Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 February 2012

here come another 4 years for 29/2

how special is today ?

a story I heard special for today was sound like this:
when a girl like a boy so much and not dare to say out,
she can choose today to say it out no matter how the result is.
if the boy accept the girl, then they just like other couple,
problem is when they are not~
the boy need to pay an amount of money that covered back how much the pain that made on the girl.

hey~ look out boys, girls are not easy for today !

p/s: "refer to hard girls group" only if there is some! haha ~ happy Feb 29 :)

Monday, February 27, 2012


what the hell why all the universities and colleges make theirs students to go on with the internship and is not just giving us a real training under others company but still need evaluate the presentation of works everyday.

it gives students trouble on finding the job since we are so clueless on that finding-job part !

the so called most-easiest-way on searching the job's website - JOBSTREET, become the most website being visit in coming days after the LI2 news been out, so am I !

while I was searching the job related with my field, many things block my way. as my course taken was Technology Multimedia, come out will having the name of "bachelor of Sciences" ! WHAT !!!! what the DUT related to Sciences ??? it should be more to IT, but not full IT thou, but why Sciences?? T.T

ok! lets see what jobs can be the jobs of us:
graphic designer? ( there are much more people studying this as main course, we are not! )

web designer? ( high demand, higher percentages of people studying this >< )

programmer? ( this work, but we are not that focus on this field, half-half ! damn )

IT developer? ( I don't know so much on the coding stuff, if choose this just find a hole to let me jump in )

animator? ( the exactly what we only focus on in the entire of university life, well, this is the one that putting in front of me but I still thinking a lot of things about this. first, if I do this on my intern, how about the real job? am I need to continue with this or find another job? but if I really want to find another job, I less of experience on that. second, the company, a big sigh for it! don't know how to say, no point for me to be a permanent staff, but after I intern at there, will there be another road for me? got, not related to IT field !! )

fine ! let's prepare the resume and send out to that particular company. I don't know how the company will pay me but I know their style! T.T

p/s: work is all about money !! I want earn a lot of MONEY MONEY MONEY !!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Avril's ROCK !!!

yes !!

the first and the only concert that I had been went for ~ is she - Arvil Lavinge !!!

she is so damn cool since she was out as a singer.

love her from the first album and she was came to Malaysia and had her last Black Star concert tour !!

I was exciting when I knew about this news couple months ago, but I know I can't make it since I had course during the day. however, I make me back to the Peninsular and join the big party !!

how awesome it is when everyone was queue up just for her, maybe this was the first thought in my mind, but after all the raining dropping down and too too many people waiting to get into the stadium, the mood getting lower a bit.

but it increase back very fast when the time reach and Avril was there on the stage !!

is she !!

and the first song she sang was "What The Hell", the moment in the stadium bring to a top high at the second!!

in the whole concert, everyone know how to sing her songs.

all her famous songs were out there live from her and everyone sing together with her, how lovely it is!

wish you were here, girlfriend, smile, when you're gone, unbreakable, I'm with you, I love you, complicated ...
all these represented her all these year she went through.

p/s: her voice is such a gift from god, damn powerful and touching.


since I put some much on 14/2
and yet
the real day was on 15/2

the moment I got on the car after my flight
I received my present and card
chocolate too

highlights was on the night
we went to a buffet restaurant 
a restaurant that booked for a week
that's our valentine's dinner

totally satisfy with the foods there
but if ask me for the second visit
I will just think about it twice
although the foods were tasty
but not surprised us


p/s: our first valentine's day 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


just a date.
I finally finished my 3p course.
I pass my exam.
I successfully get my Microsoft certs.
is just a day.
nothing much on this day.
no people beside me.
should be watching drama or movie at room,
but no mood on it.
exhausted on waking up too early today.
all the excited and happy mood gone.
any songs I listened to also can't bring up my mood.
today is just boring.

p/s: I will be flying back Peninsular tomorrow to meet my boy. :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

the last few days of 3P course

after the first exam and start to go through with ASP.NET.

but start from that day,
I tried my very best on the first 2 days,
I been thrown don't know where from the lab!

with that,
I started with my being life with dramas in the lab,
not I wish,
but at least something to do.

and then,
the last day of our 3P course,
also the exam day of it,
also the Valentine's day,
I got nothing prepare because I don't know what need to do.
but my friend of mine did something in the lab for her boy,
how heartful is she.

in this lovely February,
celebrate with the love one and stay connected if being abroad each other.

congratulation to my pretty friend who being engaged today,
so pretty couple,
so rich and sweet couple,
how awesome they are in foreign :)

p/s: 9/2/2012 ~ happy 10th months anniversary of us 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Microsoft given cert or transcript?

this is what I downloaded from what guided us to the page.
so, is this considered as transcript or this is already the certificate?

p/s: simple huh ?!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

3P course !

on the 5th day of CNY,
we all were required to back campus again for a course.
or else we will fail from one of the subject.

thus, I back late and get on track on the 3rd day of the course,
after 4 days later and there was an exam.
fuh ~~

after all, we all studied hard on it.
for correction,
most of us die hard on memorize the differentiate of the correct answer.

the day came,
we reach there before time,
but with no reason keep on wait and wait.

we with no patient mood and ask them what we were waiting for,
they answered us that the question paper need time to download from the server of Microsoft and the internet speed was like 0 !!
it can't afford to run even just 4 persons were taking on the exams,
but when the timing not allowed for that,
they push the morning session's candidate in the lab,
and make us hang all the time and I was changed 2 computers to finish the exams.

result: I passed with 785 scores !!

I was so freak out when one by one finished the exam and I don't know yet about my result.
I even use the marker pen and board given to wrote out a big ''PASS!!'' wording at there.
I even shout out when I saw my scores. :D

p/s: if I manage to bring phone in, I would like to capture down everyone expression and behavior while waiting the page to load. such a funny scene. hahahaha :)