Monday, December 17, 2012


It's been long time after I was depressing on my job searching after all!

But still I got 1 finally like 2 weeks before.

Glad that I managed to work in a global company - HP!

Common salary as in market included workers's benefits.

Well, I not yet started my work actually but seems like I start to feel tire on those working life! OMG

My 2 months holidays make me so lazy and relax at home.

If the world never ever had the existion of money and value, how easy of life we have nowadays!


p/s: 切记:越容易走的路,就是走下坡的路!为了更美好的未来,大家一起向前冲吧,朋友!

Friday, November 2, 2012


today was the second interview after I had applied for some

I have no idea on the result as I make it or screwed up

I really want a job to get survive and don't want to ask money from family for once

at least I tried to survive myself now with the little amount of saving

hope that all these are just a rest for me in this month and get to work ASAP

p/s: good news email, I am waiting for you all the way in this couple weeks time. :D

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I understand how I will feel after I had quit the job last time

I know there will be somebody out there been worried on me

I felt all those worried become some pressure to me

it's been some times i stayed at home doing nothing

although the life like this is easy but the environment around me is not

the people will start to ask those W questions !

to be clear: the problem now is not I don't want to work

is still the job I applied still no sound for me

and yet I missed some same called from the employer when I'm having my graduation trip in KK

p/s: I want to work, but the timing always not correct to start working. vacation all the way and the location I applied is just in the limited range only. I want to work in this location only because of convenience. I know other locations got more vacancies and very easy to get them, but I just want around my home. -,-

Thursday, October 11, 2012


hell yea~

finished my internship and I decided to end it quickly.

to be honest, the salary is too little for an under-graduate.

waiting for job interviews, more and more to come.

hopefully I get what I want and wish.

and for most, I wish for high pay.

p/s: money is everything for me as a fresh graduate. no money no talk !

Friday, August 17, 2012









p/s: 明日复明日,明日何其多,我生待明日,万事成蹉跎 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


testing testing

p/s: get to learn more tutorials on the website. :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

after effect_TESTING

Color Changing

Time Remapping + Keying & Transparency

Transparency & Expression

ehem~ testing on the tutorial learned from

LOL, a lousy work but at least I did it. 

work become better in future. 

p/s: my daily job- self study on AE!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

my internship work (1)

taa-daa ~~~~~

my first work done. 
but I don't know whether it been accepted or not.
this was just an image, 
it is an animation did with Lightwave software and combined with Adobe After Effect later.

but overall, 
it is just a movie intro with 8 secs played. 

p/s: not bad thou :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FYP poster

not final copy
but almost the same

p/s: 1 step closer to my graduation. :')

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lovelife 紀錄片



p/s: 看完这部纪录片, 感触良多,生离死别虽然可怕,但,爱,让我们勇敢面对!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

8th May

the day which is my mom date of birth
nobody couldn't manage to celebrate with her, even with anything to her
except for my little brother, but he not effort to get any single thing to her
I surely he will ask something for her but my mom not willing to have anything

never ask for anything,
never expect what we will do for her,
never waiting or willing anything from us.

as we grown up,
we know the meaning of the precious of mother in our life,
but the more we think we can do for her,
the more thought shows up that we never do anything for her.

I am so sorry to her that I never do any cards or cake for her on any day,
yesterday I ask, don't you go and have a celebration,
she told me she was busy with some working stuffs at home,
no time for it.
I didn't say anything because I can't do anything for her,
I'm so far away,
the house is empty,
nobody accompany her on any big day for her,
from long time ago I wonder isn't she feel lonely,
but everytime she said she still that busy no matter the house is full or empty.

on the growing ages,
we saw what our mom did for us,
we always thought everything is so ''reasonable'' for a mom to us as a child,
but we not yet a mom,
we don't know their thought,
we will flash back what we ever did to her like argued, quarreled,
she beat us to let us remembered every lesson that we need to learn from it,
not to grow up with a wrong minded or behavior.

we never thought when we grown up,
our parent will increase their age too,
when we knew something that regarding on the health,
we will felt worried,
then, we just realized,
our parent are not that young anymore.

we need to be an adult that help them decrease the working load,
and for sure as us the abandon of theirs for the whole life,
they will never less worried about us for the time being,
I know they love us,
they miss us,
but nobody will say out the words,
somehow, sometimes, say out the words with joking style,
it is real from the heart, felt so warm when said it out.

