Thursday, December 30, 2010


time to leave home.
back again 1 month later.
need to keep all the down feeling to go KL.
soon or later also need to leave before jan 1st, better go earlier.
although nothing to let me do at there, just feel lonely, but what to do, no choice.
if the flight ticket not jan 1st, i still need to go back Labuan either way.
stay at that HUGE bungalow with lonely feeling, nothing to do.
my grandpa need someone to accompany.
he is very healthy, just he feels boring at there, nothing to do.
my aunt's family, NO COMMENT!
live 3D2N at there, then meet my elder brother at there on the last day.
speechless on this.
i never realize i just met him once in this 365days which is Chinese New Year !!!
OVER !!!
my closet brother and i just met him once in this year.
few days later will be the second time.
OH NO !!!
luckily we still always keep in touch via msn.
miss him a lot de lorrrrr....

p/s: bye Segamat, i need to back to that isolated forest island soon. see YOU again in less than 1 month time! ^^

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

almost the last post of the year 2010.

the last day i stay at home in year 2010.
i suddenly so hate to leave this house.
i want to stay more longer rather than everytime stay for a period then leave again!
this is my house, not hotel.....

everytime also having this hard time before leaving.
this house wil back to silent soon.
left 3 people in this big spaces.

come to an end of 2010, is time to keep it away or throw things that unlucky, bad for us away and make it become history. poeple who make us sad, just let it be. start a new person in year 2011. things that happened unfortunately in this year, just let it be. it past! just a history of our life. just need to remember, can't repeat that things happen again in future life. but in the other way, things or people that we should appreciate, then for sure, we should keep it up! treat them nice to left no regret.

in 2010, it really not an easy year for me. i pass through something that make me unhappy, down and emo, but i do feel happy with more a lot around me too. i accept all those. is a part of my life, my history. i wouldn't forget those. sometimes, i do miss those back. just hope that i can meet correct things or people in the right timing. i mean all things and all suitable people. i can welcome everything to me, just hope that i can handle all those well but not end up with sad story.

p/s: year 2011 - a brand new year for everyone. hope is still a safe and healthy year to everyone. it will continuously create more and more history in my life. waiting them with a big welcoming hands! lastly, i miss 2010 soooooo much. in year 2011, i should overcome everything as a 21st year old adult. bye 2010 and hi to 2011. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! good luck people ^^

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


the 3rd sem of result been released yesterday.
as i counted before, so i didn't feel something special with it.
i just curious about my grade only.
and as i predicted, i get an A for my discrete maths, aint hard to get it.
just i never get a pure A in my result list, so still feel bit happy about it.
overall, still ok.
get improvement compared to last sem.
but, i don't like the grade for 1 subject.
it pulled down my pngk!
can't blame anyone, just need to remind myself: NEVER AND EVER DO WRONG IN ASSIGNMENT ANYMORE !!!!!!!

p/s: although i get improvement, but i not that satisfy! as i am improving, so do others. i need to get better next time. overall, my first sem still was the best result among 3 sem. so, i need to rush to get result something like that. study will become harder and harder. work hard people !! =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

a very different Chirstmas celebration !

2010/12/25 -- Christmas

every year of the christmas eve, we sure will get to uncle's house to have a turkey and wine blast
but this year, that uncle not in Malaysia, means can't have the blast
end up eat lunch with family on christmas day.
went to a restaurant that we just will go there when Chinese New Year only ~.~
get another blast on it ^.^

the special thing was this year christmas we didn't celebrate like previous, but we went to watch basketball match (Piala Agung). this really fantastic! i'm considered not a big fan of it, but i really get high on the match because it was Johor vs Perak. these 2 team come out with the same strength, no one is more stronger than others. that's why, as a Johorean, i also will get high on it to give a little cheer for them! LOL

at last they get into the final which is held on 26/12/2010. Johor vs Melacca. no words for this, Melacca sure win! champion for the year, almost all the national level basketball players are from Melacca. but still will go watch the final tomorrow night.

p/s: use VIP card go in and watch the match sure feel nicer than people who buy ticket in. it is so costly but understandable. besides, feel pity for them cause Christmas also need to celebrate with all the sweat and get into mentally/physically competition! Merry Christmas people, it was a joyful day after all. ^.^v

Sunday, December 12, 2010


long time didn't view my blog
actually want to write something happened last few days
but when the songs that play in my page here make me suddenly feel ''weird''
can't explain well about it but i think maybe the rhythm remind me of the past
it touched, sad, down and unforgettable !
either love or family or friendship
that's why i choose it to let people who read my blog to feel the same thing as mine

p/s: hmm ~ i miss ....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

bye November'2010

1. i still stomachache like nobody business, no more diarrhea but stomachache !

