Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I understand how I will feel after I had quit the job last time

I know there will be somebody out there been worried on me

I felt all those worried become some pressure to me

it's been some times i stayed at home doing nothing

although the life like this is easy but the environment around me is not

the people will start to ask those W questions !

to be clear: the problem now is not I don't want to work

is still the job I applied still no sound for me

and yet I missed some same called from the employer when I'm having my graduation trip in KK

p/s: I want to work, but the timing always not correct to start working. vacation all the way and the location I applied is just in the limited range only. I want to work in this location only because of convenience. I know other locations got more vacancies and very easy to get them, but I just want around my home. -,-

Thursday, October 11, 2012


hell yea~

finished my internship and I decided to end it quickly.

to be honest, the salary is too little for an under-graduate.

waiting for job interviews, more and more to come.

hopefully I get what I want and wish.

and for most, I wish for high pay.

p/s: money is everything for me as a fresh graduate. no money no talk !