Monday, May 30, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore 28/05/2011

I already planned to go here when they announced it is finally finish built
but, it is just for the casino, not for the theme park
so, everything keep on delay and delay
until my semester break I just decided to go there with my sister
but the more I ask, become whole family trip to there

is been many years we didn't go for a family trip
and now some more is to another country
at first I didn't feel any difficulty until the day before depart
everything become so complicated cause of all the questions
I not used to all the questions been ask in the same time since I already prepared well for the trip

it's so tiring to bring whole family to another country
although I very familiar with the place, but others don't !
thus, I need to be very patient for all those extra stuffs will happened suddenly
but so sorry to say that, I'm not at all
I am that impatient all the time and talk hardly to my mum
I also not willing to be like this, but stubborn her make me felt like this
every time tried to calm down myself to not be that impatient to her but still can't control
what my parent did always so cannot control until I was so tired to handle it
but everything came to an end until we back to my aunt's house

Universal Studio is that nice on all the facilities in the theme park
everything prepared well for everyone
once you get in, everything also can get in and not like others theme park that need to pay extra money to play one of the game
in the theme park there is mainly on roller coaster, there are more than 3 over there
I sit 3 of it already make me very headache and dizzy after that ~~ @.@''
sometimes also make me until got the feel to vomit ~~ ewww
but overall it is so nice with the fireworks ending

we thought the grand opening is 28th May, then we arrived on this particular date
who knows there have their grand opening at the midnight of 27th May, that is 12am of 28th May
swt die us !!
when we reach there just saw all the colored papers stripes all the ways in the theme park
all the stars been invited to join the grand opening
is really that grand with all the international stars but too bad I missed it
but this grand opening really attract many visitors from all over the world to come over Singapore to have a trip in it and of course USS earn a lot of money through this
the performance in it is just almost same as the show in USJapan or US origin
is very interesting thou
luckily we went on Saturday, because it operation hour is until 9pm
it is enough to give us time to play everything in it since we went in late
and heard that every time play a game in it need to queue up for quite some times, but we just for awhile only, lucky us again didn't waste much time on queue-ing up

p/s: really long long time didn't have the full family trip already and some more this is out of Malaysia. syiok =)

we just met once after we back to KL
I know you miss me that much all the time
so do I =)
but there will be much more meeting after that
just tried our best to have more meet together after this
I waiting for many memories of us in Penisular here
I expecting for more at here
miss you my dear

p/s: I very got heart de ok ~ I promise jor want buy souvenirs for you sure will buy de. but it is not a nice thing but at least it was bought in Universal Studio Singapore. hehe =)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sibu, Sarawak

i'm back to West Malaysia again after 4 days in East Malaysia
the actual location Sibu, Sarawak
it was a nice place with all the foods there
very local foods and some uncommon foods for me
but everything is delicious after all
all the time, the very honor dish that for sure will put on the table is ''FISH''
almost every meal I will saw a fish there with different flavor ~ WOW !!!

all and all ~ I met with his family members who treat me nice all the time
the oldies, young groups and of course the kids.
a big big families there
their conversation make me bling my eyes all the times with a big question mark appeared on it
I DON"T UNDERSTAND the dialect ehhhhhh
but after some times, I tries to listen carefully on it
somehow, I also can understand half of the conversation


my boy:
will gonna separate again for some days again now
but this time no more sad feeling
cause can meet again soon just not that fast lar
and I think already used to it when you are not around me
but also wish to see you often if can
miss you ^^

p/s: a nice and super duper crazy eating trip to Sibu !!!! =]

Saturday, May 14, 2011

bye my lovely second year uni life

that's all for my second year university life
and here start the 4 months semester break
it's welcoming me with a cold weather that we desperate for a long time
am going back Penisular this evening flight
and I am kinda excited and can't have a sleep back
(woke up about 630am ~ woah)

have my holiday back to hometown
can't wait to see my house new renovation view
it's finished since 3 months ago but I've no chance to get a look
and get some stuffs ready for my new life in KL soon

oh ya ~ I already get a job in KL =[
but since it was requested by me, so I can't blame anything
and can't blame so much cause they are pretty much of my uni-mates busy finding vacancy out there ~ glad me!
I just left 1 week free holiday for myself
another week come and I will start my office work >.<
hope this job can at least help me up in ''something'' for my FYP

