Tuesday, June 28, 2011

last weekend

谢谢 auntie Remy !!!!


thanks remy for lending his car for us to drive
we went to many places in Selangor
enjoy and have fun
but of course we spent a lot in 2 days time

p/s: another new memories of him in KL town created. =)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


talk a little bit about my result here
hmm ~~~
maybe working now, don't have much time to struggling on waiting the result
straight open portal and click it straight away without long thinking like previous sem

LOL ~ maybe I don't think got any big deal with my result last sem
"don't know where come such confidence!!"
after check, understand lar what is my condition every sem on all the ''hard work'' I gave on studied !! hahaha ....

but still,
it's prove that,
how much you had studied,
then it will returns in what is your result after
at least it's fully shown mine in this way !!!

p/s: I told my dad when he was in my department straight after I checked, he just laugh at me and said ''OK already lar, I didn't expect much on you also. this is your result all the way since last time !!'' --- although what he said make sense, but still SPEECHLESS me. =]

Monday, June 20, 2011


holiday until now already week no.6
time flies like nobody business, without any notification that told us we already having holiday for 1 month plus
from the day I back to penisular, there are many places I went to with my beloved one
Sibu - Segamat - Melacca - Johor Bharu - - - - - - - -
many places to go soon
every weekend is full with activities and happiness
I enjoy the time spent together with him
all his act, movement, talking, pattern, make me laugh non stop
he is that ''clown'' to be so funny
although there are times to be upset, but everything can be covered by all these happiness
I just simply like the moment with him
without any stress, without any feel of being shame like facing others

now I know why u so like to find me have a talk with you
you can keep on telling what you face and what you have did everyday
you want me to know what was happening on you on the certain day
you want to share everything that you have past trough all the day
you want me to become the way you shout out everything
I'm the one you want me to be with you all the time here since your family is so far away from here, you miss them, you want me to be the one that make you get some family love
just sometimes I feel sleepy at night and can't continue the conversation and make you feel down
you feel so unhappy when I didn't spent much time on you a day
although I feel sorry but the sleepiness can't fight for it
hahahahaha ~~ paiseh !!

is so glad that you are really different than previous I have
just don't know why there are so much different between each other
same are guys, but attitude different from sky to land !!
just can say ''mature'' make sense on it
mature on handle things and mature on own attitude
although nobody know about the future, but until now I know I had do the right choice

p/s: I still have many many places that want to go travel with you, I want to be the one who bring you step on every single step in different state in West Malaysia here. =)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ewww !!!

Really very sien....can't understand why she will think like I am so wrong with it. 
I just didn't go to her company movie preview, she seem like mad. 
I very confirm that I never wrong in this situation, I just don't know why she will get in so much mood in what I had did when she saw me not in the cinema and need to wait me after they get out from it since she is followed my dad car back together. Why?? 
She just simply words like that, even my dad also say the same things as her, I thought my dad will sat words for me, but seem like I am so wrong in this.
I already told him I won't go to watch cinema since I will go meet my bf, but now he stand a side with her sister and attacked me back!! 
Walaoeh.....I could not say anything since they are oldies sum more ini public, I just loo at another and wait them to say back!! 
What for lar .. Say paktoh can't as like water to drink, still need to eat bread to make ourselves full. 
OK!!! I agree with this, that's why I'm there in the office every weekdays. I never said "oh, my bf want to meet me now but is office hour, buoy I don't care, I still want to meet him!! " 
no way, I know this is wrong. 
And I never sAid that paktoh can be like this, I just meet him twice a week or even once, anything wrong here??? 
Is it too often for a couple.. dont tell me u all just meet once a month or even more longer....
sorry, it will happen on in future since I still will back to school, but now I got chance to meet him why not meet more often, it didnt seem wrong ok! 
We not go and do anything that wrong in the side of law, i just didnt go support the movie, but I already known what the story talking about, not say I'm that over that don't know anything about it synopsis or what. 
Speechless me after a very happy time with my baby for just 3 hours, but end up like this ridiculous mood!!! 
He so ngam got car can come out meet with me, of course I will spent time with him, if not just meet for 1 hour then say bye bye to him and I rush in cinema just for your lovely movie. 
Sorry, I can't! I bet that if your daughter was in the same situation as mine, will u scold her?? 
Or u just say hi and where were u all been just now?? Think in others people situation will make u better every time. 
I understand that the movie is important, but mine also important, logically to let me choose, is very obvious to choose which should I get!! 
If I miss something from you, u still my family, but if I lose him, he never be with me, that is the big different between each choice. 
Even this case is not that serious to become like that but what if it happen continuously? Sorry to tell u that, he is the important people for me now, he first!

P/s: maybe others stuffs will always say good words and describe everything like just sky will appear these thing, land won't! We are just the same, don't always think you are the main point or focus of everybody, think that everyone also the same focus and main point for anyone!! We are just human being that got each right to say what is right and what is wrong, but of course not until against the law. Thank you to let me work in here, but now I know why there are so many people thinking to leave. Peace...cheers!