last night before I slept,
I think over when I was just 6 years old,
we as usual having our cleaning house in progress before the CNY,
in that time, my parent got quarreled suddenly,
my mom complained on my dad said " can u help more, I can't do more since I'm pregnant!"
at that time,
as a 6 years old kid, I understand something that means " a baby in a mom's stomach"
we started to listen to her stomach and find out whether got a baby kicking sound or not.
I would never forget that moment, my mom sit at there and we 3 siblings surrounded her and stick on her stomach.
after few months, in the morning, we couldn't meet out parent,
we feel so weird and after that my dad came back said " mom give birth in the early morning, is a baby boy"
and yea, the baby boy is my little brother now,
I bet when I told him this story, many questions come over. lol

a mom can do a lot to us,
but what we can do for her,
there is no measurement on the effort that given to us,
the thankful will never be less as she is our mother,
and of course, for my father too.
glad that I have more siblings that accompany my growing up process.

recently I view many times on this Love Life video, 
we would never know what will happened next.
so, do love life people,
appreciate everyone as we still have chance.
be happy

p/s: I love mama, I love papa, I love my siblings. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

love life


p/s: 所谓人人为我,我为人人,事情事与愿违,只好以这首歌来哀悼。

Monday, April 30, 2012

isn't he cute? :)

p/s: I just can't stop liking his cuteness everyday :)

last consultation for FYP

we screwed up because didn't put sound effect or any narrator in
but luckily both of the consultants were so nice
they gave another chance to us to meet them personally when we are ready for it
and now the animating part was DONE!

although still need to adjust the mouth movement when the dialogue putting in
but still not that complicated as the huge animating part
the hard time past
now have to make it as nice as possible
I think need another rendering AGAIN!
but it is not as rush as now
I don't think my laptop afford on the 3-days-continuous-workload ANYMORE!
do some day by day to make it become impressive

attach some images that I did for my part, which are the front part of the whole animation (hydrologic cycle). :)

p/s: I believe my work considered good. I just compared to myself from what my previous project did and current project done! we can't force ourselves to become much better and more since the potential is not there, but at least make something that can let self feel "this is it" !

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Last day with unexpected outing 
 And went out for more than half day 
 Everyday I also counting the days with my boys n family isn't it equal 
Not because of anything 
But I want to spent some times more with them 
Also same with my boy as well
Yesterday went out for such a long time and feel guilty on it 
When want to sleep 
Suddenly think of whole day didn't met my mom that long time 
Get up from downstairs bed and get upstairs and slowly open my mom's room door 
She got insomnia 
Once she saw me and call my name 
Then I knew she can't sleep tight  
I chat with her until tired just fell asleep 
I purposely went up to her room and sleep with her
Want to see her face before I fall asleep 

P/s: I miss her badly even at the same home. Love you mii :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

the last mid sem break

hmm ~
time passed so fast
clipped an eye already left few weeks in Labuan.

although it seems to be need to appreciate the left time here
but I still back to hometown in this coming break

not for anything
just want to have some fresh air and mind 
for completing my FYP

sounds fake
but time shortage for it
I'm not willing on it too 

someone sure will stated out this sentence
" let's see will you do it or not!"

I do it or not
is not a problem
the problem is
I tent to do it or not
I can
I will
I do

not just FYP
load of assignments pending there 
to submit after the break

p/s: mid sem break? not so thou, just spent another week in different places. :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1 year before and 1 year after

1 year before got that intention to become a PM for my school 

that's why this look professional :P

and 1 year after almost need to give the place out to the juniors

I look so relax and so casual look ^^

p/s: LOL ~ so happy, the work load gonna release all.
but also means the time leave this campus getting nearer.

Monday, April 2, 2012


hmm ~
until this timing
should be said this semester
I feel that the progress
getting better nowadays
no argument
no conflict
everything runs on track
will getting better onward

the only character

p/s: freak out on 3D. gosh ~

Thursday, March 29, 2012

my forever

my only one in my life 
also the only best friend in the world
nowadays full of stress
I have no way or no one to tell out
just him 
I can just tell and ask for help from him

I so appreciate and glad I have him
again prove I didn't make a wrong choice 

isn't he cute? hahaha :)

p/s: he is the Sibu's 娘炮!


how many people will sigh and cry for their FYP?

everyone know how hard and stress for doing FYP.
the stress that given me so much hard time and it was so hard for me to cross it.

