Wednesday, March 30, 2011

22th anniversary of Edwin's born day !!!

there will be only appear once March of 30th in a year.
there are so many babies have born this date.
no matter where you are, I do hope you are healthy always.

is my very best friend in my university's birthday.
I want to wish CHEAH WEN HUN aka my dear dear -- ''HAPPY BIRTHDAY''
enjoy your big day with all the cheers and happy always.
pass the day with loads of homeworks and assignments,
but with a happy mood.

wish you will get your another one that make you feel happy all the time.

p/s: this is the second time I pass the day with you, hopefully there is a third time next year. hehe =)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

week 12th / sem 4


p/s: tired! ='(

Monday, March 28, 2011

should I or I should ?

should I stay back to join the MSM again for the new coming junior next sem?


I should back home earlier to rest more longer before I start the temporary works with my dad?

2 simple statements with 1 choice.

the things that make me can't decide on the spot is because there is a gap after my last paper. 13th May finish last paper, but 23th May just start training for MSM.


I joined this event before. nothing different every year I guess. just the people who join the event different only. @@

no idea. all the statements above is just nonsense. I have no choice to choose want to join or not. all the PMUMSKAL need to join it. spent more than 2 weeks at here after the final exam. luckily we got almost 4 months break after that. if not, I also lazy to think so much already. my mom said the holiday is so damn long, finish all the stuffs here just back home. done. all the answers I get are more to join the MSM. ok ~ just treat it as a week that meet back my friends that I know last MSM and they all mostly become PMUMS in main campus already. lolx ~ what a proud.

this time is my turn to become facilitator, no more hard job or tired moment for me anymore. I will enjoy my times wisely at Kota Kinabalu. maybe is another trip for me in KK again. haha

p/s: next 2 flight will be taken from/to Kota Kinabalu, not Labuan. so, I should follow the event as I am 1 of the PMUMSKAL.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


this is so ridiculous, but this is an culture in China. @@









p/s: hmmmm ~ no comment. 0.o

Friday, March 25, 2011

blood donation AGAIN.

the first time was on 24/10/2009 - first sem in UMS-KAL.
the second time was on 24/3/2011 - forth sem in UMS-KAL.

i gave my blood to Labuan.
the pure O+ blood type.

the same incident happened on me AGAIN.
after I lye there for 10 minutes, suppose I can put down my hand instead of bend it.
but after I make it straight, the blood kept flowing out.
*when saw the blood flowing out, make me got some sort of excited !! crazay ~*

again ~ need help from stuffs there to clean for me.
again ~ bent my hand to prevent blood flowing out again.
again ~ I get blue black immediately after it.
again ~ when I told my friend I am the only O blood type among my family members, they all said I took back from rubbish dump !!! haha ^^v

unexpectedly, I am that energetic yesterday. unlike last time, I like an alive dead person. whole day lye on the bed, dizzy all the time ... got improvement wheyyy !! haha

p/s: lolx ~ my arm now is very 'colorful' now .. hahahaha ^^ ~ as my dad said: amitofo!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


this semester we not manage to smile or talk to each other.
it is so awful to do all these things.
we are that close yet that far away in a distance.
met u easily in campus but can't even say 'HI'.
look at you from far away is the best thing that I can do.

it's hard for me to not to look at you when met.
no words can describe well the feeling at the moment.

p/s: IMY.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

special dream.

I dream of got an unexpected person
in my university
celebrate birthday with me.
is really so 'WOW'
and feel so excited with the appearance of 'him'.
he drove all the way to my house(Segamat's house)
and said "Happy birthday.
let's get in to the car and I help u celebrate it"
with a unexpected mood
and excited what will do next,
I already wake up.

my birthday is still far far away from now and it is some sort of impossible that ''he'' will help me celebrate my birthday. LOL

p/s: dream is always dream ... haha =)

Monday, March 21, 2011


long time didn't come here and update something.
ok ~ I just back from Brunei trip.
a syiok syiok trip that make me laugh all along the journey.
nice trip with them.
I think should be the last trip with them already, they will graduate soon.
I like to join with ''3 handsome'' because funny lor.
not I don't like to stay in my room, but got 1 of my roommie having flu, I scared I get infection too.
go to their room 38 with them, got iPad play, got photos to view, got camera to play, got sweet to eat, got drinks to drink some more.
GOOD !!!
3 days went to many places, eat a lot.
just can say Brunei is a golden country with super rich Sultan and rich residents live inside.