2. went to a wedding dinner. seem like thousand years didn't attend this kind of dinner already. the way of having a wedding dinner still the same - OLD STYLE ! ( need to get a better way for my cousin or brother in their future wedding, a young and funny wedding PARTY! )

3. met my old friend at the restaurant. she is not one of the guest, she is the TAUKE-SOH of that restaurant !!! me n her very got fate, same kindergarten, same class in primary school, secondary school and high school, even she also get the same university as mine, just she get a course that she don't want and make her refused it. after that, she get married and no longer pregnant already. now is a mom for a 8 months age baby. in mandarin we so called, 好命的就已经当妈妈了!she really 好命, get a nice husband, rich family and still that pretty. she really is a pretty mommy, cute ''auntie'', sing well and was a karate-do representative in NATIONAL LEVEL !!!

4. though plan want go badminton with buddies but TECHNICAL MISTAKE plus can't get a court for us at other places, end up with yum-cha session with them. discussed what, when, who and how to go Kukup. i went there before but was in younger age, forget got what thing to have at there, seem dull. ~.~

p/s: 30/11, happy birthday to gina. wish u all the best and have a great birthday celebration. be happy always and good luck to you !! S.M.I.L.E =)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

segamat again

it's been 5 months and i step on Seagamt again since last June.

hmm...i missed here so much and i really cant believe that when i first woke up from my own bed and I feel like '' I already BACK !!!! " it's really a kind of unbalanced for that few months of didn't feel anything about hommie in Labuan.

like usual, is my papa went to airport and get me there and this time add more 1 person, that's my ah gong ! holiday now and he got plenty of time to back from KL and hang out with his ''old friends'' here. i do miss him too. ^^

on the way back pass by Tampin and had our lunch there. it's a mee called 龙江面 - the most famous one in Tampin. the mee really taste good and this is the second time i ate it. DELICIOUS.

after that, not awhile then reach home already. met with my younger sister and brother, they still the same. ~.~ . and i just can used one word to describe my bro, it was ''NOOB'' ! the look was there and everything is nice, but his hairstyle make him as a NOOB! i really don't like it much. besides, my sis is still the same, talking non-stop. ask everything and ask me what i get back from Labuan - thought i went for vacation meh?? LOL

after some moment while accompanied my bro ate his lunch and i started to find where was my mama. when i started to ask, then she coming down from upstairs - the woman that i didn't met up for 5 months. a suddenly weird feeling came up and i don't know what to talk to her. but luckily we used to talk in the phone previously, after 2 second, the feeling disappeared immediately !! wakaka... :D

the things that should and must do when back to home would be: BATH, EAT & SLEEP !
these 3 things were the only things that i did on the first day i reach home after so many months. enjoyed much on these.

really ate that much in these 2 days, my stomach can't afford the big portion. diarrhea happened on the first night and i vomited out the foods on the second day after i finished up my buffet dinner. maybe i didn't eat lot of foods during study week and exam weeks, thus, my stomach not yet get through with the portion! =(

finally i saw my golden key, it's nice. like it much, but i not yet try to wear it. haha. and also receive a cap as a present from my sis, it's quite nice in color. and lastly use my credit card that paid by my papa to swipe a spec for myself. hahaha. thanks lar *whey, i not like gor gor swipe already also didn't told u, but at lease i got told after u finished work on the same day hor* PEACE ^^v

p/s: the last, i will stay in Segamat for 1 month plus, people, date me ! haha =)

the golden key of mine on the big 2 1 ~

the STAGE cap .. thanks!

the new spec with a lion beside there, it's so called Chelsea brand.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Chinese shouldn't have Christian names... xD

wanna post something that make my blog to be funny ~ not that dull !!
n i found this really make me laugh out loud !! haha ...

