Friday, July 22, 2011


my holiday will gonna end so soon, although it's still 1 month plus to go, but the feeling was so strong to tell me that ''Labuan is waving hand to me'' since I got to buy flight ticket back to Labuan.

still got 1 year to go to finish my study, long holiday make me so no mood to back to study.

think deeply, last 2 years we already start schooling at this timing, no more relaxing and enjoying the aroma in Penisular. nowadays already well known with the area around office and home, used to drive in highway and go gai gai during weekend.

already used to go out coupling with ah juong whenever got free time, and now he got car already at here, more ease to go anywhere we want, no need think too much or bother too much. thanks to his papa, ease him too of course can go work at anytime as he want and back home after finish work.

the journey on taking this car is so complicated and make us so confusing. we totally have no idea what we gonna do and what we have to do. called the person in charge but he said don't know anything, we totally blur. the moment i thought is there any possible the car been rob since the person in charge keep on said don't know don't know !!! sweat die till so far away to MAS kargo but then actually the car was sent to Subang airport, which near to my office area there only. OMG !!! go here go there, round here round there for about 2 hours plus just successfully get the car. after that straight 1 person per car back to my office first and return the key to my dad and then have the first ride on the ''xiao na'' !!

go back Puchong fetch Remy and Alvin go Sunway watch new movie ''WU XIA''. this movie is so damn ''geli'', it is not because bad to watch but half of it is so damn real and bloody. it's make remy and juong looks so funny when it reached the scenes, their acts really laugh die, funny till alvin beh tahan with remy !!! LOL ~~~ i still remembered what alvin react back on what remy reaction on watching the bloody scenes... hahahahaha

p/s: TGI's Friday again, I gonna enjoy the weekend wisely with my love. I past my holiday with full of laughter ~ gonna miss it so much when I back to Labuan on September. holiday pass too fast man !!!! =]