Monday, June 13, 2011

working life

today is the 4th week of working in this company
want say this company big, not that big also, want say small, quite big also @@
just I can say the ratio among the races in this IMBALANCE to the max
that's why ''NO COMMENT'' on them !!!

although I work as ''graphic designer''
but my work is not so pro as known
sometimes, it's is really that free for the whole day
but sometimes also can busy for the whole day
overall still can handle work that given and hand in in time
at the same time can learn back all the software that been forgotten

other than that, maybe I can know the situation about movie production
details about it and how 1 movie been product!!!
it's a complicated process thou but maybe they had lot of experiences plus actors/actresses's professional, all these make a drama or a movie can finished in 3 weeks +- !!
this really never across my mind before
and I forgive me that I don't even know who is the star of the drama/movie before they change on the proper attire or until they are in the middle of the camera
they are too normal that can be easily be found, and they are now so famous, means that they still got some popularity and give something out that audiences like
so, when they are in the high peak of the popularity, the boss is very smart enough to control their contract and request them to shoot more movies since they are the stars nowadays to benefit both side, company earn, actors/actresses also can earn from it !!
but even a popular star or just a new beginner also need to respect the rules here, if found out got rumors, then ''BYE BYE'' !!
no more chance for you ... if got, also very very cruel ..............

but luckily, I'm not nobody here, people will respect me and smile to me, if not, finish me.
not just races issues problem, and maybe they will give you works and works since they don't know how to solve it and they are very slow in doing works !!!
when you ''beh tahan'', you will teach them or help them, really very speechless on it
what they have now is just experience of working longer in this company
but now, they always busy in design posters and all those buntings
I think they know I'm not major in this post, thus, they give me works related but different from them.
if not, I don't think I will that free to use working time to write this blog ... hahaha

p/s: I not yet think anything about the storyline about my FYP. I forget about this. ouch !!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ah gong's birthday party + him

Last Saturday is my grandpa's birthday, every of my relatives been invited to the party included him. He fetch me early in the morning although he just slept few hours before that only. when I wake up he already almost reach my house area. wow. I in a very fast speed brush teeth and all that and ask my dad fetch me to guard house. But, the same thing happened, he was not there right after we reach there, we called and called to get the correct position, actually he was not far away from the guard house. After that, I show him the correct position of the guard house and he save the position in his GPS. Later on, continued by bringing him to my working company, at there, he also save correct position in GPS also then just depart to his house in Puchong.

The house area really very far away from the town area, I never know he used to live in flat rather than terrace. This is because I heard you all said before is in single floor terrace. At there really so ''malay'' ... his house ok lar, at least is with all the people he know so long time ago. Not bad life at there too. Stay at his house until noon time and eat lunch at Serdang. After that sit komuter to Mid Valley. This is the first time I sit in it, never know it will be so many people to ''sardin'' in it. All the smell in it really very geli, make me feel want to vomit. Already less oxygen in it, after that add on with those ''eww'' smell. That 4 stations really seem like very long journey!!! When out from it, really sweat a lot, hot die !!!

Stay in Mid-Valley for almost one and a half hour, walk here walk there to see anything special over there since so many people inside the mall. But, nothing special. chehhh. At first, went to some shops that sell health products, went to two shops and finally get a cheapest hamper that contained suitable products then just straight purchased it. Put at there and tried to find the way to ''The Garden'', but failed !!! Don't know where is the correct direction already...sigh. End up spending time in Sushi King and sit my bro's car to my aunt house.

Having great time in my aunt house for 2 days and never expect he will stay at here. Since my mom ask my brother to stay here since so many relatives back to here, so stay at here to have more time with each other. Thus, he needs to stay here since no transport to fetch him back home. There is the most longest time we spent together after we came to Penisular. These 2 days eat a lot and play Apple's products a lot. wow. Every moment also is a greatful time, appreciate the moment with him. Started to miss him although he still by my side, but when the moment told me he will be back to home and can't meet for few days again make me miss him so much.

Happy 77th birthday ah gong.

act cute wahhhh... lolx

p/s: Thank you my dear and I Love You. =)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the man

which man ?
the man lor ~~
man who always miss me so much everyday
until one day he drive all along from his house to my office area here
wow ~~ his first time to drive in KL area, even I also didn't drive like this before
damn geng
but he still can't reach my place here due to his gps can't show him the correct way and honestly my company here really hard to find ~ paiseh lorrr
tried for almost 2 hours drive here, drive there still can't reach my place
pity him when I talked phone to him and ask where was him
*of course he don't know*
and then we don't know how to show him the correct direction also because we are not local here
failed to help him, after that I become more and more worried this man
some more my dad said so late already, we not living in our own house that can back as late as possible, this make me more feel pity on this man cause drive all along to here and end up can't meet me and waiting the answer from me in Sunway there
nobody can help and just wait for my dad and uncle to finish the conversation
it's become more and more late until I want to ask the man to back home also cannot, want ask the 2 oldies stopped the conversation also cannot, so helpless
after all, the time already showed 10pm and we just start to find him cause my dad said so long time already and he still waiting for me, so got heart, let we both met awhile lar
when I reach there, I so want to hug this man, but due to my dad also with me and there was full of people ~ ewwww
when eating the dinner, we also hard to hold hand together cause of my dad at there too
everything is just normal only, cant even more
when want to leave also can't hug properly or get a goodbye kiss ~ many people eh ....

my man:
you are really so good to me until I really scare to hurt you much although I won't. since you will live in here for some times, at first for sure I will worried you very much, after maybe won't this much but still will worried about you. I'm so mean to you and for sure, you too. I will always miss you like how you miss me, thanks for giving me so much of love. I'm glad to have a man like you to care me so much, love me so much, and of course love me so much.

p/s: the life now really very relax, although working but still just helping my dad, and sometimes even my dad fetching me go pak toh. can earning money and paktoh all the time, where to find this kind of life, although less meet with the man lar.... but still not bad thou. wish to meet more often with the man. Love ya =)