I couldn't find a way to solve it and I don't know how to make it better.
I don't know the way, I don't know the solution, I don't know why it is so hard!

the bottleneck,
I can't access it with any thought and idea that I have,
I can't solve it with just a mouse click,
even Google deny to give me answer,
how bad of this situation am I.

so helpless,
tend to be hardworking but nothing could help me to do the next step.

the mouse click and the software facing make me so helpless,
I have to do it, this I understand, but HOW?

I try for many ways,
is it try not even harder on it?

I don't want to be the loser in front of anyone,
I want to be proud that I could do something out nice,
but maybe the God never want me to that kind of person,
I am way far from that.

p/s: T.T

Thursday, March 22, 2012

family's vacation in KK

my dad plan this since I came here for study,
but this sem is my last sem over here,
he started to be like ''opps'' ~ time flying so fast kah?!

then on last month, he bought the whole family ticket to KK instead of Labuan,
this is because my mom said what so fun in Labuan @@

so, I also book my time to KK for those few days.

I search the website on what are the interesting places or must visit places in KK,
but end up most pop up are the foods, not places.
except for Kundasang, everyone recommended this place.

first day, went to the main campus to round the whole compound of the campus.
their expression: wow, so big!! how about your campus's compound? LOL, I said, might be 1/6?
after that back to hotel to let the oldies have a rest, * my grandpa following this trip too *
at the night went to "Gayang Seafood Restaurant" for dinner,
the oldies mumbling said, drive so far away just for a dinner, the petrol also cover almost half of the dinner cost!
sad me, but still the dinner was way so delicious ^^

second day, drive up to Kundasang all along by me!
went to every common hot-spot for tourists.
gear up, drive down all the way of the mountains.
the oldies said I so brave on it, but for me it just driving, but need put a lot of attention on it of course!

but after I back to KK again, I feel super exhausted of driving the whole day,
this cause me having diarrhea on the third day.
I didn't sleep at all after I woke up from stomachache,
I have no idea what thing went wrong.
I wait until my mom woke up and asking for her help.
she just like old time, help me release my pain.
use the tiger balm and put on my stomachache, my back and massage my whole body.
maybe was because of the tiredness of driving whole day,
or maybe I get motion sickness while I driving.

actually planned to go to snorkeling on third day,
but because of me, nobody went out and until I get better a bit just went out shopping at 1B,
before went out, I found out I got a bit fever so I had a panadol pill.
because of the pill, I almost fell asleep when watching "John Carter".
I knew it was a nice movie, but the pill, make my eyelid so damn heavy!
I don't have any appetite for the whole day,
except for had a bowl of red bean soup and bread, that's it.

on the last day, I felt much better,
woke up late than others and I thought I need to wait for them to go Gaya street together,
but after my mom came back, she said nobody else in hotel already, they all went out.
I straight called them to meet them.
have my breakfast with bread and tea.
after that prepared to send them to airport.
although feel so unwilling to break up with them,
but I will meet them again soon in April. :)

p/s: my mom still the mom who always love us although always mumbling at us when we grew up, I almost forgot how long she didn't take care of me when I was sick. 

p/s: and don't forget to wish my babe happy birthday on 15th March. I can't celebrate with him on that day because the first day of the vacation was on that day too. so sorry but hope my love already sent to you on that day :) love you 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 February 2012

here come another 4 years for 29/2

how special is today ?

a story I heard special for today was sound like this:
when a girl like a boy so much and not dare to say out,
she can choose today to say it out no matter how the result is.
if the boy accept the girl, then they just like other couple,
problem is when they are not~
the boy need to pay an amount of money that covered back how much the pain that made on the girl.

hey~ look out boys, girls are not easy for today !

p/s: "refer to hard girls group" only if there is some! haha ~ happy Feb 29 :)

Monday, February 27, 2012


what the hell why all the universities and colleges make theirs students to go on with the internship and is not just giving us a real training under others company but still need evaluate the presentation of works everyday.

it gives students trouble on finding the job since we are so clueless on that finding-job part !

