Monday, February 28, 2011


catch the tail at the end of February'2011.
clip an eye and that is a brand new month of the year.

want to wish those people that couldn't celebrate birthday on 29th February that happening 4 years once - HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
no need to sad that can't celebrate but need to be proud that you all are that special ~~

p/s: wishes March'2011 is a happy, healthy and smooth month. =)

Friday, February 25, 2011


ouch ~
is kind of busy life here recently.
busy with mid-term exams and individual assignments.
is too pack until i get less of sleeping time.
but i not sure about something was,
i'm that frequent to dream when i was sleeping.
is it some sort of stress to make it to become like this?
previously i will ''tried'' not to have dream
because i heard dream is not a healthy sleeping for human being.
it's indirectly spoiled the quality of our sleeping mode.

whole week i had dreamed something good and bad as well.
i can't control the content right ?!!?
but what i can proof is, in mandarin quote,
we used to say ''日有所思,夜有所梦'' !!
means what we keep on rolled in our mind when we are awake, and it's got the potential to dream at night'' !!
believe or not, but i really believe this kinda thingy !!

people said, the most best sleep position is just lye over on the bed without any turn around
or more to right side or left side.
lye into left side, is not good cause it's press our heart whole sleeping process.
lye into right side, ''' forget '''' !!!
but heard, pregnancy woman is more suitable to get into right hand side.
is good for both mother and baby.
the reason why cannot lye into left side, is also because it's block the oxygen to send to our brain.
that's why dream happened !!

but these few days, i can't find a proper way to let me get into sleep faster.
need turn many rounds on my bed and turn till i feel DIZZY, and get the feeling to sleep.
i already feel much glad i can sleep because recently easily to get insomnia.
is already late in the midnight still need to get insomnia !!
it's killed people deeply.

p/s: people, today i just get my lovely nap back but just a 2 hours sleep and i dreamed again. no care, finally i'm back to free life with watching show or drama with no-side-thinking. =)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


you are that lame as people said
you are that funny to others
you are that macho all the time
you are that smart among everyone
you are such a special person

p/s: I can't do anything except always keep an eye on you. you are really that special ~ for me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

unexpected mood.

this is the mood i had for these 2 days.
i was laugh happily and having a very good mood thou.
laugh much without any special reason.
felt funny then - LAUGH automatically.
recently often having Skype with my friends here
- Voon Ming and Kevin Wong.
they both always laugh die me.
any topics also can laugh till bo lat.
really funny.
the nights lighten up with full laughters.
we all the epics man.
keep on talking nonsense
but still that happy.
really something like stupid.
another thing was went chabo's house again
- Ying Ying lor
spagetti wahh ..
she was the person who prepared all.
i wait for the meal only.
the funny scene appeared.
i ask her,
do u ever know the way on testing how the noodles getting cook?
she never know about it.
then, i show her the way.
get 1 noodle,
focus on the wall
next, throw on it !!!
if it is stick means cook,
if drop means vice versa. ^^
but this is something special for her,
and i was like stupid,
throw too high to the wall.
stick at there and i not afford to pick it down.
laugh till bo lat again !!!!

p/s: stupid person did stupid thingy. crazay people never been silent once they get high !!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha .... suddenly I was addicted to the god song - 忐忑! crazy ~~~ siao me .... hahahahahaha ^^

Friday, February 18, 2011

the end. START again.

that's all for the celebration of CNY'2011.
can't having my dinner with those lao ren jia cause of the replacement class. duh ...
but still find a car to fetch me out due to they are going to the same place as mine.
whole car 9 peoples I think, but no one know the exact location of the temple.
turn here turn there, called here called there, U-turn here U-turn there.
park at the road side ask friends, they said you will see many cars and find the way that got fireworks. WHAT ??!!!
there are CARS on the roads and fireworks everywhere !!!! ~.~
drive into few small streets but wrong ~~
the most funny 1 is simply guess a road then suddenly saw cars turn in then we said suppose is correct 1. WHO KNOWS !!! is a 1 way road and it's stated ''烧肉'' !!
Laugh Die Me ~~~ hahahahahaha

to all those 8 猛男 juniors:
paiseh that fetched you all go salah roads. I also not that familiar with the roads here although I stay here for almost 2 years already. hahahaha.

p/s: the first and the last celebration Chap Goh Meh for me at here. next year CNY will drop on sem break. hehe. really thanks to those juniors that give me a place to go out with you all. THANKS. ^^

