Monday, September 27, 2010

H.A.I.Z !!!!

dunno 1 day i haiz for how many times already !!!
speechless for everything that happened today !!!
i really cant imagine this thing also will happened on me !!!
the thing that i never expected !!!
i lost my phone !!
YES !! the phone that i always hold in my hand !!
but this few days i really less to use it

today also just like the same as usual
i keep everything that need to my bag (included my phone) then go to class
on the way nothing happen, i pass through the same place
i got go take stuff from my friend, but i sure that it definitely not happen at that moment !!!
i felt that it is too ugly to take the stuff like that with a noisy plastic bag
then i stop by the seat near the pool there and put my stuff into my bag
that time also didn't give me any sign that i already lost my phone

after that, i pass through ruang legar there,
got 2 counters at there
1 is coursemate's APK pre-order counter,
another is friend selling coupon.
i went to both counters
it was very crowded at APK counter there, it makes me cant remember was i dropped at there??
or someone took it like that cause i just put my phone at the side pocket of my bag?
but i did it for the past 1 year++ and i didn't felt anyone go near me ... zzzz!
after all, i already want go upstairs and having my class but i still went to another counter to say HI to my another friend and purchase the coupon
but it don't have any sign showing me that i lost my phone !!
i still like normally went upstairs and have my class

i didn't touch my phone or want to play with my phone before the class started
when we were discussing about education fair of Arabic
at that time i just found out ''WHERE IS MY PHONE??''
but i thought it was left in my room
so ''lost phone'' this thing never cross into my mind !!!
after that i went to binary and library for not more than 15 minutes
but its nothing cause the phone was already not with me at that moment !!!!

when i first reached room, the first thing was checking where was my phone located at !!
i find whole the room and house that possible to put my phone but still ''NOTHING'' !!!!
keep tried to recall everything that happened today but still don't have any memory that make sense !!!!!
i called my friends that i had met this afternoon to ask them saw my red phone or not?
but they didn't saw it ~~~
i ask my friend to help me look around see maybe will drop at somewhere that i pass through this afternoon or not.
but still -- ''NOTHING'' !!!
i searching everywhere in my room again also --- ''NOTHING'' !!!
on the way went to menara to search it also -- ''NOTHING'' !!!
at menara there also -- HAIZ...
went to my classroom and check again also -- ''NOTHING'' !!!!
end up with ask guard on duty whether got someone return back any phone or not
but still the same answer -- '' NOTHING'' !!!


make a report with them to see whether tomorrow or when maybe somebody found out then give to them ~~
the last sentence before i stepped out from menara, that guard suddenly talked slowly to me
he said, they cant comfirm sure can get back the phone
but just don't know after they get the phone and found out something in my phone and do something bad with it !!

p/s : i know it won't come back to me already and i also didn't put much hope on it ~ just i very miss my phone !! H.A.I.Z ~~~

Sunday, September 26, 2010

laugh out loud ~ hahahaha !!

this thing really make me laugh out loud !! hahahaha....

ok, this is the story begin.

yesterday night was malam 1 malaysia and there will be a lucky draw section. there was a stall selling ticket for that lucky draw. suddenly there was so many people standing around the counter and i saw gina standing around there also then i sure walked towards him.

when i reached him, i asked him why he standing at there, he told me all his friends want to buy that lucky draw ticket. the moment i heard this, i straight told him :"no need to buy lar, won't kena de !!" but he just smile smile at there say :" never mind lar, friends buy then i also buy only lor. "

after that the lucky draw section started, we all just stand aside cause we didn't own any lucky draw ticket. MC start to say out the first number, but there is nobody to get it. then the second number been announced and this is the funniest part !! that GINA won it !! i am the one say wont kena de, but he was the first person to get the price !! walaoeh ~~~really zha dao lor !!! but still feel happy for him lar...hehe ^^v

p/s : G.I.N.A, hahahahaha ~~ :p

Monday, September 20, 2010

multimedia design ~ individual assignment !

nah ~ today is the due date for passing up multimedia assignment !!!

spent few days to finish it....from designing the templates, choosing photos, editing the photos, adjusting to correct size till print it out !! ~.~ until the last part D.I.Y the front cover, all these really killing me lively !!!

