't used to it for the changes here. T.T


now really is time to say bye bye to you all already
I don't know how to say bye
I dislike the separation moment
can't meet that often like previous anymore
even will meet with ah quan also not like previous already
yalar ~ for others maybe don't have any special feeling
*if for me when sending others also won't have special feeling*
but now different, I'm sending HIM to back home
no more meet in campus
no more having meal in Labuan
no more watching his leaving
no more waiting for him in campus
no more called him to fetch me go anyway, anytime in Labuan
no more him sayang me in Labuan after that
no more him saying take care in front of me in Labuan
no more him taking care of me when I'm sick in Labuan

after all is just online chatting, web-cam
but sometimes I really will be greedy to have more than that
I need a real hug than just in a distance with a screen
I need a real goodbye kiss than just a flying kiss through a camera in lappie
I need a real person to talk with and not just everyday facing a dead lappie
sometimes, I really that selfish to want it all EVERYDAY
although is impossible already after that
what I told you before I really hope that you will do it for me

people will say we just together for just that 1 month, nothing to be sad of, others together for so long time ago just really need to be sad. sorry lor. It's still very sad for me. I can't stand the moment when really want to say goodbye with my boy. It's truly hurting me. I almost everyday crying when suddenly think of the moment when saying goodbye with him. I very not willing to separate with my lover that met everyday since we start to be with each other. 2 persons that meet everyday suddenly need to say goodbye, for best friend also will cry like hell, even we as a couple. although still will meet again *for sure*, but still, not that often compare to previous.

for the last time, even a simple song also will make me want to cry. just like 散场的拥抱 - a song that we keep on avoid to listen when driving in car. but just now, they sang it, the 2nd sentence already make me feel very sad. I am totally not willing to let you go from me. everytime I saw the eyes from you, I will feel very down because of all the love you gave me.

the hug you gave me just now really make me cry like hell, I saw your tears too. Man ~ I really not willing to separate with you. I will be lonely !!!

p/s: not dare to send my boy, it's cruel man !!! while writing this blog also make me crying all the time...ya, I'm that weak, I'm that unsteady person to say goodbye !!! so what, who ask me love him so much !!! T.T

p/s: you - TANG CHOU CHYUAN, dont forget the thing you want to send me before Sunday end !! I will remembered it all the time de lor ~~~ lolx .. love you .. muackx =)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

wishes for seniors

that's all for you all in this short 3 years uni life
is time to pack everything and say bye to this lovely island and lovely people
no more assignments, no more midterms, no more quizzes, no more final exams after all
you all enjoy much in you all uni life here and make the dull island become so lively
without you all, I think the island is damn dull and quite
be prepared to live like this in my future 3rd year life here
anyway, just the same wishes to you all

" all the best to you all and good luck in everything!
take care.
as uncle yan said: there are no unfinish meal in this world...
so, will meet again just not that seldom like now.
anyway, all the best again in you all's future. "

Yan Kok Loong: although your mouth not that good enough sometimes, but I think this is your style, can't change already. just used to it then I will be peace everytime. :p

Loke Mun Kiat: I will miss your 38 all the time when talking to you. also your smile, is charming thou. wow ah b wow !!!

Ngu Dou Fung: bye bye bird god. no more people to let me call ''nel nel'' liao eh. I will miss you as a ''wet person'' =)

Kok Sook Leng: leng leng, all the best to you. add oil in your internship and I will miss the moment when you arguing with uncle yan - is very NOISY and LOUD !!!! hahahaha

Tan Ean Chee: erm...EaCy, good luck to you too. do make up when you having outing in KL because you look gorgeous with it. cheer =)

Tan Yee Shiang: shiang shiang, fast fast go meet your '' sweet vinegar dragon ", he is waiting for you and finally you are back to him. wow, ta jiu hao laaaa !! haha .. miss ya ^^

Lai Wai Yen: words are just an expression way in anytime, anywhere. anyhow, still wish you all the best in your future.

Lala: sorry your name is too long to let me memorize. all the best to you. as you having your internship in Sibu, then you will have more time to gather with you family and of course pat pat ~ take care =]

Chong Xiao Loong: please do be independent!! no more emo, no more behave as non-adult, no more ''gor-gor'' please as you elder than people. BE A MAN !!! hahaha .. cheer ^^

Tang Chou Chyuan: as my boyfriend, we will have more chance to meet together than others. but still, need to wish you all the best in you career instead of internship. lolx ~ waiting for your treat. love ya ^^

p/s: BYE BYE UNCLES AND AUNTIES. mmuackx ^.^v

Sunday, May 1, 2011

the fifth month of the year 2011

happy LABOR day for everyone first
but hor, I'm still a student :P
now I just know they replaced back their public holiday on Monday, that's why no one having exam on that day
hmm ~~
finished 1 paper only
but my mood like left 1 paper for me to exam
too wrong !!!
people are getting finished their exam and start to pack their things ready to back home
but, I still left 2 more weeks to leave
aiks ~ some more the 3rd week of exam week is like killing me directly
4 papers in 5 days.
OMG ~~~~
14th may fast fast come eh ~
I want holiday !
I want to back home !
I'm too lazy to have exams here.......................................