the so called most-easiest-way on searching the job's website - JOBSTREET, become the most website being visit in coming days after the LI2 news been out, so am I !

while I was searching the job related with my field, many things block my way. as my course taken was Technology Multimedia, come out will having the name of "bachelor of Sciences" ! WHAT !!!! what the DUT related to Sciences ??? it should be more to IT, but not full IT thou, but why Sciences?? T.T

ok! lets see what jobs can be the jobs of us:
graphic designer? ( there are much more people studying this as main course, we are not! )

web designer? ( high demand, higher percentages of people studying this >< )

programmer? ( this work, but we are not that focus on this field, half-half ! damn )

IT developer? ( I don't know so much on the coding stuff, if choose this just find a hole to let me jump in )

animator? ( the exactly what we only focus on in the entire of university life, well, this is the one that putting in front of me but I still thinking a lot of things about this. first, if I do this on my intern, how about the real job? am I need to continue with this or find another job? but if I really want to find another job, I less of experience on that. second, the company, a big sigh for it! don't know how to say, no point for me to be a permanent staff, but after I intern at there, will there be another road for me? got, not related to IT field !! )

fine ! let's prepare the resume and send out to that particular company. I don't know how the company will pay me but I know their style! T.T

p/s: work is all about money !! I want earn a lot of MONEY MONEY MONEY !!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Avril's ROCK !!!

yes !!

the first and the only concert that I had been went for ~ is she - Arvil Lavinge !!!

she is so damn cool since she was out as a singer.

love her from the first album and she was came to Malaysia and had her last Black Star concert tour !!

I was exciting when I knew about this news couple months ago, but I know I can't make it since I had course during the day. however, I make me back to the Peninsular and join the big party !!

how awesome it is when everyone was queue up just for her, maybe this was the first thought in my mind, but after all the raining dropping down and too too many people waiting to get into the stadium, the mood getting lower a bit.

but it increase back very fast when the time reach and Avril was there on the stage !!

is she !!

and the first song she sang was "What The Hell", the moment in the stadium bring to a top high at the second!!

in the whole concert, everyone know how to sing her songs.

all her famous songs were out there live from her and everyone sing together with her, how lovely it is!

wish you were here, girlfriend, smile, when you're gone, unbreakable, I'm with you, I love you, complicated ...
all these represented her all these year she went through.

p/s: her voice is such a gift from god, damn powerful and touching.


since I put some much on 14/2
and yet
the real day was on 15/2

the moment I got on the car after my flight
I received my present and card
chocolate too

highlights was on the night
we went to a buffet restaurant 
a restaurant that booked for a week
that's our valentine's dinner

totally satisfy with the foods there
but if ask me for the second visit
I will just think about it twice
although the foods were tasty
but not surprised us


p/s: our first valentine's day 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


just a date.
I finally finished my 3p course.
I pass my exam.
I successfully get my Microsoft certs.
is just a day.
nothing much on this day.
no people beside me.
should be watching drama or movie at room,
but no mood on it.
exhausted on waking up too early today.
all the excited and happy mood gone.
any songs I listened to also can't bring up my mood.
today is just boring.

p/s: I will be flying back Peninsular tomorrow to meet my boy. :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

the last few days of 3P course

after the first exam and start to go through with ASP.NET.

but start from that day,
I tried my very best on the first 2 days,
I been thrown don't know where from the lab!

with that,
I started with my being life with dramas in the lab,
not I wish,
but at least something to do.

and then,
the last day of our 3P course,
also the exam day of it,
also the Valentine's day,
I got nothing prepare because I don't know what need to do.
but my friend of mine did something in the lab for her boy,
how heartful is she.

in this lovely February,
celebrate with the love one and stay connected if being abroad each other.

congratulation to my pretty friend who being engaged today,
so pretty couple,
so rich and sweet couple,
how awesome they are in foreign :)

p/s: 9/2/2012 ~ happy 10th months anniversary of us 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Microsoft given cert or transcript?

this is what I downloaded from what guided us to the page.
so, is this considered as transcript or this is already the certificate?

p/s: simple huh ?!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

3P course !

on the 5th day of CNY,
we all were required to back campus again for a course.
or else we will fail from one of the subject.

thus, I back late and get on track on the 3rd day of the course,
after 4 days later and there was an exam.
fuh ~~

after all, we all studied hard on it.
for correction,
most of us die hard on memorize the differentiate of the correct answer.

the day came,
we reach there before time,
but with no reason keep on wait and wait.

we with no patient mood and ask them what we were waiting for,
they answered us that the question paper need time to download from the server of Microsoft and the internet speed was like 0 !!
it can't afford to run even just 4 persons were taking on the exams,
but when the timing not allowed for that,
they push the morning session's candidate in the lab,
and make us hang all the time and I was changed 2 computers to finish the exams.

result: I passed with 785 scores !!