the other reason to work in KL is because I want to meet my boy more often
although once a week or once in 2 weeks time ?? can't comfirm with this
(sorry boy - I will always miss you)

it is all decide by my dad, if he says CANNOT, I also have to obey with him
but as I know my dad won't be like this lar since we are not going out everyday, is just during weekend ( just the old people- my father, my mother, my aunt, my grandpa, will mumbling there say ''a girl always go out with a boy huh, just know pak-toh only, forget family liao lor !'' )
a but also ~ my parent and of course my grandpa can't wait I get a partner to take care of me, always accompany me and the most important thing, I ALREADY NO MORE 18-, they won't be so strict on me anymore, their new target will be my sister (19 years old sudah) !!
hahahahaha *evil me*

start counting down the days to go to Sibu, Sarawak
don't counted on excited feeling, I am more to nervous after all (don't know on what, but I pretty sure is on something - finger cross)
excited to step on another state in Malaysia soon ( after that just left 3 states-Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis only not yet been stepped on by me ~~ woohoo )
and of course can't wait to meet my boy after 1 week plus been separated. IMY boy =*)

p/s: happy holiday people, will I miss this isolated forest island?? - no idea man. but I'm sure after 4 months holidays, the first feeling of me to here again will be "duh, Labuan again!" this feeling will be easily been guested out what feeling is this. HAHAHAHA ~ take care my friends when having vacation =)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

the cute seniors

All the feeling coming up when 1 by1 leaving this island. I just can't control well all the feeling by just concentrating on my studied, and is really impossible to let me concentrate. Suddenly feel came up and then heart pain, all these really can't control. All the songs make us remind back all the moments that happened between each other for the past 2 years. All the scenery and words make us can't stop to think back everyone of you in our uni life that entertain us so much.

without ah quan in this campus, of course I will be very lonely for sure. No more people touching my hair and tell me '' 很好玩耶,很像玩具酱玩耶". No more people touching my face and use a very lovely eyes looking at me. No more people cook soup for me as I required. No more people so let me be as I really give a lot of troubles. The Kancil that fulfill all the moments about we both, the laughters, the tears, the small arguments, ... , all the moments that happened in it now all returned to the owner, just left memories for us. I MISS IT SO MUCH ! ='(

people, teach me how can I stopped from all the tears dropping. not just because of quan, and of course for others seniors too. as yingying said: we sad not because of can't meet you all up in future, is because we can't meet each other in this UMSKAL anymore. We miss all the scold from you all, next time no more seniors scold over us already. While shooting also become very less people in a table, no more full table, no more big gang, no more people having high expectation on shooting just a simple photo with all the shouting and full expression on it.


p/s: can anyone teach me how can I just not so 依赖 him so much ??!! I can't used to it for the changes here. T.T


now really is time to say bye bye to you all already
I don't know how to say bye
I dislike the separation moment
can't meet that often like previous anymore
even will meet with ah quan also not like previous already
yalar ~ for others maybe don't have any special feeling
*if for me when sending others also won't have special feeling*
but now different, I'm sending HIM to back home
no more meet in campus
no more having meal in Labuan
no more watching his leaving
no more waiting for him in campus
no more called him to fetch me go anyway, anytime in Labuan
no more him sayang me in Labuan after that
no more him saying take care in front of me in Labuan
no more him taking care of me when I'm sick in Labuan

after all is just online chatting, web-cam
but sometimes I really will be greedy to have more than that
I need a real hug than just in a distance with a screen
I need a real goodbye kiss than just a flying kiss through a camera in lappie
I need a real person to talk with and not just everyday facing a dead lappie
sometimes, I really that selfish to want it all EVERYDAY
although is impossible already after that
what I told you before I really hope that you will do it for me

people will say we just together for just that 1 month, nothing to be sad of, others together for so long time ago just really need to be sad. sorry lor. It's still very sad for me. I can't stand the moment when really want to say goodbye with my boy. It's truly hurting me. I almost everyday crying when suddenly think of the moment when saying goodbye with him. I very not willing to separate with my lover that met everyday since we start to be with each other. 2 persons that meet everyday suddenly need to say goodbye, for best friend also will cry like hell, even we as a couple. although still will meet again *for sure*, but still, not that often compare to previous.