Why Chinese shouldn't have Christian names... xD

Anne Chang => Dirty (Mandarin)

Anne Chin => Keep Quiet (Mandarin)

Faye Chen => Dust (Mandarin)

Carl Cheng => Ass (Hokkien)

Monica Cheng => Touch your ass (Hokkien)

Lucy Leow => You are dead (Hokkien)

Jane Tan => Fried egg (Mandarin)

Suzie Leow => Lose till die (Hokkien)

Henry Mah => Hate your mum (Mandarin)

Corrine Tai => Poor guy (Hokkien)

Paul Chan => Bankrupt (Mandarin)

Nelson Tan => Bird lays eggs (Mandarin)

Leslie Tong => Rubbish Bin (Mandarin)

Connie Mah => Call your mother (Cantonese)

Rosie Teng => Screws and nails (Cantonese)

Pete Tsai => Nose droppings (Hokkien)

Macy Koh => Never die before (Cantonese)

p/s: *DISCLAIMER ~ This post has nothing to do with any living or dead person. Just spreading some joy... Haha

Monday, November 22, 2010

second last paper - psychology !!!

i screw up my paper
not say IT students cant study this kind of subject
just depend on the student smart or not
or hardworking or not
i just can say i really use my logical thinking
and my very little memory to answer the paper
Laugh Out Loud

p/s: God bless Me !!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010



p/s: may god bless us always, wont so lucky everytime !

Thursday, November 18, 2010

it's ma birthday AGAIN !! :p

yea, u didn't see anything wrong here !!

is 18.11.2010, my 22nd lunar birthday !!

wakaka .... i still remember this ~

p/s: kinda not young now, need to get someone to love already ... is the person that i love, not the personS that u all want me to love ~ =)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

17/11/2010 - taufu me !!!


而我就是连续打了超过20次的家伙 !!

伤风了咯 ~ 而且感觉不对,马上去吃伤风药 ~ 不能在这个时候生病的啊,如果没有考试,我绝对不可能吃药!

因为打喷嚏,让我的喉咙也不大舒服,也马上吃了喉咙糖 ~


p/s: 要不是肚子饿,我真的还懒得起床,因为真的很昏 ~ 幸好伤风没那么严重了,只是狂流鼻水!现在,我还真的不懂要吃什么 ~ >.<

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

kononnya this title so called TAG wor ... hahaha





1.绰号:小佩,小洁,pakki(dont ask me wth is this, definitely i wont explain it !)
2.星座: 天蝎座 - the lovely scorpio, ngek ngek !!
3.生日:1989/11/10 - ngam ngam pass my 21 birthday !! ^^
4.兴趣: 没有兴趣,也算是兴趣?哈哈。。什么是兴趣?LOL....
5.血型: O型 -different from my family members punya (kutip balik punya??? T.T)
7.最讨厌的东西:还好啦 ~ 没有东西会让我讨厌到哪里去,眼不见为净!


1.有喜欢的人吗:很多 ~ 超级多 ~ 多到没有人有 !哈哈哈
2.有交往吗:在看的人,如果你是女的,有谁可以介绍给我交往吗?如果你是男的,请务必留下大名 !! 哈哈哈
3.幸福吗:很咯 ~ 要不要我分一点 ~ overload already !!! :D
4.他很爱你吗:这个问题很深 ~
5.如果你有勇气最想做什么:NGEK NGEK ~ please dont dare me !! 我是吓大的 ~


1.你被谁点:caiyi lor ~
2.他是你的谁:大学朋友咯 ~
3.他的个性是:就像四季酱 ~
4.他长得怎样:a normal 21st years old lady should have de, she also has lor ...
5.跟他认识多久:3 sems ~ LOL
6.你想跟他说什么:try another way round to look things around you ~ u will found out more and more things !! ^^
7.如果他变成你的情人:i banyak suka guys punya !!! hahahaha ....


1.最爱的音乐:高兴就听很吵很吵的歌(炸歌),没有特别的心情就听‘饮歌’ !
2.最爱的季节:没得选 ~ 只要求风和日丽
3.最爱的卡通:LOL ~ that day just discuss with a friend ... ''tom and jerry'' ... cause i dunno the ending of doraemon, not dare to choose it as my favorite 1 ...
4.最爱的颜色: 红色 ~ 黑色 ~ 紫色
5.最想去的国家: 有7大奇观的国家
6.最爱的水果:eh ... 如果问我什么水果我不吃的叻,好像也没有。。。哈哈哈
7.最爱的饮料: 酸酸的饮料
8.最爱的人:你咯 ~ LOL


