Thursday, December 30, 2010


time to leave home.
back again 1 month later.
need to keep all the down feeling to go KL.
soon or later also need to leave before jan 1st, better go earlier.
although nothing to let me do at there, just feel lonely, but what to do, no choice.
if the flight ticket not jan 1st, i still need to go back Labuan either way.
stay at that HUGE bungalow with lonely feeling, nothing to do.
my grandpa need someone to accompany.
he is very healthy, just he feels boring at there, nothing to do.
my aunt's family, NO COMMENT!
live 3D2N at there, then meet my elder brother at there on the last day.
speechless on this.
i never realize i just met him once in this 365days which is Chinese New Year !!!
OVER !!!
my closet brother and i just met him once in this year.
few days later will be the second time.
OH NO !!!
luckily we still always keep in touch via msn.
miss him a lot de lorrrrr....

p/s: bye Segamat, i need to back to that isolated forest island soon. see YOU again in less than 1 month time! ^^

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

almost the last post of the year 2010.

the last day i stay at home in year 2010.
i suddenly so hate to leave this house.
i want to stay more longer rather than everytime stay for a period then leave again!
this is my house, not hotel.....

everytime also having this hard time before leaving.
this house wil back to silent soon.
left 3 people in this big spaces.

come to an end of 2010, is time to keep it away or throw things that unlucky, bad for us away and make it become history. poeple who make us sad, just let it be. start a new person in year 2011. things that happened unfortunately in this year, just let it be. it past! just a history of our life. just need to remember, can't repeat that things happen again in future life. but in the other way, things or people that we should appreciate, then for sure, we should keep it up! treat them nice to left no regret.

in 2010, it really not an easy year for me. i pass through something that make me unhappy, down and emo, but i do feel happy with more a lot around me too. i accept all those. is a part of my life, my history. i wouldn't forget those. sometimes, i do miss those back. just hope that i can meet correct things or people in the right timing. i mean all things and all suitable people. i can welcome everything to me, just hope that i can handle all those well but not end up with sad story.

p/s: year 2011 - a brand new year for everyone. hope is still a safe and healthy year to everyone. it will continuously create more and more history in my life. waiting them with a big welcoming hands! lastly, i miss 2010 soooooo much. in year 2011, i should overcome everything as a 21st year old adult. bye 2010 and hi to 2011. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! good luck people ^^

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


the 3rd sem of result been released yesterday.
as i counted before, so i didn't feel something special with it.
i just curious about my grade only.
and as i predicted, i get an A for my discrete maths, aint hard to get it.
just i never get a pure A in my result list, so still feel bit happy about it.
overall, still ok.
get improvement compared to last sem.
but, i don't like the grade for 1 subject.
it pulled down my pngk!
can't blame anyone, just need to remind myself: NEVER AND EVER DO WRONG IN ASSIGNMENT ANYMORE !!!!!!!

p/s: although i get improvement, but i not that satisfy! as i am improving, so do others. i need to get better next time. overall, my first sem still was the best result among 3 sem. so, i need to rush to get result something like that. study will become harder and harder. work hard people !! =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

a very different Chirstmas celebration !

2010/12/25 -- Christmas

every year of the christmas eve, we sure will get to uncle's house to have a turkey and wine blast
but this year, that uncle not in Malaysia, means can't have the blast
end up eat lunch with family on christmas day.
went to a restaurant that we just will go there when Chinese New Year only ~.~
get another blast on it ^.^

the special thing was this year christmas we didn't celebrate like previous, but we went to watch basketball match (Piala Agung). this really fantastic! i'm considered not a big fan of it, but i really get high on the match because it was Johor vs Perak. these 2 team come out with the same strength, no one is more stronger than others. that's why, as a Johorean, i also will get high on it to give a little cheer for them! LOL

at last they get into the final which is held on 26/12/2010. Johor vs Melacca. no words for this, Melacca sure win! champion for the year, almost all the national level basketball players are from Melacca. but still will go watch the final tomorrow night.

p/s: use VIP card go in and watch the match sure feel nicer than people who buy ticket in. it is so costly but understandable. besides, feel pity for them cause Christmas also need to celebrate with all the sweat and get into mentally/physically competition! Merry Christmas people, it was a joyful day after all. ^.^v

Sunday, December 12, 2010


long time didn't view my blog
actually want to write something happened last few days
but when the songs that play in my page here make me suddenly feel ''weird''
can't explain well about it but i think maybe the rhythm remind me of the past
it touched, sad, down and unforgettable !
either love or family or friendship
that's why i choose it to let people who read my blog to feel the same thing as mine

p/s: hmm ~ i miss ....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

bye November'2010

1. i still stomachache like nobody business, no more diarrhea but stomachache !

2. went to a wedding dinner. seem like thousand years didn't attend this kind of dinner already. the way of having a wedding dinner still the same - OLD STYLE ! ( need to get a better way for my cousin or brother in their future wedding, a young and funny wedding PARTY! )

3. met my old friend at the restaurant. she is not one of the guest, she is the TAUKE-SOH of that restaurant !!! me n her very got fate, same kindergarten, same class in primary school, secondary school and high school, even she also get the same university as mine, just she get a course that she don't want and make her refused it. after that, she get married and no longer pregnant already. now is a mom for a 8 months age baby. in mandarin we so called, 好命的就已经当妈妈了!she really 好命, get a nice husband, rich family and still that pretty. she really is a pretty mommy, cute ''auntie'', sing well and was a karate-do representative in NATIONAL LEVEL !!!

4. though plan want go badminton with buddies but TECHNICAL MISTAKE plus can't get a court for us at other places, end up with yum-cha session with them. discussed what, when, who and how to go Kukup. i went there before but was in younger age, forget got what thing to have at there, seem dull. ~.~

p/s: 30/11, happy birthday to gina. wish u all the best and have a great birthday celebration. be happy always and good luck to you !! S.M.I.L.E =)