I was so freak out when one by one finished the exam and I don't know yet about my result.
I even use the marker pen and board given to wrote out a big ''PASS!!'' wording at there.
I even shout out when I saw my scores. :D

p/s: if I manage to bring phone in, I would like to capture down everyone expression and behavior while waiting the page to load. such a funny scene. hahahaha :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

start of 2012

it was very happy to start it with the beloved one,
I felt so full inside my heart with all his appearance through this year,
but sadly, 
he felt sick on the last day of 2011 and can't having much activities for the new year count down,
but still, 
we had a great time in home and watch live streaming for the Taiwan count down concert,
not bad thou! :)

after that back to campus again to prepared for the exam weeks,
study all the way but felt like came to third year nothing to fear about,
it just about exams that we went through every time,
we studied for so many times and this is almost the last few times big examinations in our life,
that comes nothing to fear on it,
but still need to study larrrrrr.....

on the second week,
I knew something about my grandma,
but I thought it just a normal hospital visiting,
it was the last time sending her to hospital and she just pass away on the next day.
in our Chinese superstitious, 
we believe that when a person with all the illness and not affordable to wake up and just lye on bed suddenly woke up and talk and laugh with her children all,
my father realize something but never said it out,
believe that nobody wanted to listen to that,
but still on the next day everyone having a tired night and heading back to own home,
hundred miles away from Pahang.

when reach each home,
we got the called from my mom,
she was the last person staying back to accompany her mom,
she called everyone of us,
I felt very weird cause she seldom called us especially on day time,
she told us calmly that grandma pass away!
that time I was just finished the second paper and ready for the third paper on the next day,
I was too shock to know this news,
no people expect it.
my mom just asked me want to fly back there or not,
my first mind answered " I having exam now, still got paper, see how then "
on the next second,
I quickly called my dad and ask how,
he said if I managed to fly back but nobody can fetch me to Pahang there,
and then I straight called my boy and ask his opinion,
when he OK with it,
I straight book flight tickets and back on the next 2 days.

when I received the called, 
I knew my mom already too sad to show her sadness,
but she still talked normally to us,
but I was too shock on this and tears coming down all the ways,
I can't stop it for about 15 minutes like that,
many memories came back from young times until recently.

it had been 2 years time didn't met her already,
I still thought this year having a long holiday  for Chinese New Year and pay them a visit,
who knows,
it's always too late on it,
no more chances to meet her,
even they all met her before last Christmas because of she went to KL had a body check up,
they had a big dinner together over there,
my whole family get to meet her except me,
I was too far away for it,
my faith,
luckily I still managed to back there and sent her for the last journey over there.

everyone seems normal but still on the last day cannot control on the feeling and cried,
after that we all sent her to Selangor there for cremation,
we all were too tired for that few days,
but after all,
I really need to say a big thank you to my boy,
no him,
I really can't go back there and visit her for the last time,
really thanks a lot to him. *thanks babe*

1 week later,
Chinese New Year is coming,
finished exam and back to hometown on the next day,
met my boy before I get back to hometown on the next day,
we shopped for many hours to get a suitable clothes for CNY until the last minute I heading back home.

this year CNY really past too fast,
every relative just stay here for 2 days only and get back to own home,
too quiet this year,
when back to mom's hometown,
we also just stay for 1 night only,
had a dinner and pray for our grandma,
back home again on the next day.

until today,
because of less sleeping time,
I fell sick,
too bad !

I drove all along from my home to Pahang yesterday for the first time,
proud on me!
I just took a normal timing like my father,
not too slow thou.

but really having many hours in car really make us felt tired all the times!

p/s: I still left half year more to finish my study, let's fight for it until the end of it and get a new and tough life on the "miserable" world after that, there are many things that waiting for us to get rid on it. :)