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

- been attacked by virus -

i'm that weak to make me sick again.
just back here for the 3rd day and I fell sick.
actually don't know the weather here or people here spread the virus to others here or i already felt some different before I leave my house cause of the instruction going on?? T.T
super duper hate getting flu since small.
but I'm that easy to get on this virus.
I need care from people.
super miss time when I fell sick previously and there was people to take care on me.
super warm and will recovered super fast.
got people take care will forget I'm sicking that time.
very hang fuk 1 lor ~~~
why lar?? haijor ...
poeple, let me ''fa lan zha'' awhile to make me not to felt that imbalance.

p/s: super duper miss the time when got people ''ngor'' me when I fell sick.
*people who are not my parent, because I seldom tell them I sick and I don't want to let them know*

Monday, February 14, 2011


when the day falls after weekend and before public holiday, what kind of day people will prepared for this day - romantic scene? flowers? chocolate? expensive present?

couple sure will fully used the night with their lover.
how far they had been separated also not a big deal, the next day is public holiday what !! ^^

today - like this only.

suddenly think of the stupid thing i did last chinese valentine. Laugh Die Me. memorable huh. hahahahahahahaha...anyway, quite sweet for that.

don't have any special wish need to dedicate to anyone.
if have also wish them happy always, live life well, love life.

p/s: lame me !! paiseh, a valentine's day without lover is that boring and meaningless. just a special date for special 1, not me. heehee =)

will you be my valentine ?!

❤ another HIM ❤

yeah ~ another HIM in my life.
hmm... who else ???
LOL - my elder brother. ^.^

what a sweet him.
fetch me from KL Sentral on his limited weekend time.
weekend time was his ''paktoh'' days, paiseh !! hehe..
we went to Mid Valley and rush till GSC to purchase movie tickets for ''I LOVE HONG KONG"
nice and funny movie thou ~

before the movie started, we move to find foods !!
went to 老油鬼鬼 and i'm the 1 who treat them EAT ~.~
ok ~ never mind, luckily it's cheap nia.
3 persons just equal to 1 piece of movie ticket price... LOL
the porridge and side dishes very nice to eat and will give us bit full also.

everything show here is just sample picture, but almost same with what I ate that day.

the movie that I watched. too bad, i miss out the promotion from 曾志伟.

after movie, went to Pasta Zanmai !!!
woah ... tauke bro treat, so good ~~
he keep on ask me full already or not.
if not full, then he gave what he was eating and share with me.
he said, Labuan don't have such thing and won't get nice foods like this.
have to enjoy the nice foods before leaving to isolated island for few months !!
ouh ... what a lovely brother ~~~
the pasta really delicious !!
the rice also not bad ...
whole combination was nice =)

Restaurant Pasta Zanmai in Mid Valley. i forgot what we had on that day, but really very delicious. =)

after that, back to my aunt's house.
she was not in home - *no extra pocket money from her...ouch !!!*

p/s: no hard feeling this time when leaving home. no emo. no sad.

Friday, February 11, 2011

valentine's day

it's been a long long time didn't celebrate this special day already.
no lover, how can I celebrate this now right ??!!
celebrate with friends and celebrate with lover is totally different.
on this day, I think i will be very busy.
busy on what ??
of course busy on classes lar. haha
3 classes continuous from 8am till 4pm.

anyhow, let's watch this video. it's some sort of funny, but nice.

p/s: 14/2/2011 - who know's there will be any surprise for me from anyone ?? muahahaha ... but definitely there is no action from me. LOL. happy early valentine !! ^.^

urgh ... ...

time flies ~
2 week times gone like this...
i do nothing but always stay at home.
CNY pass with no meaning cause of the stup*d flood !!!
holiday also can't get a nice gathering with buddy cause of that stup*d flood also !!!
i'm the one who give holiday myself, others back to their uni already.
i'm that bored to stay here although campus also that bad too ~.~
this is because my house is under construction, make my house full with dust !!!
how many times i mop the floor also useless >.<>moody ~~~
back to uni sure got lots of works need to work on, midterm coming soon !!!
why lar .... haizzzz
all those assignments need to work until the last of the semester, means less than 10 weeks to go ... =.=|||
is already in sem 4 now, is time to make decision on final year project !
but i still not in the mood for that yet.
why I need to learn and study so many subjects ??!!
final sem projects need come out with 1 2D animation and 1 3D animation ~~
not yet count others subjects's assignment lagi ~~ T.T
took 7 subjects ~ charm ... very charm !!!
siao meh ..... really crazy !!!!
how we can handle all these ???!!!
we are human and still newbie for all these T.T

p/s: 欲哭而无泪!!!stress enough T.T who can help me ?? people, care me xia. give me some LOVE if can ... *.*