1.你很爱哭吗: 可以不要浪费我的眼泪吗?而且哭很累的叻 ~
2.你很爱笑吗: 傻婆酱 ~ 你说叻?哈哈。。
3.你是很有信心的人吗:没信心的事我不会做 ~ 不过我做了很多事,做好或做不好是另一回事!^^
4.你想要怎样的生活:睡醒有的吃,吃完可以玩,玩完可以做喜欢的事,做完了又可以吃,吃了又可以去想去的地方走走,走完累了就可以回家冲个热水澡,准备睡觉!哈哈哈哈哈 ~ 舒服到 !!
5.你喜欢自己吗: 我有自恋症 !
6.你喜欢音乐吗:没有音乐活不了 ~ 如果这个世界变得很安静,我会疯掉 !
7.你喜欢体育吗: okok lor ~ 喜欢水上运动多过陆地上的,可是不是游泳啦,我都不会游泳
8.你喜欢跳舞吗: 跳舞?我? LOL ~
9.你很专情吗: 我什么都不会,专情我最会,所以千万不要跟我玩劈腿 !
11.你喜欢唱歌吗:喜欢,有空一起去唱k吧 ~ ^^v


1号-→ people who got read my blog, i know who got read de lor ... go copy paste only lar ... hehe =)
2号-→ cin cai
3号-→ sui bian
4号-→ lu suka
5号-→ watever
6号-→ u lor
7号-→ u lagi lor
8号-→ awak lar
9号-→ is u liao lar
10号-→ semua lar haiyo ... hahahahahaha .... i just too free, write ad let me read then laugh laugh lar ...hahahahaha

( use liao 5 hours to answer this .... ==! nolar, actually is i went out for my dinner and hang out everywhere and then now just sit here and finish this ... hahaha ... u all fast fast go and answer it lar, can release stress and make u not that boring also ) hehe ...

如果你有三个愿望 ,Tell me your wish :
2)studying的就读书读好好,考好成绩啦, working的做工做好好,赚多多钱啦

p/s: 最后,以我的名句结束:人人爱我,我爱人人 ~ mmuackx mmuackx ~ hehe =) 


i screw up my paper ? - not that really !

i careless on my paper ? - not considered as careless !

then what is the problem of being like that ? - obviously is didn't study well lor ~!!!

forget the terms, forget the shape of the signal, forget what is the real formulas - forget liao lor ~

p/s: mar like that lor ~ suan liao lor !! my fault ... *Laugh Out Loud* !! =)
will pass 1 ... ( sure still hope for a better result, if can >.< )

Monday, November 15, 2010

single lady !! *ngek ngek*

hahaha ~ seem like being a single lady is so damn freedom !!

recently many people told me they jealous im single *means good or not har ?*

single lady can do anything without any worries and no need bother someone's feeling ~

i am proud with this word - "single lady"

p/s: stay single for almost half year and i feel ""F.R.E.E"" in this period~ ngek ngek !!!
p/s: but in the other way round, pray hard to not stay single for too long ~~ want freedom but still need love de mar ... hahaha ^^v

bruise !!!

at last, the thing that i didn't wish the most to happen but it's still happened !!

i chopped my thumb !!

i get my skin off and it's bleeding like water flow !! T.T

haiz ... dislike it to the max lor ~ some more i not yet finish cooking !!

endure it until i finish cooked !!

woah, that feeling ~ syiok ah !!! everytime i washed my hand, the feeling -- really chi kek !!

p/s: but i still need to say my fried rice really very delicious !! hahaha ... ^^v

Sunday, November 14, 2010

exam week = dull week

how dull ? let's see : hmm ...

if it is not exam day, then i wont step out from my house !

when i stay in room, there will be many pattern come out already ~ herh !
the floor is to step, but i used it to lye at there to study !
the bed is to lye, but i used to put my leg at there !
the chair is to sit, but i used to squad on it !

the day before exam very energetic, after that like dead body, keep on yawning !

dislike mealing time to the max ! don't know want to eat what, but still will very hungry hours later if cincai get a thing to make it full awhile !!!

whole playlist had repeat N times, means that the moment i woke up until before i goto bed, i will on my lappie with songs ... listen till want vomit ! and lame me, living in single room still using earphone instead of just listened like that ~ more got feel mar !! hehe .... *.*

p/s : the last thing is : COUNTING DOWN the days to fly back home, that's the only thing make me feel my exam week is lively !!! :D

Saturday, November 13, 2010








p/s: 惯性依赖让我爱上依赖 ~

Thursday, November 11, 2010


a peace day with a new born baby girl 21 years ago

a big girl after 21 years

a girl that surrounded with the wishes everywhere

a girl that cares by people out there

a girl that owns big love

a girl that still like to stick with her parent

a girl that like vacation so much

a girl that don't know what kind of future she will have but sure will be a nice one

a girl that always want to be low profile but don't know why always get an inverse return

a girl that glad with everything she has now

a girl that want to say THANK YOU to people around her

p/s: thanks yingying who organize everything for me ~
p/s: thanks everyone that celebrate advanced birthday with me ~
p/s: need specially thanks to all the seniors that willing to help me celebrate birthday ~
p/s: n thanks tan yee ken for the giant birthday card ~

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the 2nd round blast with all of unexpected :D

nov 5th is my birthday blast and nov 6th is remy's and roy's turn.

actually i still struggle want to attend or not cause i really can't finish my studies but i don't wish to have any regret on it. thus, i studied for the whole afternoon and attend the birthday bash.

