Friday, August 27, 2010


lazy to update my blog ~
but still want to come here and write down something...

this few days, busy with mid-term exam and assignments, but when come to an end, i feel emptiness inside my heart ~
maybe suddenly too free, feel very boring and got nothing to do...even watch drama also will feel very boring ~

the people that use to message with me, already less to find me...i knew something ~ guys still guys...after they get something from you that they want, then they won't feel anything on you already ! maybe not all, but guys i met are like this !! speechless....sigh to me ~ maybe i think too much already, that people maybe really too busy already that make me think to this way, but still, won't until forget me gua?!?! sigh to me again !! really need to laugh at myself ~ gagal des !!

other than that, i receive message from someone yesterday morning. this really will make me speechless ~ he asked me : ' do you upload our photos? ' . what a question !! u think who are you ah, you already don't have any value for me. now, for me, you just like a stranger that i met last time but don't know when, why, how we met !! thats scare the person you like know all your pass, but its still your pass !!! you even dare to ask me!! never think about my feeling, although i don't have those sourness feeling, but still will feel ''bu shuang'' de said i still a person that past few months with you together !!! speechless....but still i still reply you with a very gentle way, still kidding with you....LOL...everytime u told me to take care, thanks and sorry....all those is just to make me not to hate you so much only. but, all these is useless on me...scar is there already !! take care, for sure i will take very good care on myself, won't so stupid because of you then fooling myself. thanks me? thanks me that i give you so much??sacrifice for you??but you, anything from you to me??sorry...yes, you definitely need to felt sorry to me!! i won't say never mind or no need, i will straightly told you : sure, you really need to feel sorry to me everytime and everthing that u did to me !! not say i really hate you or hard to forgive you, just you already become no value in my heart !!

p/s : i am not desperate for a guy ~~ but i really desperate for a good guy !!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


want to share some feeling at here about this few days~

i like the feeling with you,
i like the way you talk with me,
i like the way you care me,
but i don't know why i like it~
i just like it !! ^^

actually, when i first met you, i don't think we got after story between each other.
everything is just so funny when i found out the real you and the other side of you.
although it's too early to talk about our story, but i just feel happy with it.
i found interesting between us.

p/s : hahahaha ~ G.I.N.A !!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I am a tough girl !! ^^

everyday seem like live happily~~
everyday seem like live without stress~~
everyday seem like live with whatever~~

but, do you think there is a single person live like this??!!
is just depend on you how you control your life !!
if you everything also think toward the negative part, then for sure there will always be a negative ending for you ! although we know that when we are doing something, we need to think about the risk of it and think of the worst part of it, with this we just can recovered it easily !
for me, i will always do first before talk so much about it ! if it is really can't work, for sure i won't start it. but if it is workable, then we should get a try. i prefer try it and feel regret after it than didn't do anything just feel regret why we didn't go and try before !!

i relate all these in every area, no matter in student's life, families and even for love !!
i really believe that we need to try everything and get through everything in our life. my life is just like an adventure. i had been go through many things until now. i know many things in this world. i learn many thing in this reality stage. i meet too many people in these world, really uncountable. i gain many experience from it. i look through many things. nothing can make me feel sad suddenly. i believe there is just 1 type of human in this world. we all are just the same, nobody is more better than others, we all are equal !! whenever you feel somebody are different from you, it is just because they have the life experience that we never tried before.

so, whenever we meet something bad, never and ever try to give up or fade up!! nothing can't be solve, every question also have their solution~~it is better for us to face the problem with a positive minded than negative thinking. we always been courage to choose to live happily than live dully !!

p/s : we can't choose what is our life, but we can control our life !! if i can handle it well, why don't you ??!! i choose to be a tough girl, so, i am a tough girl !! i choose to live happily, i choose to live with SMILE, i choose to live like adventure everyday !! I LOVE LIFE !! ^^

Thursday, August 12, 2010

12082010 !!!

everything is just so nice and suit to our life....

maybe someone will feel like they always less 1 thing in their daily life...

is just like when we are doing something, then they sure will say : if i have another 1 to suit us then everything will look more better and nicer !

but then, is it the most important thing in our life ??!!

if it is not a big deal, then it is just a whatever for me !!

who care if is it influence others thinking or my image point !!??

my life always been said like : hmmm..peijie won't care or peijie won't think too much for it de lar!!

and yes, what for i think so much for it ! it's just 1 part of my life. it's sure will become past tense. when few years later, will you still think it back and feel regret or angry on yourself??!! and the answer comfirm will be a big ""NO"" !!!!

p/s : quote of the day : just do everything and try it, it is better you regret after it than do nothing !!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010



yeah....i manage to sign in again but is with open another new blog....lolx...

means i still can keep this blog...yeah !!

wan sui ~~~~


p/s : at least my mood become normal before the day end !!!! hahahahaha...i love you !! ^^

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

recently ~~

actually i don't know what to write here...
but actually i got a lot of thing want to shout out !!

i think i really can put down the past now fully ~~ ''hopefully very soon''

don't know why these few days i really feel very lonely, need someone to accompany me badly ~~ i want couple's feel !! although really got lot of friends beside me, but it really different feeling that i wanted ~~ but, i wish i can enjoy my single life more longer now....haiya, don't know lar, strange feeling come out from me these few days...

besides, 2nd semester timetable really will slowly killing me....argh ~~ everyday also full with lectures and tutorials....everyday also very tired, very sleepy~~homeworks much till want faint already. luckily, for this period not that much preparation for activities, although i also didn't involve much in activities and just finish pesta gawai keamatan. that's why will be more free nowadays. pm school also not that busy, still waiting the order from YDP...APK need to start meeting and all that, cause of the presentation for the business idea soon.

and the main thing that we keep on discuss this few days is about the trip during september mid-sem break. we few people here didn't back hometown - cause i get ''shoot'' last time when i back home, my bro said i back for what, also do nothing at home, more better i used the flight ticket money to go travel around sabah there...lolx...others are because want save the flight ticket then didn't go back home. ok..this time i really use the money go travel around sabah, the places that comfirm to go are kundasang - a place near gunung kinabalu, island and sandakan. if i comfirm want go travel, then how much also not a problem for me, cause the money is from dad de...hahaha...he more happier i used his money to go travel than simply buy things....hahahaha...i have a good papa...^^v

recently really didn't have special mood for anything. don't know why. it not alike me. nothing to let me have special mood like very happy or very sad. maybe something make me sad, but it's already an expected thing for me, so i also didn't feel very sad. and really got nothing to make me very happy. maybe just feel normal normal only. and recently really talk with many people that i didn't meet them before via fb chat box and msn. maybe i think of they didn't meet me before or not really know who am i, so that i can easily tell them anything, express what i feel and what i think. but weird is they all are from penang and they all know who is ''he'' ...swt me !! inside the conversation with guy, sure won't say about him, cause they also got no comment on it. and i more talk with the reality thing and joking with them...lolx...quite funny..the other way, when chat with girl, as usual, whenever there are 2 girls then for sure will share for everything and 8 together, very nice talk. hahahaha =)

p/s : i want a nice and peaceful relationship !! =)