Thursday, February 10, 2011


accidentally watch a movie that is about a story between 2 ex- that meet back after several years.

in the story, in those years, although they got another new partner, but after meet back, they just realize they are still missing each other. they tried to get back to each other but how hard they try and try, still cant. and this is the reason why they break up before. the same problem happen again.

this story remind me the same thing, although once in a blue moon, we, as a people might think back the past. we will think back all those memory, no matter sweet or bitter memory. but, how said past is still a past, it can't be present anymore.

and here, suddenly i would like to say something to my past:

1) hey, really been some time din meet up with u. don't know is i study too far away or really didn't become couple already, then really don't have chance to meet up again after so many years. but, in these few years, we still will accidentally met up, but i can't stand in front of you. i also don't understand why. lol. maybe i don't know what to talk with you or still can't face you ?? i don't know. i don't know anything about you after we broke up. it's already 5 years from now. i really almost forget you been appear in my life before and the memory between us already very blur in my mind. maybe really too young that time. lol. but somehow, wish you good luck although i know you don't know i wrote something about you here.

2) you. you. i got nothing to say with you. i say too much about you already. lolx. we still study in the same university, just in different campus only. this is enough for us to not to meet with each other. can ignore all those rumors or all those nonsense. didn't mean you are that bad, but still, 1 day i didn't graduate from this campus, the rumors will not disappear from me. there are many secrets between us. maybe this happen not very long from now, thus, i still will think back things about us, but just suddenly think back only. nothing else. how said, we are living in the technology era, everything is such easy to contact back. facebook, email, msn, skype, phone. contact back is very easy for us. when contact back, then for sure all the memory will recalled back what. erm...can't talk much. story end. no conclusion between us. LOL !!!

p/s: again, this movie remind me many things and teach me a lot as well. >.<

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the first celebration that I gave for HIM

yes ... is the HIM ~~
the very first time i celebrate his birthday after so many years...
hahahahaha ~

hehe ~ this is the only HIM - my little brother.


p/s: I'm very good enough with the 2 pieces Secret Recipe cakes ~~ lolx ...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

the unforgettable CNY

siao !!!
it's really very unforgettable sial ....
back home for just the second day and I had to face this sh*t thing !!!!!
like we had the experience on it, we with a very fast speed move everything that related to electronic or furniture to up-floor. nothing less to left at downstairs to get floating at those DIRTY water !!!
after 5 hours of moving things, it really flooded my house and get to reach the 1/4 of the first step of the staircase.
with a very potential rain fall, in a night time, it make my house and my area become an sh*t isolated island !!!!
we trapped in upstairs with sigh mood while looking at the water level that more higher than the year 2006.
on the third day, the water in my house gone out and we tend to wake up early in the morning before the Sun shining up the light. we using candle as there was no electricity at that moment to wash our house.
after 10 hours, my house obviously become clean again and that time we also obviously tired like hell !!! muscle pain after that because of the moving up stuffs to upstairs few days ago and on the cleaning house day, carry water from outside my house to clean the inner house.
running up and down using the staircase never less than 30 times in that few hours. carry water from outside to inside also never less than 20 times !!!! this really can speed up on burning up the fat in our body !!! it's work ... ~.~
after that is already CNY eve, there is no relatives that reach our home cause of the water level that block their way to my place here. they just can reach on the first day of CNY.
on the first day of CNY, everyone reach one family by one family make out house become very lively and full with CNY feel as usual. thanks God for it.

p/s: after all, we fed up with the location of our house. disappointed on what had happen in 6 years time since we first move in here and it already happen twice. just can say we bad luck such we never expect the flood will happen so fluent recently and it just happened 10 years once as rumor. ~.~

Friday, February 4, 2011

late wishes

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone
today is the second of the big day and i just manage to online and update something now
the CNY of this year is still the same as usual, nothing different
just all the relatives stayed here for 1 night only cause of the hard condition here
but still felt great that everyone get to enjoy the big day
fire crackers, gambling, gossiping, chit-chatting and have a great annual dinner

p/s: almost finish cleaning the half-big house. feeling tired on it. the 2nd times in my 22 entire life. after all, its still a big big family gathering of the year. Happy Chinese New Year again ^^ gong hei fatt choi !!!