for the last time, even a simple song also will make me want to cry. just like 散场的拥抱 - a song that we keep on avoid to listen when driving in car. but just now, they sang it, the 2nd sentence already make me feel very sad. I am totally not willing to let you go from me. everytime I saw the eyes from you, I will feel very down because of all the love you gave me.

the hug you gave me just now really make me cry like hell, I saw your tears too. Man ~ I really not willing to separate with you. I will be lonely !!!

p/s: not dare to send my boy, it's cruel man !!! while writing this blog also make me crying all the time...ya, I'm that weak, I'm that unsteady person to say goodbye !!! so what, who ask me love him so much !!! T.T

p/s: you - TANG CHOU CHYUAN, dont forget the thing you want to send me before Sunday end !! I will remembered it all the time de lor ~~~ lolx .. love you .. muackx =)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

wishes for seniors

that's all for you all in this short 3 years uni life
is time to pack everything and say bye to this lovely island and lovely people
no more assignments, no more midterms, no more quizzes, no more final exams after all
you all enjoy much in you all uni life here and make the dull island become so lively
without you all, I think the island is damn dull and quite
be prepared to live like this in my future 3rd year life here
anyway, just the same wishes to you all

" all the best to you all and good luck in everything!
take care.
as uncle yan said: there are no unfinish meal in this world...
so, will meet again just not that seldom like now.
anyway, all the best again in you all's future. "

Yan Kok Loong: although your mouth not that good enough sometimes, but I think this is your style, can't change already. just used to it then I will be peace everytime. :p

Loke Mun Kiat: I will miss your 38 all the time when talking to you. also your smile, is charming thou. wow ah b wow !!!

Ngu Dou Fung: bye bye bird god. no more people to let me call ''nel nel'' liao eh. I will miss you as a ''wet person'' =)

Kok Sook Leng: leng leng, all the best to you. add oil in your internship and I will miss the moment when you arguing with uncle yan - is very NOISY and LOUD !!!! hahahaha

Tan Ean Chee: erm...EaCy, good luck to you too. do make up when you having outing in KL because you look gorgeous with it. cheer =)

Tan Yee Shiang: shiang shiang, fast fast go meet your '' sweet vinegar dragon ", he is waiting for you and finally you are back to him. wow, ta jiu hao laaaa !! haha .. miss ya ^^

Lai Wai Yen: words are just an expression way in anytime, anywhere. anyhow, still wish you all the best in your future.

Lala: sorry your name is too long to let me memorize. all the best to you. as you having your internship in Sibu, then you will have more time to gather with you family and of course pat pat ~ take care =]

Chong Xiao Loong: please do be independent!! no more emo, no more behave as non-adult, no more ''gor-gor'' please as you elder than people. BE A MAN !!! hahaha .. cheer ^^

Tang Chou Chyuan: as my boyfriend, we will have more chance to meet together than others. but still, need to wish you all the best in you career instead of internship. lolx ~ waiting for your treat. love ya ^^

p/s: BYE BYE UNCLES AND AUNTIES. mmuackx ^.^v

Sunday, May 1, 2011

the fifth month of the year 2011

happy LABOR day for everyone first
but hor, I'm still a student :P
now I just know they replaced back their public holiday on Monday, that's why no one having exam on that day
hmm ~~
finished 1 paper only
but my mood like left 1 paper for me to exam
too wrong !!!
people are getting finished their exam and start to pack their things ready to back home
but, I still left 2 more weeks to leave
aiks ~ some more the 3rd week of exam week is like killing me directly
4 papers in 5 days.
OMG ~~~~
14th may fast fast come eh ~
I want holiday !
I want to back home !
I'm too lazy to have exams here.......................................


too 好吃好住 when get a bf here
when big sun, got car to fetch me
when pouring, got car to fetch me
when hungry, got car to fetch me
hungry - let's go have a meal
exam coming - let's go study
at room - let's MSN/SKYPE
what I heard until now is all "OK" from him
all also "NO PROBLEM", "NEVER MIND", "IT'S OK"
something very funny, he keeps on ask " where to find such a good guy to be boyfriend?"
and then I was like: sendiri tahu is u already, still ask me where to find?? Is it want me to find guys to compare see got anyone else better ?? hahahahaha

p/s: all the OK, WHERE GOT "FAT", really cause me gain weight already. OMGard........... finish liao me. I think the following 4 months need to be ''kuli'' just can back to previous. shiat. @@'''