1 hour before go and prepared myself and ready to go out. as told, we went to a hotel named ''Waterfront'' to have our buffet dinner.

they offered the 2 birthday boys to come after us to make us finish up all the setting and let others got time to let them can fulfill their plan -- '' cover eyes trick '' !!

everyone is just so excited when saw they 2 blur blur pattern. really funny !!! after that, bring them to the seat that had set up with the birthday cakes in front of them and start to sing birthday songs when they remove the cloth that cover their eyes.

after that, is our time to fully enjoy our buffet cause too hungry already. keep on eat, eat and eat. i sit a table with remy, edwin, MC and travis. remy is the birthday boy + the senior that will graduate in this sem, this party also is for his farewell party. MC is always in the calm situation and nothing special to talk about him. travis, the junior that same age with me, used to argue with me when met in campus. everytime argued, i am the one who win it, some more it was in cantonese !! hahaha...lastly -- edwin cheah !! the bestie that i want him to appear in my birthday blast but he didnt!! full of sadness and disappointed but i understand his situation, thus i forgive him and want him to pay me back a birthday cake that choose from the dessert from the buffet as to get a forgiveness from me.

we keep on enjoy the buffet, keep on take the photos, keep on making jokes with each others. since they are 38 gang, sure got a lot of things to 8 around !! LOL...after some moment, everyone was so full and start to hanging around while i still at the same place taking photos and talk to them. but somehow, suddenly so many people come and take picture with me and is they walk to me but not like usual i ask them to take photos with me.

then suddenly, edwin cheah said :"u want your birthday cake from me rite, ok, i go get for u!!"
i never think too much on what he told me since i was busying taking photos. haha. after that, here come the surprise for me !! a standard size birthday cake but not the small cupcakes that i requested from the dessert plate there. i shocked and stunned at that moment !! i cant say any words but keep on shout his name !! this really like " WHAT A JOKE !! WHAT A SURPRISE !!! "

they sing birthday songs to me and i make a wish again - of course still the same wishes !! continued with the creamy war on my face. i can't attack back since i was sitting there, but they all stand behind me. =.=

after clean up my face, here they come another surprise for the birthday boys at the pool side. use capture photos as title, but actually wan to push them into the pool. but end up with a birthday boy run away, another birthday boy pull a girl into the pool together with him. of course the girl get mad after it cause of some inconvenience on her.

everything end with a video that make by them to give a nice farewell to our remy. recalled the memory that we had with him. a touch, warm but funny video !! well done...

the trick ~ :DDDDD

their cakes

nice ~ hehe :D

:: edwin cheah ::

remy and chyuan

leng and siang

the trademark of him, i need to follow too >.<

the girl !!! woot ~ ^^

here come the cake ~~ surprise me !! ^^

what a good edwin cheah !!! use my words to become your trick on me ~ good !!!


:: the beauties ::

:: the gentles ::

creamy face

at pool side

magazine shooting huh ... LOL

nice !! =)

the video that make from them ... touch, warm but funny !! ^^

back to campus, continue with red eggs attacked !! crazay ~~ XD

p/s: i love all the birthday bash ~ i heart everyone of them ~ thanks them. but they told me they saw my blog here. i wrote till so obvious already, they didn't celebrate also cannot lar !! hahaha ... this is what i didn't expected from u all, all i wrote is just for fun but u all very sincere to make
it for me !!! thanks .... glad to have you all in my university life !! big huggies to you all ~ mmuackx =)

is all about my blasting night !!! ^^

really need to thanks all of them that help me to celebrate my birthday in advanced ... like i had go through a conversation with yingying on how i gonna celebrate my birthday ~ and the answer i gave her was :"no need lar, i never think on how to celebrate it also, and it is during exam week, nobody wish to go out and have a full blast with me lar." den she told me make it in advanced lor .. den suddenly a light bulb shine on my brain and think it seem like workable ~ then start to plan where i gonna celebrate it and who should be invited ~

these questions really make me panic cause i dunno who are the fella that i should invite them and dunno they willing to go or not. thus, i ask yingying :" why we cant just have a sweet escape for both of us only leh?" i don't like to make trouble to everyone and i don't want at the end they will complain to me and blame me on anything - this is what i thought lar. ok ~ thus i give everything to yingying for helping me invite all of them and comfirm the venue for me. really need to thanks her a lot.