too 好吃好住 when get a bf here
when big sun, got car to fetch me
when pouring, got car to fetch me
when hungry, got car to fetch me
hungry - let's go have a meal
exam coming - let's go study
at room - let's MSN/SKYPE
what I heard until now is all "OK" from him
all also "NO PROBLEM", "NEVER MIND", "IT'S OK"
something very funny, he keeps on ask " where to find such a good guy to be boyfriend?"
and then I was like: sendiri tahu is u already, still ask me where to find?? Is it want me to find guys to compare see got anyone else better ?? hahahahaha

p/s: all the OK, WHERE GOT "FAT", really cause me gain weight already. OMGard........... finish liao me. I think the following 4 months need to be ''kuli'' just can back to previous. shiat. @@'''

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


study week past silently
never touch anything during study week
busy finish up all the assignment until last Friday
and actually I still have 1 more not yet do - Arabic group presentation
nobody got the mood to do it or can be said nobody willing to do it
but it still going on and will be carry on this coming Saturday
right before the Arabic paper.

paper will start as late as 29th April
it's super late but better for us cause we got enough time to prepare for it
but super dislike the scedule that make us not much time to prepare for last 4 papers which is located at the same week. OMGard .....

anyway, best of luck to people
the weather is super hot, so, take care.
don't falls sick.

p/s: hope the date of 14th faster come and I will be super free. final exam session 2/2 ~~ please let me overcome you nicely. bless me my Buddha =)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

the cute seniors' farewell party

there was a farewell party for those seniors AKA 38 gang AKA old peoples !

there are 2 videos prepared for them

didn't contribute much cause they scared the bf of mine - ah quan will know what we were doing if I keep on not online or suddenly told him I need to do things.

that's why I was just very free for this preparation until the day.

used many lousy excuses just to not to let quan know I am going out to prepared the party

maybe too obvious I suddenly too busy or mentioned too many times to remind him what time and where to meet me.

ish ~~ include all the old peoples, they all knew it.
nothing to be surprised since the Kancil betrayed us.
Laugh Die Me XDDDDDD

ok. there is it.
they all reached there and came out with all laughters.
everyone ready for the steamboat and of course the video as well.

the highlights:
1) everyone boom out how Uncle Yan wants to have this farewell party. ;P

2) Uncle Yan thought we will have another surprise for them, instead we really don't have. but suddenly think of we not yet post out something. after that, coming out with the surprise " wu gun apek" performance !! surprise lar, surprise ~ called all the KAWAN-KAWAN some more. hahahahahahaha

3) Edwin will ask everyone to silent down when come to my part in the video. make me paiseh only. although is me, myself want to talk in that way. hahahahaha ^^v

the oldies - (back row left) Jenny, 818, Eacy, Leng, ah Shiang
(front row left) Xiao Loong, ah b, ah Quan, uncle Yan.

the youngsters - (back row left) me, roy, eng, ryan
(front row left) MC, travis, edwin, andrew, yujin

the whole family *wow ~ so spring huh* =)

the links to both of the videos in Youtube:

thanks you all to make the isolated forest island to become interesting. really have a lot of fun since we met. is really make us have a lot of nice memories with all of you. without you all, the campus will be very boring and dull. we will always miss the time with you all. hope we all will keep in touch no matter in any ways. good luck and take care. =)

p/s: hmm ~ 3 years studies come to an end. just left final exam and internship only. everyone will get a flying color on both of it. good luck in everything and you all's future ahead. we will meet again in KL perhaps and of course during you all's convocation. will miss you all so much. see you. bye ~ *hug*

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

tears dropped

I know I shouldn't be like this
but my tears really unable to stop
I really too sad to even imagine each scene that will happen on the day
I'm gonna miss everything that you did before to me
everytime I message you, you sure reply me very fast
everytime I find you in MSN, you sure quickly reply me
even if my MSN is on dc and I find you in Facebook chat box, you will saw it very fast and reply me
when I am sick, you didn't say much then quickly fetch me go many places to find a doctor for me
when I am hungry, you will because of me quickly prepare out and fetch me go eat
when I need you, you sure at there for me
but very soon, you are not around me anymore
I really not used to it even you not yet leave here
I really can't stop to miss you and my tears keep dropping down for the whole day
I don't know how should it be this Labuan without you
you already treat me so well for such a long time and I just start to use to it and you gonna leave me soon
without you I am so lonely at here
when you are working, I not dare to disturb you
when I need you so much and you are not around me also

