Saturday, November 19, 2011


the days come by,
all I need is just someone is there for me
listen to what I said.

thanks God for giving me such a great life.

it no need to be perfect
but somehow it pampered me
with gifting me a great guy
to accompany me
when I'm lost, I'm sad, I'm lonely.

I am lucky enough to meet a someone
at the correct timing,
the God treat me so well
in all time being,
at least I can feel it.

human being are not perfect,
when we are not losing anything
means we are having everything.

not to blame anyone and start complain,
but receive everything
feel enough on what we had.

if feel sad or imbalance,
start to think will it make sense years after?

if not,
then it is not a problem now.

think everything softly and logically,
tell ourselves this is not the end of the world,
nothing deserve us to be like that.

be strong,
be tough,
be happy.

make in mind that,
we are always a
lucky person.

p/s: cheers :)

Friday, November 4, 2011


babe keep on counting down for me that left how many hours to meet me !!
he misses me that much huh...

yeah ~
from the timing now,
it's just left 33 hours only!

good ~
can't wait to meet my family members and my boy.

p/s: miss them so much o :)