but luckily this time no more last minutes, if not...herh ~~ dying !! will very pek cek ~

my product just can use ''ok lor'' to describe it. how said i already spent so much money on it and very concentrate in doing this work. just don't know it's really straight to lecturer's taste or not ! cause i feel that the effect is not that clear ~ aiks ! no more turning point also, forget about it !!

ok, just show out my work !!

i know it is a ''gina sai'' workout !! LOL...cause i using ''BEAR'' as my theme, can said as background. and i wasn't used many photos on each pieces ~ but it is already my final product !

according to what lecturer needs ~ hard cover papers ! it costs us rm0.80 per piece ~.~

the printing is more frightening !! rm1.50 per piece !!! it is using laser printer, if not, the color won't so contrast ~ whatever lar....

what i've did ~

my album cover ~ sipek kan ko to turn here turn there !!! A.L.A.M.A.K. !!!

i like my workout cause i really very concentrate in doing this and feel quite O.K. for it, get good comment and bad comment of course after show to my friends ! but, there is no more turning point to edit it or change again, it is my work !!! LOL... ^^

p/s : hope it really will ''ngam'' lecturer's taste lar...what i mean is my work can get the point on she want !! bless me ~~ ""S.M.I.L.E.""

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1 week holiday in sabah ~~ *9th, 10th, 11th sept 2010*

erm, is time to seperate with others friends already cause they will back to labuan and we here got 7 people continued our journey to Sandakan. i don't have much excited feel to write this cause i have a bad memory at there. first day still ok lar, but second and third day, like da bian !! what i ate also same with others, but just don't know why i get sick but others don't. i vomit and lao sai lor ~~ don't know why !! arghh....this so called 水土不服 ?? what vomit what. really sam fu !! but i still energetic after it, i also don't know why ! hahaha....

on the way ~


sewing team ~ >.<

english tea hosue ~ ^^v

while yum cha, while playing ~ ^^v

nice environment ~ =)

UNO ..

eat breakfast at kampung air ~

temple ~

amitabhat ~ yourself ba.... LOL !!!

blackie ~~

the way to feed fishes ~~ ha !

my first time given to sandakan crocodile farm - holding a snake ! ~.~

yeng mar ??!! hahaha...

little cute boy come toward me in steamboat restaurant ~ ^^v

a lot, but i cant eat.... what vomit what !! aiks...

we are great poser AGAIN !! =)

malaysia is full with monkeyssss !!!

after that drive back to KK. stay 1 night at there and the next day back to labuan ~~

p/s : nice trip !! when there is an end of the story, and i am waiting the other story to begin !! ^^v

1 week holiday in sabah ~~ *8th sept 2010*

ha ~ is time to get wet !! this trip really can completely define this word - 上山下海 !! ^^v

get a leng leng pose first before sit boat ~~ ^^v

so excited har everyone ~~ :p

we are young people !! ^^v

full with energetic seh ~~ ^^

we always so sensitive to the camera ~~ yeah ! we are POSER !! ^^

kononnya, couple T wor....=)

in boat ~ woohoo !!

see the speed ~ fuiyohh !! syiok man ~~ =)

Pulau Sapi ~

Pulau Mamutik ~

Pualu Manukan ~


wakaka ~~ funny look !!

PEACE ~ used to stay at the beach more than in water, cause there is not much fishes and it is not clear at all !! LOL...

guess what.. people susah susah go catch it, but i never realize it stick on my pants after i get up from sea !! ==! luckily is near the place, not at there..if not, wow...chi kek-nya !! haha....

i used to ugly myself ~ blek !! ^^v

another frightening photo !! hahahaha....

i can't remember what we done then laugh till like this already ~~ hahahaha....

shit you alvin yan !! swt me gao gao !! LOL.....

but you also not that much better than me lar....LMAO !! blek....^^

nice view ~


when i taking this photo, i heard someone said : 我站在‘龟头’之间 ! speechless ~~

pity ah b ~ hahahahaha....

what i am trying to pose there??!! LOL....a muscular pose maybe...hahaha...alvin c keep on laughing at me the whole day ~ aiks....

at last, the group photo ~~ ^^v

p/s : i love the weather on that day, i love the environment, i love the people there !! ^^v