Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FYP poster

not final copy
but almost the same

p/s: 1 step closer to my graduation. :')

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lovelife 紀錄片



p/s: 看完这部纪录片, 感触良多,生离死别虽然可怕,但,爱,让我们勇敢面对!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

8th May

the day which is my mom date of birth
nobody couldn't manage to celebrate with her, even with anything to her
except for my little brother, but he not effort to get any single thing to her
I surely he will ask something for her but my mom not willing to have anything

never ask for anything,
never expect what we will do for her,
never waiting or willing anything from us.

as we grown up,
we know the meaning of the precious of mother in our life,
but the more we think we can do for her,
the more thought shows up that we never do anything for her.

I am so sorry to her that I never do any cards or cake for her on any day,
yesterday I ask, don't you go and have a celebration,
she told me she was busy with some working stuffs at home,
no time for it.
I didn't say anything because I can't do anything for her,
I'm so far away,
the house is empty,
nobody accompany her on any big day for her,
from long time ago I wonder isn't she feel lonely,
but everytime she said she still that busy no matter the house is full or empty.

on the growing ages,
we saw what our mom did for us,
we always thought everything is so ''reasonable'' for a mom to us as a child,
but we not yet a mom,
we don't know their thought,
we will flash back what we ever did to her like argued, quarreled,
she beat us to let us remembered every lesson that we need to learn from it,
not to grow up with a wrong minded or behavior.

we never thought when we grown up,
our parent will increase their age too,
when we knew something that regarding on the health,
we will felt worried,
then, we just realized,
our parent are not that young anymore.

we need to be an adult that help them decrease the working load,
and for sure as us the abandon of theirs for the whole life,
they will never less worried about us for the time being,
I know they love us,
they miss us,
but nobody will say out the words,
somehow, sometimes, say out the words with joking style,
it is real from the heart, felt so warm when said it out.

last night before I slept,
I think over when I was just 6 years old,
we as usual having our cleaning house in progress before the CNY,
in that time, my parent got quarreled suddenly,
my mom complained on my dad said " can u help more, I can't do more since I'm pregnant!"
at that time,
as a 6 years old kid, I understand something that means " a baby in a mom's stomach"
we started to listen to her stomach and find out whether got a baby kicking sound or not.
I would never forget that moment, my mom sit at there and we 3 siblings surrounded her and stick on her stomach.
after few months, in the morning, we couldn't meet out parent,
we feel so weird and after that my dad came back said " mom give birth in the early morning, is a baby boy"
and yea, the baby boy is my little brother now,
I bet when I told him this story, many questions come over. lol

a mom can do a lot to us,
but what we can do for her,
there is no measurement on the effort that given to us,
the thankful will never be less as she is our mother,
and of course, for my father too.
glad that I have more siblings that accompany my growing up process.

recently I view many times on this Love Life video, 
we would never know what will happened next.
so, do love life people,
appreciate everyone as we still have chance.
be happy

p/s: I love mama, I love papa, I love my siblings. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

love life


p/s: 所谓人人为我,我为人人,事情事与愿违,只好以这首歌来哀悼。