Thursday, August 18, 2011


the last few days in office sounds so god for me
I no need to see all those staffs' faces anymore in my future
and got 1 chinese jie jie that always so nice to me in office she seems like didn't treat me eat anything, thus, this whole week lunch time always with her bring me and dad go somewhere else places that we won't go before.
is not an expensive places, not a well condition area but the foods really delicious.
whole area full with chinese since it is a Kampung Baru.

besides, I also every evening go out with my boy
I already in the ''don't-care-mind'' and go out with him
I already don't have much chances to meet with him already
for sure need to see him more often since I am still in KL
go places that we want that we still not yet go and tried all the foods that we think off before
want to fulfill all the willing things that thought before
use all the vouchers that bought
eat things that very nice to pass the time
watch movies to make the time being together longer
finding excuses to have time to meet together

now really have less and less time to meet together already
besides on want to have more time meet with my boy
I also want to stay at home longer to meet with my mother and little brother
this holiday I have less time to stay longer at home
even my mom also complain me when back home during weekend still want to go Melacca
this time although I can work till end of the month and take the full salary but seem I really lake of time to be with them, so I decided back when my contract end
back home for almost 3 weeks then back to Labuan

p/s: last time when I need to separate with my boy also sad jor few weeks, now almost is the time for my turn to back study, means we need to separate again, although very fast will meet again after 2 months but still unwilling to leave my boy, the hard feeling come up again. the boy I heart, IMY although we are still at the same places. :')

Monday, August 15, 2011


long time didn't been here already.
almost is the time say ''goodbye'' to this happening West Malaysia.

the day with juong become lesser and lesser
the sad feeling come up again
I can't control all these strong feeling coming up
4 weeks left to stay here
just that few days to meet with juong

how sad, need to separate again
don't have much time to meet
don't have more chances to be together

this time, I am more reluctant juong more than my family
I had been many times having those hard feeling when leaving my family
now different, I got a lovely partner who always care me so much
is already have so less time to meet each other in a week then now I have to back to study after
back to the life as my friends that also have their partner waiting them in hometown
everyday missing them and waiting the day back home to meet each other
I am including in this category already
someone waiting for me to back

I just like the way you are
no matter what you are
no matter how people comment neither about you nor me, we still will be with each other
I know you care me very much is more than enough already
nobody know how much you gave me and nobody can judge on it
I just feel so full with it
thanks baby~
4 weeks left, I want to fully utilize the moment together with you at here

this is the last week I working here
no more weekday meet with juong in KL area
no more weekend be with each other
very very soon, we can't meet with each other already

the most thing that make me down is the pack timetable
it's squeeze my daily life in Labuan
never expect my third year still will be like this tired
very tiring to have this timetable and having the FYP at the same time

p/s: amitabhat/allah/amen, please bless me until I finish my 3 years Uni study life. thankyou first :)