thus, i already decided want to make it on nov 5th to have the celebration. but, as i mention earlier, i already expected will have people blame me why want to put at this such of time, not suitable at all for them who not yet well prepared on their studies. i already feel some disappointed and sad for this when they told me. but, they still said :"don't sad lar, we sure we will attend cause we already bought you a present!" then i didn't think too much for this already. if they really can attend, then sure will attend, if can't, also nothing can do.

before the blast night, i still don't know what they planned and what they will do on me and that time i was in yingying's house. she is the one that know everything but make everything like normal and i didn't know anything and i didn't expect for anything. i just hope will have a blast night. sad case happened, 1 hour before of the blast, i received a phone called, but was not from the owner! he told me i choose a wrong date for it, they not manage to join it cause they really can't finish their studies since monday already start exam.

as i mentioned before, i really don't wish this thing will happen, who knows it really happen and said all of them won't attend already. at that moment, i really felt disappointed and sad!!! is very sad that type ~ and the most unexpected tears dropped and don't know why it just can't stop. make me turn down and don't know how to face the rest with a down mood. but whatever, still need to go through what had planned since yingying already prepared for some times already.

that night once i reached the restaurant, i saw 2 tables with red clothes, then i start to think much already. and they said blast night need to drink a better drink, thus came out with 2 big bottles of Heineken. we start to drink and i almost forget what had happen before that. then, i already felt hungry and start to ask them why still don't want order, but nobody give me answer, ask few times still the same. then, i don't care already, continue with my drink.

after some moment, got a people use his hand to cover my eyes and on the spot i straight know whose hand was that. just he will did this thing. LOL...i start to feel i've been fooled but actually i didn't get out lot of surprise on that cause i already feel better when on the way out from campus and the moment i start to drink alcohol.

as usual they came and settle everything. the 2 big round tables with red clothes really booked by them and they already called to the restaurant and orders the meal for the blast night. we eat, we drink, we laugh and we shout.

after the dinner, they said is time for the birthday cake, then i sit there and wait for them. they went to car again to get it. meanwhile, my beloved papa called me and wish me ''HAPPY DEEPAVALI'' !!! sweat me to the max ~~ but i told him i was celebrating my birthday in advanced. he felt glad what my friends did to me and said no family members also can had a nice celebration also not bad. while that, they already came with a big box and i though i will have a big cake and it might be the biggest cake i ever received before. but i was not a usual cake and is a bunch of cupcakes with nice writing and drawing on it with cream. it was so nice and feel glad i had a different birthday cake. after that they put a thing behind my back and i can know it was my present - a big furry bear. everything is just too nice and forced me to say bye earlier to my dad first time in my life to enjoy the moment. i never received such a big bear in my life and i love it.

after that, end up with make wishes and blow the candles. and for most, taking pictures !!

here are some part of the pictures that taken by our very honor photographer -- yingying san !! thanks .. :D

drink beer when reach ... XD

the man that always did the same thing ... lolx..

feel good when saw all these ... thanks too what they had did for me ^^

my 21st birthday ''cake'' with all the wishes and the blast ~

i get out the same wish every year on my birthday ...


the special drawing on the cupcakes ~ nice !! became the hot sell of the night - especially the smiley !!

my lovely birthday present - a huge furry bear.

the guys ~

thanks everyone for the ''hard work'' !! heart u all :D

met my superb lenglui senior when stay at McD ~

p/s: thanks for everyone especially to yingying san ~ i know u all really planned a surprise celebration for me but i didn't really felt so much surprise - really paiseh, but i do get what u all want to want to gimme. another thing need to say sorry cause of me 1 person allergic to seafoods that make everyone can enjoy the steamboat night instead of having dinner at the restaurant.and 1 thing, after that i just knew that yuan lai the rest already plan to give me this celebration much more earlier before yingying asked me, i do really feel touch about this. thanks you guys !! heart u all so much ... ^^v .. i really appreciate all !! THANK YOU ~~