I shouted out thousand times for myself say cannot behave like this but my heart is so painful to tell me that all these are facts

p/s: I never cried for a guy for such a long time. I really couldn't accept well everything that will happen very soon. the more I stick with you, the more I don't want to let you go. the more I say I love you, the more I will very sad to send you leave from here. can you be by my side for 1 second more * this is the thing I most want to tell you when you gonna leave here* T.T

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

for you ❤




我们即将分开一年才有可能像现在一样很容易的能见面 *希望如此*


我真的很怕 !

my dear's quote:



Saturday, April 16, 2011

my love

thank you so much.
you are that care about me all the time whether you are with me or not with me
there is no other words than just say thank you.
everything you did warm my heart so so much.

you treat me too good until I hard to accept when one day you are not around me.
I don't know what I need to do to make it equal.
it seem like I really did much lesser if compare to you on me.
*although I very enjoy the way you treat me lar .... hahaha*
the meal, the ride, the service, the warm, the love, the care, the mumbling.

thanks the ways you LOVE me.

p/s: heart you. =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the night

the begin is there
choose not to publish as first
but seem like something wrong there
if there are people who talk to me before
they won't believe what had happen tonight
totally can't accept what they saw tonight.
but ya, is a truth!



you are the one I choose
the one that always stay around me
the one that never hesitate to be with me
although it's some late
but luckily when I turn around
you are still there for me
thanks for it
I already get out the first step
I will try to make it better in future

hope we will appreciate the month that left for us to be together
there will be a tough road for us
but I believe that it will bring us to a better way

p/s: I can't promise to have a perfect relationship between us, but as long as we are trying, then we are getting at the right position. ^^

p/s: although this post seem like got some serious, but there is a joke in between. there are always rules from a girlfriend.
1) what your girlfriend did is always correct.
2) if you feel/think that she was wrong, please refer to first rule.

Monday, April 11, 2011


suddenly thought of last year bought a piece of temporary tattoo for SSIL Night.
but on that night, I forgot to bring out, left in hostel.
thats why I keep it till now.
took out and think it is suitable to stick on for this sem SSIL Night.
coincidently, there got roses on it.
vampire theme should match with rose * I think so lar...*

yesterday, hiao-ness attacked
find it out and try out how to paste it on my skin
follow the instruction and paste it on my hand
i found out it's cool

butterfly will ordinary stick to flora ^^v

p/s: there will a rose appear on my hand on that night =)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

9.4.2011 ( saturday )

although there is low productive today ~
somehow, I did something important for me ~

if realize ~
I really never say a sincere thank you to you ~

believe or not ~
this tiny thing give some effect ~

p/s: ^^v







p/s: 女生应该找爱自己多一点的男生。

Friday, April 8, 2011


last few days suddenly homesick attacked.
my dad called me cause long time didn't talk to me, perhaps it just few days ago only.
I said where got, you too miss me is it ?
he said ''yalor, yalor"
although I always say like this to them, but still feel something inside my heart.
after that, my mom suddenly create a new account in Facebook.
I felt very very curious, she sure forgot this and that again so need to create a new account.
this is the THIRD account already ~.~
straight called back home and ask her.
she said she forgot password already *as expected*
I wanted to finish this phone called after ask her why, but she seem like don't want to off the phone, ask me how am I? how life here? everything ok or not?
all the answers of course is a "YES"

after all and all, I started to miss my parent and my siblings.
when lye on the bed prepared to sleep, can't control my homesick and cried like hell.
once cried cannot stop.
I'm so damn miss them although I just leave home for that 2 months only.
the point is: my dad now is staying/working in KL, my mom in Segamat.
how can a couple living together for more than 20 years suddenly separate like this??

I can't accept well about this.
I not yet feel the environment in my house that without my dad.
previously was my dad went outstation for few days and I will saw him back again.
but now, I think is 1 month once or maybe 2 weeks once.
how my mom and my little brother can live in a house so lonely.
it is already very quite when there is just 3 people in a house, now turn to 2 people.

sad !

is very boring you know.
after my elder brother, me and my little sister left the house, the large house become larger !!
imagine the feeling when your partner have to go to another place.
the feeling is so making people getting heartache.
so-called-long distance relationship.
me, as a young people already can't accept this, how come they can accept this?
can't said already 20 years relationship, who still care this thing?
I care !!
they are so love me.
I need them both together when I'm in home.

long distance very torturing ~
how you love a people deeply ~
long distance will separate it at last ~
this is what I thought ~
no prove until now show me it's work ~
somebody show me ?
show me long distance got any benefits and it's make you very in love everytime.

p/s: I Miss Them ~ IMT!