Thursday, March 29, 2012

my forever

my only one in my life 
also the only best friend in the world
nowadays full of stress
I have no way or no one to tell out
just him 
I can just tell and ask for help from him

I so appreciate and glad I have him
again prove I didn't make a wrong choice 

isn't he cute? hahaha :)

p/s: he is the Sibu's 娘炮!


how many people will sigh and cry for their FYP?

everyone know how hard and stress for doing FYP.
the stress that given me so much hard time and it was so hard for me to cross it.

I couldn't find a way to solve it and I don't know how to make it better.
I don't know the way, I don't know the solution, I don't know why it is so hard!

the bottleneck,
I can't access it with any thought and idea that I have,
I can't solve it with just a mouse click,
even Google deny to give me answer,
how bad of this situation am I.

so helpless,
tend to be hardworking but nothing could help me to do the next step.

the mouse click and the software facing make me so helpless,
I have to do it, this I understand, but HOW?

I try for many ways,
is it try not even harder on it?

I don't want to be the loser in front of anyone,
I want to be proud that I could do something out nice,
but maybe the God never want me to that kind of person,
I am way far from that.

p/s: T.T

Thursday, March 22, 2012

family's vacation in KK

my dad plan this since I came here for study,
but this sem is my last sem over here,
he started to be like ''opps'' ~ time flying so fast kah?!

then on last month, he bought the whole family ticket to KK instead of Labuan,
this is because my mom said what so fun in Labuan @@

so, I also book my time to KK for those few days.

I search the website on what are the interesting places or must visit places in KK,
but end up most pop up are the foods, not places.
except for Kundasang, everyone recommended this place.

first day, went to the main campus to round the whole compound of the campus.
their expression: wow, so big!! how about your campus's compound? LOL, I said, might be 1/6?
after that back to hotel to let the oldies have a rest, * my grandpa following this trip too *
at the night went to "Gayang Seafood Restaurant" for dinner,
the oldies mumbling said, drive so far away just for a dinner, the petrol also cover almost half of the dinner cost!
sad me, but still the dinner was way so delicious ^^

second day, drive up to Kundasang all along by me!
went to every common hot-spot for tourists.
gear up, drive down all the way of the mountains.
the oldies said I so brave on it, but for me it just driving, but need put a lot of attention on it of course!

but after I back to KK again, I feel super exhausted of driving the whole day,
this cause me having diarrhea on the third day.
I didn't sleep at all after I woke up from stomachache,
I have no idea what thing went wrong.
I wait until my mom woke up and asking for her help.
she just like old time, help me release my pain.
use the tiger balm and put on my stomachache, my back and massage my whole body.
maybe was because of the tiredness of driving whole day,
or maybe I get motion sickness while I driving.

actually planned to go to snorkeling on third day,
but because of me, nobody went out and until I get better a bit just went out shopping at 1B,
before went out, I found out I got a bit fever so I had a panadol pill.
because of the pill, I almost fell asleep when watching "John Carter".
I knew it was a nice movie, but the pill, make my eyelid so damn heavy!
I don't have any appetite for the whole day,
except for had a bowl of red bean soup and bread, that's it.

on the last day, I felt much better,
woke up late than others and I thought I need to wait for them to go Gaya street together,
but after my mom came back, she said nobody else in hotel already, they all went out.
I straight called them to meet them.
have my breakfast with bread and tea.
after that prepared to send them to airport.
although feel so unwilling to break up with them,
but I will meet them again soon in April. :)

p/s: my mom still the mom who always love us although always mumbling at us when we grew up, I almost forgot how long she didn't take care of me when I was sick. 

p/s: and don't forget to wish my babe happy birthday on 15th March. I can't celebrate with him on that day because the first day of the vacation was on that day too. so sorry but hope my love already sent to you on that day :) love you