Monday, April 30, 2012

isn't he cute? :)

p/s: I just can't stop liking his cuteness everyday :)

last consultation for FYP

we screwed up because didn't put sound effect or any narrator in
but luckily both of the consultants were so nice
they gave another chance to us to meet them personally when we are ready for it
and now the animating part was DONE!

although still need to adjust the mouth movement when the dialogue putting in
but still not that complicated as the huge animating part
the hard time past
now have to make it as nice as possible
I think need another rendering AGAIN!
but it is not as rush as now
I don't think my laptop afford on the 3-days-continuous-workload ANYMORE!
do some day by day to make it become impressive

attach some images that I did for my part, which are the front part of the whole animation (hydrologic cycle). :)

p/s: I believe my work considered good. I just compared to myself from what my previous project did and current project done! we can't force ourselves to become much better and more since the potential is not there, but at least make something that can let self feel "this is it" !

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Last day with unexpected outing 
 And went out for more than half day 
 Everyday I also counting the days with my boys n family isn't it equal 
Not because of anything 
But I want to spent some times more with them 
Also same with my boy as well
Yesterday went out for such a long time and feel guilty on it 
When want to sleep 
Suddenly think of whole day didn't met my mom that long time 
Get up from downstairs bed and get upstairs and slowly open my mom's room door 
She got insomnia 
Once she saw me and call my name 
Then I knew she can't sleep tight  
I chat with her until tired just fell asleep 
I purposely went up to her room and sleep with her
Want to see her face before I fall asleep 

P/s: I miss her badly even at the same home. Love you mii :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

the last mid sem break

hmm ~
time passed so fast
clipped an eye already left few weeks in Labuan.

although it seems to be need to appreciate the left time here
but I still back to hometown in this coming break

not for anything
just want to have some fresh air and mind 
for completing my FYP

sounds fake
but time shortage for it
I'm not willing on it too 

someone sure will stated out this sentence
" let's see will you do it or not!"

I do it or not
is not a problem
the problem is
I tent to do it or not
I can
I will
I do

not just FYP
load of assignments pending there 
to submit after the break

p/s: mid sem break? not so thou, just spent another week in different places. :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1 year before and 1 year after

1 year before got that intention to become a PM for my school 

that's why this look professional :P

and 1 year after almost need to give the place out to the juniors

I look so relax and so casual look ^^

p/s: LOL ~ so happy, the work load gonna release all.
but also means the time leave this campus getting nearer.

Monday, April 2, 2012


hmm ~
until this timing
should be said this semester
I feel that the progress
getting better nowadays
no argument
no conflict
everything runs on track
will getting better onward

the only character

p/s: freak out on 3D. gosh ~