Friday, June 4, 2010


is glad to meet back half of the classmate when form 6~~

so fun to chit-chat all over the yum cha session~~

talk non-stop~~

the table have to join till so long just able to let everyone sit~~

every time our chit-chat topic is about each one uni life~~

share everything that happen around us during the first year that we had just finished~~

time passed and we seem to be pleaseful that we can gather around~~

we miss everyone and everyone miss us~~

glad to hear everyone live well~~

although many things happen in this year but we success to pass through it well~~

everyone live happily and enjoy their life~~

this time the gathering is all about the university sharing section that purposely make for our
juniors that will get into local uni soon~~

we wish to help them to get more information for each local uni that they entering soon~~

so, we called the representative from every uni to talk about how, what and when to get prepared to enter uni just like what our seniors did for us before we enter to local uni~~

glad that we able to gather most of the representative to get into the sharing section~~

just like what i wrote in my title, although we just few students in form 6 last time, but we were separate to different local uni, that why it seem more easier to get into the sharing section~~

but just because some of us included me will be back earlier to each uni for the training section of orientation week, we cant be attend on the sharing section which is on 26th of june 2010~~

but, really fun to have this kind of yum cha session, meet friends that had long time no see~~

appreciate all~~

hehe ^^v

p/s : is waiting for the 1 day trip to gunung ledang aka air panas next wednesday ( 9/6/2010 )~~ =D