Saturday, January 29, 2011


you appeared again after half year long.
you still you.
you are the same that i know you for quite some times.

after so long,
you already become a friend that cannot be forgotten.
you already become a friend that i can say anything i like or i want.
you no more a friend that i afraid of anymore.
you no more a friend that i will expected something more from you.
i thought i will be nervous when talk to you again, but unexpected nope.
it's glad to feel this, relax me when joking with you.

p/s: you are my friend. ^.^

food poisoning or sick ??

am i that weak to become the only 1 that need to face this? YES
am i that unlucky to suffer it for so many days? YES
am i got problem in my stomach or just sensitive sometimes? UNKNOWN

duh ~~ hope my stomach will become more stronger than ever. *HOPE*
everytime i eat something spicy, it tells me it cannot stand on it.
but this time nothing spicy for foods, maybe too oily or fried foods make me ill.
i don't want to hurt you anymore. T.T

be strong, my stomach!!!

p/s: i want a healthy Chinese New Year. gong hei fatt choi yo ~~~

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

APN'2011 ROCKZZZ....

just simply like the attire that we put on on that night.
everyone is with their lovely, colorful cheongsam and samfu.
it make the night more lively, more meaningful with the traditional clothes that we get on.
the feel was nice, the peoples were pretty and handsome, the night was awesome!

no words can be describe well, just view the photos below here. ^^

p/s: most of the photos that i been in were the photos before and after the event. that's mean, there is not much photos that can show about the event. just can said that the event was so successful.

p/s: Happy Chinese New Year in advanced and Happy Holiday. =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

enjoying week perhaps tiring week also.

I like to play with all the friends during this week.
enjoy the days with joyful, without assignments!
maybe my working department already finish all the job, that's why i feel so free while others are so busy on their work.
it is so funny joking around with all of them.
everyone is like a big big family member that working together happily during this week.
although it is so tiring but still happy with it.

nah ~~ this is 1 of the proof for Technical Department, although they are so tired on carry this and that all of the time. sweating around but they are that enjoy doing their job with all those laughter around. they are so ENERGETIC !!! hahahaha...

p/s: wish APN'2011 will get a good response from the audiences. wish will get a very good weather during those days. good luck all ~ ^.^

Friday, January 14, 2011

preparation for APN ^.^

actually we already started our job last September if not mistaken.
and now just left 1 week to go for our real event.
can't imagine the time is passing that fast and no longer it is our Chinese New year.
woohoo ~~~ excited for it.
but of course I can't get the CNY feel at here, although when I went out to town, they are lots of shops selling all those stuffs. LOL.

here I will show some stuffs that prepared by the committee of APN and most probably most of the committee can't get a look on these cause is just for VIP. ^.^

our booklet.

my working department - Sponsorship Department.

Sponsorship Department group photo. 钱滚钱,钱生钱,年年有余,钱满袋。

S.N.A.K.E wahhh ....

special ''invitation card'' for Pengarah of UMS-KAL and advisor of this event.

our very honor invitation card !! so nice....

indeed, it is really very good in design.

p/s: blast myself with Chinese New Year songs just to give me some feel on writing this post. LOL. never realize CNY is coming that SOON !!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

2009 - 20xx

i been work in Singapore for that half year time.
and i got to purchase anything that I want using my own salary.
i think i bought a lot using those SGD. ^.^
included the laptop that i using now to update my blog here.
Toshiba brand that just can purchase in Singapore and can't found in Malaysia here.
but the point that i want to focus here is I bought an Adidas side bag from Adidas outlet at there.
i never thought of asking stuff price from the stuff there to help me reduce the price but just buy according to the stick price there. ( is just because I also worked at the same shopping center like them, so, my colleague ask why I didn't ask them about it! >.< )
after all awhile until now, I still using it as my daily back that used it when go class or go somewhere else.
it is big enough until can put in a 13.5' inch laptop (my laptop size of course!).
it still in that good condition and really worth to have it.
still that clean, although sometimes will be get some dirt stick on it, but still removable.
the cloth that used to be the cover really good in quality.
as I am not a gentle people that using it for years but it's that ''perfect'' !

p/s: sometimes, or maybe most of the times i do really forget it is brand by Adidas! LOL.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