p/s: nice trip. ^^

Monday, March 14, 2011


sigh !
why should be I need to sigh ...
because I can't follow others to go trip as planned?
because I need to stay here to do all my quiz and assignments?
because I though I will go Brunei, then I didn't follow my coursemates went to Kundasang?

whatever. either one also can be the reason.
at the end also can't change already.
this is the fact.

many things hook up and make everything seem so bad.
maybe the disappearance of mine to the trip satisfied someone.
that someone from long time ago seem to give me hint that don't let me go with them.
phoned me without saying anything and said
''monday noon got class or not?"
"can't skip?"
"i don't want skip. why?"
"then, I need to KICK you out from our trip already. you no need follow us go Brunei already!"
"WHAT??" because i got class then I can't go??
"no mar, because we want to go out do group passport, but you don't want skip the class then cannot go with us already lor."
"hello !!! do you ever ask me I got passport or not??!!" this really make me want to shout "WTF"
"yakah? you got passport de ah. then ok lor. nothing liao. bye bye !!!"

I kept this for so long, now only I said out. this really very SHIT !!!!
you are the one don't have passport, but please don't think whole world same like you !!!
please behave your attitude, piss off for some time already.
I never scold people, I never show any emotion, but never mean that I don't have !!!
there were too many times happened the case like this.
so please, think in the level of your age, never foolish yourself easily.

p/s: I'm a very typical Scorpio. please don't pissed me off, Scorpio always remembered what you did, especially bad thing !!!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Did you fear of ''death'' ?

Does this word cross by your mind before ?

It's been few times make me think of it.

"What will happened when I was not in the world ?"

"How is the situation around me when I am not in the world ?"

these just will crossed my mind after I heard or read news about 'death'.

in real life, people still will pass away at the end, but I never feel like I will 'go' that fast.

I still got a long long road need to go through.

anyhow, we never know what will happen up next, is all unpredictable.

when it is the time, then, we have no choice then follow it.

it is so hard but as a human being, we have no choice.

there were so many cases that bring our friends away from us.

their family members lose their lovely son/daughter.

we lost our lovely friends.

everything was that hurt and sad to accept the truth.

now is our friends pass away from us, I totally can't accept if it's happen on my families.

truth is always that cruel.

p/s: I fear of death.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

drive carefully people.

get my driving license since early of 18 years old.
after that, I damn like to drive if got chance.
the more I drive, the more I felt confident in my driving skills.
and end up will drive in a fast speed.
got many times, it really will cause accident happened.
I felt that scary after it and said to myself ''No More Next Time!''
but, after so many times, although nothing happen but it's really scared me till the max.
after all, I get frightening and not dare to drive even.
most of the time become the passenger or decrease down the possible outing.
God bless, I still alive.
I really knew what my fault in driving previously.
I will be very very careful next time and drive slowly as long as can reach safely.

p/s: please remember the LOVE one before did anything will be regretful whole life. ='(

Friday, March 4, 2011

peijie LIM

yeah ~
I think I need to reintroduce myself.
is not a fancy introducing but is introducing the inner me to outsider.
I'm a 80% initiative person in so-called-relation thingy.
if I know the one should be mine then i sure will get some action.
the action will act in few days and not until few months.
I believe in first-sight-love.
if I been shocked by someone then I know what should I feel.
if there is no chemical react between me and the person, means after how long also equal to ZERO.
I wont reconsidered about it.
I know myself well.
I know the meaning of feeling,
I know the meaning of LOVE for sure.
if there is so-called-chemical bonds between me to others for few months,
I just can say: it is unworkable and we are just friends.
I really understand me, myself.
maybe my heart still stick with somebody.
or maybe I still thinking for something that I can't forget.
or maybe I am there for another person else.
maybe I am that ridiculous, but this is ME.
nothing to be argued, nothing to be rumored.

p/s: sorry for any hard feeling. of course I never meant it. =)

3 Words

there are many particular words that can be combine together and become sentence with full meaning.

: How hurt me.
: How could you.
: I feel alone.
: Can't forgive you.
: You did it.

: I miss you.
: I need you.
: I'm in love.
: You deserve everything.
: I love you.

there are such big different within these 2 para.

1st will end up with 3 words too : It is over!
2nd conclusion will be: You are mine.

life can be easily created by 3 words and these words means all.

Elliott Yamin - 3 words.

p/s: 3 words of mine: I deserved all. ^.^