Saturday, October 29, 2011


a tiring day !!

e-community today (make me miss my friend's birthday early celebration!) ><'

accounts's mid term tomorrow morning and continue by e-community until noon time ! (the reason why coursemate asking for dinner together and I cant give them a sure answer and I miss it too) ><''

computer graphic's mid term at Monday's night. (ohmygard!)

data structure's mid term at Tuesday's morning. (ohohmygard!!)

computer graphic's work in pair assignment due date on Wednesday. (ohohohmygard!!!)

after that should be having mood to back home and most of the classes cancelled!

but ~~~

data structure's individual assignment is waiting to due date!!

SAAD's first assessment is going to present after the mid sem break !!!

FYP phase 3 is going up 1 week after that !!!

p/s: OH MY Amitabhat !!! OH MY Amen !!! OH MY Allah !!! ><''''''''''''

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

tiring weeks

tiring weeks ~
tired ~ tired ~ tired !!

exhausted !!!
exhausted !!!

fast fast fast finish all the works !!!

p/s: T.T

Friday, October 21, 2011

exciting :D

I'm now suddenly very excited to countdown the days to back home.
found out a chinese calender and I 'm very curious when is my chinese birthday.
hahaha...I just can say that my 1 week holiday is full with events.
happy !!!

5/11/2011 - reach KL
6/11/2011 - back home.
7/11/2011 - public holiday, can spent more days with parent and siblings, my boy as well.
8/11/2011 - my chinese birthday ~~ woohoo !!!
9/11/2011 - our's 7 months anniversary :)
10/11/2011 - my birthday ~ my birthday !!
11/11/2011 - a very beautiful number appear on this day, should get a good memory on this day
12/11/2011 - weekend, enjoy to the max before back to Labuan. ^^
13/11/2011 - back to Labuan. +.+

p/s: so excited. can't wait to back. it's just a clip eye then my birthday is coming, never expect it reach this fast, starting from now just less than 3 weeks time. hmm ~ something for me?? hehe... for this, I would like to say thank you that I really have a very blast birthday last year, hope it will be continue this year. *I'm not that greedy thou :P* good night, sweet dream :D

Thursday, October 20, 2011


hmm ~
about this,
actually I've been interview for a couple times,
but the weird is,
I never wrote any or prepared anything on this.

due to the workshop and mock interview soon,
is required to get an outstanding resume to impress the interviewer,
I got a sample,
and been corrected,
I just need to be more to the job offered to direct to the point on it.

before I stepped in Form 6,
my mom wants me to be a nurse actually,
there were 2 reasons,
first is for sure my SPM result wasn't a good sign to let me study in Form 6,
and second reason is nurse definitely will get a job right after the studied,
these were what my mom brain wash previously.

that time,
read advertisement in paper showed that Assunta Hospital and Pantai Hospital having new intake on new batch nurses and ask for walk in interview,
I didn't prepare anything and just bring what they stated in the paper,
and that time,
resume stated at there,
I got no idea what is that!!
I ask my dad on it,
he just said I was a fresh grad from SPM,
resume is the ''leaving school cert'',
this was what I thought last time.

too bad,
when I entered in the interview room for both,
they were asking where was my resume,
I said the ''school leaving cert'' !! damn shame of me when thinking on it now. >.<'''

but I still get a called from them to ask me want or not to be their nurse,
definitely I rejected them (if not, where will see me study in UMSKAL nowadays),
the reason was very easy,
that time while waiting and I already became a Form 6 student,
and I didn't think twice or what when giving answer,
I just said: " I think I don't want already, I already start my Form 6 class!"

hahahahaha ~ this sentence make my brother and mom speechless till the max !!!

they said nurse is a guarantee of life,
no need worried about life, future.
but these are the thing I told them I dislike!
I don't like everything been set,
too bored, too dull!!
ewwwwwww ~~~~~~~~

even when I working in Singapore,
they also just look on my cert and didn't ask for my resume,
I pass my interview and work over there for half year,
not bad thou (Orchard Road eh!) ^^v

until the last job of mine until now,
I also never hand in any resume,
I really need get something on it,
impress huh !!

p/s: I think I should think some dialogue before I get into the mock interview ~ LOL. :)

Monday, October 10, 2011


yeah ~
today is the 20th flight I ever have in my life.
suddenly get a mind that seem like I really sit a plenty of times since I studied here.

glad that every time sitting on it is always safe and smooth
pray hard the future flight that will be taken will also be safe flight

p/s: thanks baby to let me fly high !! :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011


my hostel's room:

1) lappie - checked (without this will live like a vampire I guess)

2) speaker - checked (boom boom shake shake babeh!)

3) broadband - checked (but need wifi badly)

4) lovely bear to hug - checked (bring back a huge get a small here :] )

5) water dispenser - cheked (useful thou, saving time)

6) fridge - checked (it's ease me much)

7) face caring stuffs - checked (take it important nowadays to maintain my outlook ~ hehe)

8) printer - checked (ease me as I'm a third year student now)

9) multi cooker/rice cooker - checked (cook whatever I prefer~even PORK!)

10) purse/hand set - checked ( nonsense but nobody can live without this lovely stuff, secrets inside ~ hmmm..... :P)
p/s: can't take picture yet to show here until it is get tidy up one day although I know I won't !! hahaha...but I confirm all these make my day comfortable as in my home :)