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

~ wish ~

is my little wish on my big day ~ ^^

maybe many people can't understand why i will keep on post out to remind others my big day is coming soon ~ sigh !

this is because from young till now i never experienced any birthday celebration that purposely is made for me, no surprise, no special, no reason.

and since the date is 10/11 !! it make my parent confuse whether i am november's baby or october's baby !! @_@'''

everything is so unmemorable and i can't feel any special on the day.

i really make it as my very very important day for me of the year ~

and sigh again, another reason for me never get a nice celebration is because the date is always during exam week !

i so wish to have celebration like everyone has ~

i so wish to get a unforgettable birthday celebration from a lover ~ ( i am single this year, last year got but long distance, so get nothing also ) ~ what i mean is "secret romantic"

i so wish to get surprise from my family members ~ ( but this year i am not at home )

i so wish to have something special from my friends ~ ( seem like i never experienced this before )

i so wish to enjoy my birthday fully without anything to doubt me ~ ( more difficult to make it real )

i so wish to have birthday present ~ ( i don't think i could receive it here and my closet friends just will meet me after my birthday, means nothing also )

p/s : i wish to have a special, romantic, excited, surprise and unforgettable birthday celebration at least once in my life -- from a special one !

::: 02112010 :::

this is not my day ~

i get so empty today ~

i am so lonely ~

it's really been a long time i didn't felt this way ~

i couldn't find a person to accompany me ~

i wish to study but mission failed ~

want to sleep but ''girl's stuff'' make me cant sleep ~

want to eat but stomach not feeling well ~

end up with milo + biscuits at 9pm++ ~

whole day moodless ~

this really can let me to fully express this word - LONELY !!!

but, it's still feel glad cause i get to know a new friend ~

thanks him ~

p/s : happy birthday to kevin wong vui zeng aka gary zai aka kevin gaga ~~ ^^v

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

~ 我是傻瓜 ~

过去了的, 真的无需再提,提了只是让我更怀念过去 ~

过去回不了,未来得不到 ~

所以更希望能珍惜每一秒所能珍惜的 ~

问世间,情为何物 ?

没人能给予正确的答案 ~ * 因为‘情’不是物咯 !*

因为某些人,让我不那么相信何谓‘ 爱 ’ ~

因为某些事,让我不知所措 ~

因为所谓的天时地利人和,我,变得胆怯 ~

我拿出我所谓的胆量,换来的只是失望 ~

我变得不会像以前那么执著 ~

是我的就是我的,不是我的,我再怎么抢都没用 ~

到最后,伤得最深的还是自己 ~

我现在只剩 ‘坚强’ 来陪我度过日子 ~

我真的已经是可以用‘铁石心肠’来应对每个人 ~

可是,我还是一样过的很开心 ~ 哈 !

每天都有许许多多的人来把我的视野变得很广阔 ~

p/s : 我珍惜能跟你相处的时刻 ~ 我珍惜能跟大家在一起的时候 ~ ^^

Monday, October 25, 2010

~ sweet escape ~

hehe ~

through this title also know that i am in good mood today !

had a sweet escape for 2 hours at beach there ...

i had been study here for almost 3 full sems and this is the first time i sit at the beach there ...

sit at there not for played water or having my meal, just chatting !

feel good when looking at the sea for 2 hours - but it's just not enough for me.

i wish i can sleep at the beach there cause of the tiredness !

fully enjoyed the sunshine, the wind and the wave ~

having fun for the whole 2 hours.

feeling good for this.

i laugh a lot and relax much !

thanks for calling me to beach ...

p/s : a very nice sweet escape ~~ hehe ^^v

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

weird me ... ... ...

how weird am i ?
i found out that i always will have deep thinking when i am under the water or in the water.
when i am in the water, i used to think deeply about who am i !
not in the form of where i come from or what is my name ....bla bla bla like that.
it is all about what is the purpose i born to this world or what i can do to the society or what kind of future i want !
i really think deeply every single about all these.
maybe i very curious about this cause i really don't know what i can do or what is the mission that given for me to let me live in the world.
everyone has the own mission that given to success it but of course we don't know what is it.
just until the moment we get success, we just will realize it.

while i am in the water, my body will in a very relax mode but my brain will keep on turning and turning to think deeply about myself !
i will think
-what are the things that bothering me everyday?
-why these things will happened on me?
-how are these things could be solve?
-who are the person that i miss the much?
-when i am going to get everything that i wish to have?