[ 面粉之日 ] 11/1/11


吃完面粉糕,还有番薯汤圆喔!太幸福啦 ~ LOL

p/s: 饱傻我!!!哈哈哈哈 ~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


the day i feel speechless on my lectures time.
it's a lot till i want to vomit !!!!!
crazay ~~~~

Monday - 8-10am Animation class
- 10-12pm Advanced Multimedia tutorial
- 2-330pm Arabic class
Tuesday - 1030-1130am Statistics tutorial
- 2-4pm Advanced Multimedia class

Wednesday - 10-12pm E-commerce tutorial
- 2-4pm E-commerce class
- 4-530pm Arabic class

Thursday - 8-10am Pengaturcaraan Web class
- 2-4pm Animation tutorial

Friday - 8-10am Statistics class
- 7-9pm Topic-topic & isu-isu semasa class

p/s: die me !!! arghhh ... no more napping time i think. tired die me ~ sure feel yawn in class !! T.T

Monday, January 10, 2011

Level 3 of Arabic.

start the first Arabic class in this sem.
and i almost miss it. =.=
enter the class 10 minutes after and this is the first time i late for it among these 3 sems.
luckily they still discussing the lecture time.
after that, we start to read the first chapter.
the moment i start it, i was like OMG !!
i almost forget the words in Arabic. >.<
madam guided us also like too fast until i can't catch it.
maybe i changed my seat and make madam can't find me in class, thus, i no need to read it.

p/s: I wish to maintain my result in this subject. woah...Level 3 Arabic Language !! ^.^

Saturday, January 8, 2011

[ these are not me ]

warning: is just an accidentally camwhore. never mean to spoil anyone's eyes ! LOL.

Friday, January 7, 2011

strange bio's stuffs

i still remember when the first time i donated blood, and that's the first time i knew my blood type.
i still guessing am i an A blood people or AB type, cause my parent were in those group.
but, in few minutes the blood test out and the nurse told me, i am in O group.
it really surprise me and maybe some sort of frightened me.
at that night, i having phone called with my parent and told them about this.
they still kidding with me said i am then one got back from rubbish dumb.
after that, when i back to home. i still discussing this thing with them and they didn't comment much on this. but my mom do read some books about this and told me there are possibility that might have O type baby although parent are not in O blood group.
and now i view back my child photos and i found that i look like foreigner instead of having local look. brownish hair and orange brown eye, but of course now i totally in Asia look lar. LOL.

p/s: just feel weird again about those bio's stuffs, although i studied before, just still strange about it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

back to school week

people coming back to campus day-by-day.
and i already been here for few days already.
i'm so boring with the dull week here.
nothing to let me cook and need to go cafeteria there to grab foods.
and thus, yesterday went out for the first time n it was ''5 hours'' just to grab foods and having dineer.
it's truly long outing for buying those stuffs only.
shop almost all the market stalls in Labuan. >.<
talk things that unlogicable. LDM.

p/s: this week almost every class had been cancelled or no attendance was taken. means that i will keep skip all the classes until next week. can't understand why i will back to campus that early!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Tourist Movie

this is the movie that i watch on the last day of 2010.
means that the 2nd day of this movie have been release in Malaysia.
went there with my brother and his girlfriend.
this really a nice and funny movie.
this movie attracted me with the strong casts which are Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.
i won't forget the funniest part in this movie:
the movie was taken in France and Johnny Depp as tourist from America.
when once they want to greet each other, should be start with ''bonjour'', but he don't know what they mean and reply back with : Bon..Bon..Bon..Bon Jovi !!!!
Laugh die me ~~ hahahahahahahaha

this is the trailer of this movie, if got chance, you all should go cinema and watch this !

p/s: went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi and walk all around that building to find where is the cinema. no sign board that show the way and for your information, Jusco Bukit Tinggi is the largest Jusco in Malaysia. after walking for some times and finally we got it. it is at a corner on 3rd floor. watching in it really need a jacket or wear long sleeve, if not really will become freeze stone!

p/s: poor thing, in that Jusco don't have Baskin Robbins! 31th of the month and we not manage to get it. sigh! walk more than half an hour in that shopping center just to search out whether inside it got BR booth or not. sad case! >.<

Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year !!!

happy new year people ..
happy 2011 !!!