i very eager to have the thing that i want to be mine.
i can't let it be like that and get away from me.
it is hard to accept when i can't get it when i already work hard on it.
i just will work hard on it when i already know the thing will definitely be mine !
i will aim it as mine and get approve on this and make it to be mine.
after this, i just will expect for all the good ending rather than thinking i won't get it as mine.

i always not so care about my image to others.
everything is just their thinking that i can't control on it.
i like to be myself like this that always make myself as a joke to others.
i don't need a proper image to keep me always in a good condition and become the girl that everyone like.
people will like you because of certain personality that you already have but not the fake one !
but since young i already been educated that being a human can't be too over on anything.
i know all the respectation to everything and to everyone.
so, everything is still under control !
weird me still can be accepted by everyone.
lucky me !

in this special 20.10.2010, i watched seniors' FYP presentation. both group did a good job on it. didn't get shoot and just receive comment to improve on their work. well done to you all !!
i know what is my condition now and is impossible for me to stand in front of all the panels without any shooting from them if i still don't get improved on myself in this short time. no one will help me, just i am the one can help myself. so, be more HARDWORKING always please !!

p/s : weird me turn to become like this. weird me with a weird personality. weird me with all the friends that i like the most. weird me with environment nowadays. ^^

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

~ recently ~

start it from 09/10/10.
the day that think of there are many assignment and homeworks need to be pass up for next week.
it would be a shock because it was really suddenly pop up in my mind.
i nearly forget about the database tutorial work and more worse is there are no one done it.
*'s really very important for me cause i know i rush with time with my 2 poor multimedia assignments and no time to be share for it - can be so called last minute work, didn't use time wisely!! my fault ~ *

that day kept on searching recipes for my multimedia design's assignment.
it is all about healthy eating that can found in mobile application.
so, recipes for healthy foods are very important cause it can let the users get it when they using their mobile !
we need to do a design about the mobile application, it's aint easy cause need flash to make it out. our leader responsible on this part, while other group members help him in everything included writing the report. *i not yet finished it and the due date is this ''THURSDAY'' which means 14/10/10. aiks.....
i knew i will going out the midnight, thus i quickly search everything and make it neatly and email them to my leader.

skip to the night.
it was a ''boring'' night perhaps.
i can't feel the climax of the night, just keep on standing at a side or hanging outside.
besides, also taking care on a junior - she was drunk !!
but then, she still can dance well and sing with the correct lyrics, just can't stand properly only ~ LOL. with this, i almost whole night dancing with juniors. quite fun also. hahaha...

jump til 10/10/10.
it was a special day with a special date.
i slept at 7am and woke up at 12pm. was weird for me cause i never sleep so less after spending so much energy after a night !
i didn't felt exhausted at all. maybe i didn't drink much on that night.
i woke up and do my homeworks and continued my assignments.
finding photos for my multimedia production's story board. it's really wasting our time, no point to do it !
i don't know what the heck the lecturer was thinking about. she didn't ever get a good lecture since first time ! but unfortunately, she was my mentor !!
what a sad ~ keep on wasting our time !!!

at night, went to group member's house to combine all the photos and arrange it exactly look like our hand drawing storyboard !!
* because the lecturer said she can't understand what we draw on it !! nice still can't understand, or maybe just few groups' drawing make her thought like that and effected others group to change it !! *

when i editing the photos to make us easier to print it out, 1 of my friend suddenly felt excited when heard can play guitar. after she got it, she started to play it.
amazingly, she impressed me !
i totally can't say out words when she manage to play 1 song completely when she got the guitar. after that, she continued by many other songs.
WOW !!!
although still not that pro cause just play for fun, but it's still considered as good. not like me, learn piano since young age, but give up in the half way * hate the theories ! * but i still can play it when i saw piano in front of me ~ ^^v
this was the thing that make our 10/10/10 memorable.
it's really nice and warm.
we chat a lot while doing each other homeworks - cause we are from different courses, but stay in the same roof.
we laughed a lot and of course sang a lot !! so happy and enjoyable.
^^v thanks girls.

the last , 11/10/10.
this date not that special, but why i still want to mention here?? could be have some reason.
the date in last year, it makes me feel warm and sweet but it already totally different this year.
the different is just the people that make me feel this way but is having the same feeling as last year.
not said i still miss the feeling, but is i found again the feeling now.
i feel warm with this. *G.L.A.D*
and another thing is, the number of the day !!
next month - 10/11/10, it belongs to me ~~ it's mine !!
hehe....but sad case, like usual - need to study for my exam !!
aiks..... :'(

p/s : happy together everyone ^^v